Christmas Mass at Our Lady of the Valley Parish

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Created by:   Stan Kacprzak
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
12/24/2020 (Thu.) ST. ANN'S CHURCH  4:00pm - 5:30pm  

4:00 pm Mass (230)

All slots filled
Anna Weyand (6)
Kristi Gemmell (6)
Names: Kristi Gemmell, John Gemmell, Aidan Gemmell, Ryan Gemmell, Cael Gemmell, Evan Gemmell
Penny Gray (6)
Peter Wall (6)
There are 16 of us 10 adults and 6 children
Patricia Boone (3)
Myself, Chris Diaz and Carol Kemp will be attending 4pm mass on Christmas Eve. Thanks
Lisa Wall (6)
Matt Wall (4)
Mary Dodge (6)
I have 5 more family members that would like to join us
Joanne Clark (4)
jackie clark, tom clark, anne gemmell.
Charles Libordi (6)
Charles Libordi Patricia Libordi Kara Cline Brian Cline Connor Cline Caleb Cline
Larry Jones (2)
Added on to the Gemmell 6
George Heinig (5)
We are all from the same household.
Heather Walsh (6)
Emma walsh, Brailynn walsh, Alice walsh, Micaela walsh, and eric walsh usually sit with Diane walsh and family have enough room in same pew even though we both have six as several are small children
Sandy Karns (5)
Sandy Karns, Amanda Armeli, Brooke Armeli, Haley Armeli and Kyle Armeli
Aryn Bailey (6)
Aryn Bailey, Mark Bailey, Ryan Smith, Danielle Smith, Lauryn Smith, Tyler Crouch
Sharon Smith (2)
Colleen Argentieri (6)
Kathy Connors (6)
Brigid Carbone (2)
With Aileen Mahoney
Meghan Dwyer (6)
Meg Khork (6)
Kate Secondo (6)
Natalina Racalto (6)
Margaret Huerter
Karen Kuhn (6)
Kate Porcaro (2)
Melynda Drouin (6)
Shawn Smith (2)
Lauren LaFrance (6)
Lauren Lafrance, Angelina, Adam, Fran Marino, Joanna Boone, Brendan Boone
Nancy Berry (6)
Nancy Berry, Brian Smith, Graham Marcus, Mary Marcus, Madeline Marcus, Matt Marcus
Shannon Day-Smith (6)
Shannon Day-Smith; Sean Smith; Guilianna Smith; Zachariah Smith; Carson Smith; Avry Smith; Conor Smith will be serving
Kevin Day (4)
Jerry Day Sheila Day & Julian Day
Joanne Schiller (2)
Nancy Carretto (4)
Nancy Carretto, Bill Carretto, Kate Carretto, Luke Kelley
Meghan Franclemont (6)
Shelly Clancy (6)
Martha Marino (6)
Martha & Mike Marino,Cara David , Vinnie & Michael Callahan
Regina Gambino (6)
Regina, Gloria, Franseca, Mary Grace Gambino Lisa Marino, & Brad Troisi
Elaine Dubois (3)
Elaine Dubois, Rose Ann O'Connor, Mary Teresa Purtell
Cortney Andrus
Philippa Simic (5)
Joseph Donlon (3)
Jon Cleveland (2)
Jon & Alberta Cleveland
Matthew Dodge (6)
Michele Curtis (6)
David Prete (5)
Jodi, Tyler, Nathan and Avery Prete
Anne Zuschin
Use a walker. Need to sit in handicap row near Elm St entrance
Cynthia Green (2)
Kenneth Green
Rita White (2)
Giovina Giglio (4)
Todd, Gianna and Mia
Mary Valentine
Ronald Conroy
Breccan Donlon
Please seat with Joseph Donlon
6:00pm - 7:30pm  

6:00 pm Mass (230)

150 of 230 slots filled
Deborah Brinkhus (2)
Bill & Deb Brinkhus
Angela Markel (5)
Sit with Tucker family
Fran Tucker (5)
Fran, Bill, Kevin, Holly, Olivia Tucker
Margie Terry (5)
Margie Terry, Mark VanDurme, Sean Terry ,Taylor Fields,Ryan Terry
Ashley Walsh (6)
Chris, Isla, Mira, Oliver, Emmett Walsh
Shawn Hogan (6)
Mary Bartell (2)
Choir hopefully
Jarrod Shafer (4)
Meredith, Rebecca, and Stan Shafer
Todd Giglio (4)
Giovina Lloyd, Gianna Giglio, Mia Giglio
Patricia Robbins (2)
Ezio Fiacco and Mary Fiacco
Patricia Robbins (3)
Peter Patricia and Helen Robbins
Patricia A Conklin (3)
w/ Michele Flansburg & Chris Greene
Joe DiCosimo (5)
Joe, Rosie, Adriana, Joe, and Liz DiCosimo
Samuel and Roberta Patello
Edward Hanbach (2)
Erin Rose (6)
Justine Rose (6)
Hildreth Rose (6)
Timothy McDaniel (2)
Catherine Mayo
Dolores PORTER (2)
Seating for sister and I
Pat Histed (4)
Brittney Schuld (3)
Barb Brzozowski (4)
Barb Brzozowski,Frank Brzozowski,Kelsey Brzozowski, Rita Lewis
Fay Vincent (2)
mary soukup
Aeriel Walsh (5)
Aeriel Walsh, Olivia Walsh, Havanna Walsh, Velora Walsh, Gabriel Walsh
Arlene Tobin (2)
Arlene & Jim Tobin
Thomas Walsh (2)
Self + Brogan Walsh
Grace Smith (4)
Donna McDaniel, Darrell McDaniel, Kim Smith and Grace Smith
Karen Dyring (6)
Karen, Pen, Brian, Kathy, Jordyn, Lyla, Myles Dyring. Three are children so the 7 of us can sit in one pew
Betsey Farley (3)
Gary Dye and Ann Dye
Mary Lou Markham (2)
Mary Lou Markham & Karen Ryan
James Zdanowski (3)
Mark, Eileen and James
Marcia Manley
Joanne Curran
Mark Kelly (5)
Mark, Shelly, Daniel, Katlyn, Lauran
Joseph Sempolinski (4)
Mark Dupont (2)
Phyllis Conn
Phyllis Conn
Patty Dagon (3)
Patty Dagon, Jimmy Dagon, Leo Dagon
francis norton (6)
Colleen McDaniels (5)
Colleen, MacKayla, MacKenzie McDaniels, Joe and Linda Cleveland
MacKenzie McDaniels (2)
Tom and Colin McDaniels
ST. MARY'S CHURCH  8:00pm - 9:00pm  

St. Mary's 8:00 PM Mass (62)

53 of 62 slots filled
Sharon Harkenrider
Timothy Harkenrider (5)
Sit with Sharon Harkenrider
Patty Peisher (4)
John, James, Ariana
Annette Mills (3)
Louise Ahearn - John Mills - Annette Mills (possibility of Annette playing the organ- unless Fr Stan does not need me to)
Lisa Mills (6)
Shawn Mills, Lisa Mills, Brynn Mills, Brayden Mills, Brooklynn Mills, Patsy Hulse
Elizabeth Becker (6)
Michael, Michael Jr, Justin, Benjamin, Paul (Stewart)
Ann Zeltwanger (3)
Ashley and Lisa Zeltwanger
Virginia Putnam (4)
Jeanie, Owen, Ava Higgins, Virginia Putnam
Walter Plaisted (2)
Barney Cornell
Mary Woodworth
Sit with Ann Zeltwanger
Scott Ellison (6)
James VanSkiver
James VanSkiver
Mike McCaig (6)
Mike and Marie McCaig, Gabe and Hannah Workman, Jonas McCaig, Lorri Guarnieri
ST. ANN'S CHURCH  10:00pm - 11:00pm  

10:00 pm Mass (230)

70 of 230 slots filled
Laura Picco (6)
Pasquale, Laura, Nicholas, Gennaro, Pasquale Jr, & Marco Picco
Stacey Lincoln (6)
Stacey Lincoln, Zack Lincoln, Avery Lincoln, Sienna Lincoln, Dan Koehler, Terri Koehler
Debbie Carroll (2)
Jean Prete (3)
Stephen Hoyt
Jaclin Cole (2)
Cathy Bergquist (2)
Cathy Bergquist Rick Bergquist
Lynda O'Brien (2)
Jennifer Klinges (3)
Adam, Jennifer, & Amelia Klinges
Andy Koehler (6)
Andy Koehler, Allison Pacer, Aubrey Koehler, Tim Koehler, Carrie Koehler, & Emma Koehler
Lillian Hendrickson
Ellen Dagon (2)
Jordan Hahn (6)
Jordan Hahn, Koby Hahn, Harrison Hahn, Morgan Brungard, Garth Brungard, Kyla Whanell
Ann Brungard (4)
Ann Brungard, Joe Brungard, Mary Ann Argentieri, Peggy Argentieri
Colleen Argentieri (6)
Colleen and Fran Argentieri, Carley Argentieri and Michael Gelder, and Alexandra and Alex Fitzpatrick.
Julie Tobin (2)
Jim & Julie Tobin
Bonnie Matacale
Peg Griswold
Peg Griswold
Dave Crosby (6)
Carolyn Kelly
William Hoffman (2)
near the left back
Rebecca Shick (2)
John McAneney (3)
12/25/2020 (Fri.) ST. ANN'S CHURCH  7:00am - 8:00am  

7:00 AM Mass Christmas Day (230)

34 of 230 slots filled
Annette Burdett (2)
Maureen Walsh (4)
Eileen Walsh
Michael Walsh
Rex Wiggers (2)
Thomas Cheresnowsky
Megan Cheresnowsky
to sit with Thomas Cheresnowsky
susan cawley (2)
Francis Cawley
Rosemarie McCollumn (4)
Mary Ann VanScoter, Barbara Wise, Timothy Lachiusa
Tammy Murray (2)
Ted and Tammy Murray
Barbara Rose (2)
Donald Egle
Susan Anderson
Donna Kull
Rosalie Tobin (2)
John & Rosalie Tobin
Fran Cheresnowsky (2)
Joe Cheresnowsky
Joanne Palmesano
Wants to sit with Donna Kull
Helen Prior (2)
thomas dobson
Claudia Wilcox
10:00am - 11:00am  

10:00 AM Christmas Day Mass (230)

40 of 230 slots filled
Deborah Brinkhus (2)
Bill & Deb Brinkhus
Daniel Linnecke
Beth Jacobs (5)
Beth, Brianna, Vanessa Jacobs; Peg McDermott; Mike Shafer
Mary Secondo (3)
Lynn Watt (2)
Joan Loree
This is the mass I will be attending!
Rosalie Spellecy
Todd Ludden (3)
Thank you
Mary Jane Price
Handicapped seat needed
James Burd (2)
James Burd Olga Brutsman
Bob Dwyer (2)
Bob & Pat Dwyer
Bill Sirianni
Bill Sirianni
Joe Aini
Margaret Koehler (4)
Shirley Clark
Joyce Klenchik (2)
Joyce & Dominic Klenchik
Nancy Baker
Nancy Baker
Patty Mahoney
If possible would like to sit on the side pews. Thank you so much!
Joe Callahan
Joe Callahan
Dave Watt (2)
Dave and Allison Watt. Can we be seated with Lynn and John Watt? They already have an assigned seat.
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