Pinnacle Project Night at Legacy High School

Dear LHS Friend and Supporter:

The Pinnacle Project is an intensive, research-based inquiry project that demonstrates a student’s academic progress while at Legacy. The project consists of research, academic writing, creation of a product as an extension of the student's learning, organization of a portfolio detailing this process, and a presentation to the community. These presentations will take place on Wednesday, April 24 from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Dinner will be provided.

We are seeking judges from the community to sit in on these end-of-year presentations. The topics are self-selected by the students and vary from architecture to philanthropy to fly fishing to the original music of aspiring artists. As a judge, you will join a panel of three to watch, listen to, and provide feedback for the presentations. Your feedback is important to the students as they develop their public speaking and presentation skills essential for the real world; however, judges’ comments do not affect a student’s grade.

Community member judge participation is essential to this project. It is an enjoyable evening and a chance to learn more about the young people of our community. If you have further questions, please email the English 12 teacher team at [email protected] or call Kristen Smetzer at 720-972-6849.

Thank you for your support in this event.


Tyler Arko

Beth Bynarowicz

Jeff Fleischman

Lianne Heffelman

Adam Martin

Kristen Smetzer

Monique Trujillo-Barnes

Date: 04/24/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:30pm MDT

Location: Legacy High School

Date: 04/24/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:30pm MDT

Location: Legacy High School
2701 W 136th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80023

Created by:   Legacy High School English 12 team
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Available Slot

Community Member Judge

218 slots filled - more available
Michael Tibbetts (2)
With Victoria Tibbetts
Debra Markwith
Laura Sosa
Dirk Lange
Maryann Croff
Megan Cain
Brian Batz
Julie Weaver
Lonnie Snyder
Helle Hill
I would like to see the presentation by Hannah Bachus, please. Thank you.
Eetung Rauh
Livvy Gibb &larry (2)
My husband and I sign up to be together. Larry and livvy gibb.
ELSA Coates
Auditorium or Band Room please.
Nancie Arko
Ronald Sander
Tara Seyffert
Tracy Kane
I would like to review Raquel Flores
Ray Oberbroeckling
w/ Amanda Oberbroeckling
David Steedle
Sue Davidson
Paula Farkas
Rochelle Garcia-Gomez
Kathleen Briscoe
Janis Lievens
Michele Schiavone
Michele Schiavone (with Dana Inerfeld & Eetung Rauh)
Christine Parkes
Sarah Oneill
Mitchell Kusick
Would be nice to paired with Nancie Arko and Tara Seyffert
Judy Chianese Lake (2)
Judge with Andy Lake - we would like to please judge Carly Spallone
Audra Webb
Cheryl Brenn
Pamela Lurie
Pamela Lurie
Janela Karlson
Dana Inerfeld
with Michele Schiavone & Eetung Rauh
Chris Powell Dotson (2)
& David Dotson
Michele McCarthy
DHH Students
Stephanie Busby
Judge with Cheryl Brenn
Tammy Specht (2)
And James Specht
Brenda Sater
In room where Laura Mariea is presenting, please
Amanda Oberbroeckling
Would like to judge with Raymond Oberbroeckling
Jim Hardee
Stacy Reder
Would like to judge with Jeff Reder and judge Sara Reder and Jenna Wehrly
Jeff Reder
Jen Gelston
I would like to judge with Nisha Kulprathipanja
Katie Ogle
Maryann Croff
Enea Hempelmann
Deputy Chief Enea Hempelmann
Jeannie Bodine
I would like to see the presentation by Kyle Bodine
Jill Trupp (2)
with Kevin Trupp
Connie Lucero
John Siles
Prefer technical STEM projects over artistic
Christine Kelly
Stephanie Touil
Jeff Reder
Christine Kelly
Earl Hosmer
Deb Lavender
Veronica Mueller
Colleen Funk and Heather Touchton
Jane Froman (2)
Include Dennis Froman
Mwlanie Roth Lawson
Peggy Thomson
Sherrie Somrak
with David Steedle
Ava Trupp (2)
Kevin and Jill Trupp
Cheryl Muench
Sheri G.
Jim Jacobson
Myra Harrris
Would like to judge with Arlene Languerand, please.
Heather Touchton
with Veronica Mueller and Colleen Funk
Marissa Ehringer
Claire Trotter (2)
signing up for myself and Ollie Hux - judge together, please. Thanks.
Anita Gershten (2)
with Gerald Gershten
Jeff Rothenberg
Senior student Megan Rothenberg
Kristy Gotham
Padma Hancock
Colleen Funk
with Veronica Mueller & Heather Touchton
Darren and Kim Merrill (2)
Michelle Kidd
Cindy Lisi
tracee ramirez (2)
with Rich Ramirez, sport theme if possible
Katie Kassowitz
May I please watch the presentation by Emily Kassowitz
Kelly Kinch
Judge Katie Kinch
Jim Hardee
Loralie Cole-Holubo
Monica Peritt (2)
w/ Jon Peritt
Sandy Kressin
Judge with Heather Wells would like to jugde Luke Mercurio
Heather Wells
I would like to judge with Sandy Kressin
Mari Ann James
Becky McGraw
Kat Schneider
Gentry Johnson
Joline Archuleta
Lisa Parsons
Tiffany Madden
April Gottschalk
Clair Carleton
Melissa Varga
Katherine Schneider
Beverly Her
Nora Brandon (2)
w/ Rebecca Sturgeon
Kevin Kreeger
Geoff Hyatt
I would like to be paired with other judges Lance Rainwater, Walt Bradley, and Tiffany Hastings
Lance Rainwater
Please pair with Walt Bradley and Geoff Hyatt
Meg Hartzler
Joni Beall
Ruth Edmondson
Reda Foard
Kaye Gill
Peggy Kirsner
Bernie Kirsner
Sondra McCoy
Ruth Meyer
I will be unable to judge due to a bad fall.
Barbara Miller
Marilyn Miller
Nancy Rader
Donette Stroberg
Vivian Whalley
Jaye Zessar
I am already signed up, as is Janice Leivens. We would like to be paired together to judge the presentations. Please let me know that you have this request and that it will be possible. Thank you.
Chris Roarty
I signed up Janet Sietmann but she is unable to help out. Please cancel Janet's reservation
Jennifer McDaniels
Kellie Ringueberg
Kim Cates
Would like to see my senior Ragen Cates
Melissa Truett
Curtis Truett
Will you please put me with Melissa Truett?
William Jordan
Earl Franz
Had the privilege of being a judge last year
James Hardee
I request to see Aaron Hardee's presentation. Please put me in his room.
Megan Becker
I want to judge Connor Becker’s project please.
Elizabeth Snyder (2)
Linda Kobus
John Hafner
Kayleen Spallone
Moriah Dollar
Donette Stroberg
Jennifer Cianfrance (2)
Mr. Cianfrance too!
Yvonne Peperzak-Blake
Rita Adams
Wed Adams
Laurie Fobes
Would like to work in music area
Tiffany Stephens (2)
With Joyce Stephens
Nancy Week (2)
& Jeremy Week
Eileen Finnegan (2)
with John Finnegan
Kathy Maness
Jill Montera
Angela Carlson
Bill Blase
David Stover
Luis Sosa
With Laura Sosa, if possible
Adrian Miller
R E Stout
Nicole Dolan
Dawn Billesbach (2)
signed up with Andrea Kirby
Andrea Kirby
Jennifer French-Jurgens
Leticia Glueck
Arif Gangji
Tanya Giedd
Erin Wagener (2)
With Robert Wagener
Lisa Haugan
Natalie Newman (2)
Please put Tyler Beshaw in the same room as me to judge as it is his first time judging.
Erin McLeese
Arlene Languerand
Would like to be with Myra Harris
Lauren Avram
Cheryln Morin
Sheela Mahnke
Matthew Gallegos
Jennifer Gero
Chris Dickerson
Krista Powell
Katherine Erstad
Kenneth Cole
Jaimie Pierce
please place with Aaron Pierce
Aaron Pierce
Please place with Jaimie Pierce
Cindy Sales
I'd love to be with Yazmine Banuelos and Renata De Lara
Michelle Maier (2)
Pls put us in Riley Maier’s room- Brad & Michelle Maier
Emily Giuliano
I would like to be on the same panel as Katherine Erstad
Joe Marr
As MD, have interest in any Health care related. Possible to review James Marr? Thx
Joseph Marr
Have MD and both science and business experience. Possible to review James Marr’s project if possible.
Jessica McCormac (2)
Jessica & Mike, we would like to see Maya McCormac’s presentation and judge w/ Sheela Benjamin
Sheela Benjamin
would like to judge with Jessica McCormac
Ruth Marks
Would like to be placed with John Gordon if possible.
Matt Holmbo
I would like to judge with Loralie Cole-Holmbo and Kenneth Cole, if possible
Sheryn Caldwell
Catherine Crisler
I’d like to judge Madison Crisler’s project and judge with Lisa & David Hollister please.
Camelia Marshall
I would like to see the presentation by Antonio Marshall
Teri Romero
Paula Reynolds
Judge with Kayleen Spallone
Rabin Walters
Judge with Kayleen Spallone
Allie Sullivan
Lisa Hollister (2)
Lisa & David Hollister - would like to judge with Catherine Crisler
TJ Barnes
Jo Harpring
Robyn Knox
I'd like to judge Meg Rothenberg

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