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2019/20 CBST-SAL Banquet



Thank you so much for a great CBST-SAL season! We are looking forward to celebrating all the athletes' hard work at our Pasta Party! The party can't happen without everyone's help. Please RSVP and select the item that you are able to bring no later than Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Once again thank you so much for your help!

All families are asked to volunteer one of the following items:

Pasta - Please provide 4lbs of plain cooked pasta in a disposable pan. We will have sternos available for the pasta.

Sauce - Please bring a crockpot of warmed sauce. We will have power by the table to keep the sauce hot. Please label clearly as to whether your sauce DOES or DOES NOT include meat.

Bread & Butter - Please provide 2 sliced loaves or 24 small rolls and a small tub of butter.

Salad - Each salad should feed approximately 25 people.

Dessert - We will need enough to feed approximately 15 people. Desserts that are able to be picked up easily are preferred (brownies, cupcakes, krispie treats, etc). Please label your desserts NUT FREE or CONTAINS NUTS.

Date: 03/15/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

Location: CB South Cafeteria

Created by:   Rachel Feldman

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Bread & Butter (13)
  All slots filled
Julian Sasse (2)
Julia/Jack Riegel (2)
Santé Esposito
Rolls and butter
Kim ONeill
Amy Pistilli
Mia Shorr
Carrie Krause
Dean Tomlinson (2)
Tammy Flynn
Dennis McGovern
Hailey Ware-McGovern
Dessert (22)
  All slots filled
Kennedy Cameron
Brownies or Rice Krispy treats
Jenn Gardner
Max Sawyer
Will be nut free
Christy Hollingsworth
Griffen - Cookies
Sandie Bernstein
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Natalie Voloshin
Michele Matsick
Molly McCloskey
Colin Glatz
Meredith Ouimette
Jimin Chunh
Rae Lokhandwala
Katrina Sheynfeld
Staci Freer
Cookie assortment
Neha Jain
Assorted cookies
Jessica Martin
Eva Vairo
Jeannie Poon
Amy Majewski
Ella Hoch
Bridgette Thompson
Pasta (16)
  14 of 16 slots filled
Santé Esposito
Marley Swain
Robert Hoehn
Audrey Daniel
ana vidovic (2)
Olivia Kozloff
Kris Walker
Touma Miyakawa
Grace Hamilton
Riley Reteneller
Joey Bruce
Eduardo Zarate
Santiago Zarate
Joella Bragg
Salad (14)
  All slots filled
Kennedy Cameron (2)
Ceasar Salad
Kathryn Kline
Jorge Cervantes
Elizabeth Scott (2)
Ceasar salad
Dean Tomlinson
Ceasar Salad
Michael Terkanian
Kristin Ketner
Amy Molnar
Gwen Harrison
Olga Glon
Dalene Olson
Rachel Moore
Meat Sauce (6)
  3 of 6 slots filled
Colleen Suter
Sauce with meatballs
Dean Tomlinson
Audrey Daniel
Meatballs and Sauce
Meat-Free Sauce (11)
  7 of 11 slots filled
Jillian Boyle
Danielle Dous
Pam McNulty
Stephanie Mortimer
Karen Cassidy
Michelle DiGregorio
Holly Micolochick Steuer
Responses:     Yes: 69     No: 18     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 239     Maybe: 0

YES (69) -  

Aruna Sri Unnam (2 guests)

Mckenzie Stephenson (1 guest)

Holly Micolochick Steuer (4 guests)

Gwen Stoltz (4 guests)

Joella Bragg (5 guests)

Dennis McGovern (3 guests)
Ware-McGovern Family

Eduardo Zarate (3 guests)
Santiago Zarate

Bridgette Thompson (2 guests)

Riley Reteneller (2 guests)

Christina Breen (5 guests)

Ekta Kundan (3 guests)

Joey Bruce (2 guests)

Touma Miyakawa (5 guests)

Inna Vinnikov (1 guest)

Josephine Clark (4 guests)

Karen Cassidy (3 guests)

Kris Walker (3 guests)

Michelle DiGregorio (2 guests)

Stephanie Mortimer (6 guests)

Olivia Kozloff (2 guests)

Alyson Zimmer (6 guests)

Rachel Moore (2 guests)

ana vidovic (2 guests)

Dalene Olson (5 guests)
Zoey, Kaia

Olga Glon (3 guests)

Gwen Harrison (4 guests)
Chrissa Harrison

Pam McNulty (3 guests)

Amy Molnar (2 guests)
Cami Molnar

Kristin Ketner (3 guests)

Michael Terkanian (3 guests)

Danielle Dous (5 guests)

Audrey Daniel (4 guests)
Alex Barber-Brennan and Abby Daniel

Robert Hoehn (3 guests)

Tammy Flynn (3 guests)

Dean Tomlinson (5 guests)

Ella Hoch (4 guests)

Carrie Krause (6 guests)

Amy Majewski (4 guests)

Mia Shorr (4 guests)

Jeannie Poon (4 guests)

Amy Pistilli (4 guests)

Veronica Boychenko (3 guests)

Marley Swain (5 guests)

Eva Vairo (3 guests)

Jillian Boyle (3 guests)

Jessica Martin (5 guests)
Cami and Leighton Martin

Neha Jain (2 guests)

Staci Freer (5 guests)

Elizabeth Scott (3 guests)

Katrina Sheynfeld (4 guests)

Rae Lokhandwala (4 guests)

Jimin Chunh (3 guests)

Colleen Suter (5 guests)
Erin, Caroline, Luke

Colin Glatz (3 guests)

Molly McCloskey (4 guests)

Jorge Cervantes (4 guests)

Kathryn Kline (3 guests)

Michele Matsick (4 guests)

Natalie Voloshin (5 guests)

Mary Elizabeth Smith (2 guests)

Kim ONeill (4 guests)

Sandie Bernstein (4 guests)
Nathan Bernstein

Christy Hollingsworth (3 guests)

Santé Esposito (3 guests)

Julia/Jack Riegel (4 guests)

Julian Sasse (2 guests)

Max Sawyer (3 guests)

Jenn Gardner (2 guests)
Abby Gardner

Kennedy Cameron (3 guests)

NO (18) +  

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