Shrek Jr.

Shrek Individual Vocal Auditions

Everyone needs to sign up for a Vocal Audition time (3 minute slots). Available times begin at 5:00pm and continue every 3 minutes until 8:30pm. We will allow accompaniment track auditions. Please arrive early and bring your audition form (filled out) with your headshot attached.

What to Sing: 16-32 bars of a musical theater song in the style of the show (approx. 1 to 1.5 minutes). Songs from musicals that are a similar sound are the best choices. Professional Tip: Do not sing a song from the show you are auditioning for. Show us your personality and range. If necessary, bring accompaniment on your smart device. Accompaniment tracks should have NO backing vocals.

What to Bring: LifeStage Audition Form, resume (if you have one), headshot (this can be a school photo), Smart device ready for audition. Dress to impress!

How to Make a Zing: We want to see your personality and enthusiasm for performing! Have fun, do your best, and show us why you want to be a part of a LifeStage production. Talent is great, but a willing spirit and bold personality will take you the distance!

CLICK HERE to view the audition packet with details.

Date: 08/23/2019 (Fri.)

Location: LifeStage Theatre

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Available Slot Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT)

Vocal Audition

08/23/2019 (Fri)
5:00pm - 5:03pm   
Daphnie Pilgrim
Lauren Pilgrim
5:03pm - 5:06pm   
Amy Davis
Ellie Davis
5:06pm - 5:09pm   
Michelle Allen
Abbey Allen 10
5:09pm - 5:12pm   
Michelle Allen
Nathaniel Allen 8
5:12pm - 5:15pm   
Sarah Avary
Teagan avary
5:15pm - 5:18pm   
Karen Nicklas Smith
Piper Smith
5:18pm - 5:21pm   
Karen Nicklas Smith
Lydon Smith
5:21pm - 5:24pm   
Rebecca Matheny
Morgan Matheny
5:24pm - 5:27pm   
Nevaeh Lydick
5:27pm - 5:30pm   
Lauren Assenheimer
5:30pm - 5:33pm   
Sharon Ciszewski
Samantha Engler
5:33pm - 5:36pm   
Jessica Nester
Clara Nester - 11
5:36pm - 5:39pm   
Julie Payne
5:39pm - 5:42pm   
Melissa Cross
Jack (10)
5:42pm - 5:45pm   
Presley Anderson
Presley Anderson
5:45pm - 5:48pm   
Kendra Allen
Gigi - 10
5:48pm - 5:51pm   
Addison ORear
5:51pm - 5:54pm   
Michele Bowman
Westin Bowman
5:54pm - 5:57pm   
Michele Bowman
5:57pm - 6:00pm   
Owen Harper
Kristen Harper
6:00pm - 6:03pm   
Griffin Moore
6:03pm - 6:06pm   
Manasi Shail Zucker
Manasi shail Zucker
6:06pm - 6:09pm   
Chloe Munson
Chloe Munson
6:09pm - 6:12pm   
Jennifer Cooper
Grace Cooper
6:12pm - 6:15pm   
Lis Hammons
Luke Hammons
6:15pm - 6:18pm   
Lis Hammons
John Hammons
6:18pm - 6:21pm   
Audrey Canter
6:21pm - 6:24pm   
Veronica Morris
Isabella Morris
6:24pm - 6:27pm   
Cindy Merris
Calli Merris
6:27pm - 6:30pm   
Annelise Mraz
6:30pm - 6:33pm   
Dana Snell
Avery Snell (7)
6:33pm - 6:36pm   
Emily Alexander
Aaron Alexander
6:36pm - 6:39pm   
Avery White
6:39pm - 6:42pm   
Kendyl Link
6:42pm - 6:45pm   
Cindy Merris
Cambrie Merris
6:45pm - 6:48pm   
6:48pm - 6:51pm   
Sara Plasek
Claire Plasek
6:51pm - 6:54pm   
Donna Nystrom
Madison Nystrom
6:54pm - 6:57pm   
Jennifer Parker
Georgia Parker
6:57pm - 7:00pm   
Jennifer Parker
Vivi Parker
7:00pm - 7:03pm   
Tenli (age 10 - 8.24.19)
7:03pm - 7:06pm   
Tiffany Tennison
Sevyn tennison
7:06pm - 7:09pm   
Tiffany Tennison
Izzy Tennison
7:09pm - 7:12pm   
Yiya Wang
7:12pm - 7:15pm   
7:15pm - 7:18pm   
Janine Timmermann
Campbell Timmermann
7:18pm - 7:21pm   
Everleigh Reed
7:21pm - 7:24pm   
Andrea Murphy
Maddie Murphy
7:24pm - 7:27pm   
Andrea Murphy
Faith Murphy
7:27pm - 7:30pm   
Paige Kelly
Willow Kelly
7:30pm - 7:33pm   
Paige Yates
Kieran Yates
7:33pm - 7:36pm   
Paige Kelly
Piper Kelly
7:36pm - 7:39pm   
Graci Stubblfield
Excited and ready
7:39pm - 7:42pm   
Ashley Pace
Hayden Pace
7:42pm - 7:45pm   
7:45pm - 7:48pm   
Liz Payne
Alli Payne
7:48pm - 7:51pm   
Tanya Nelson
Max Nelson
7:51pm - 7:54pm   
Lindsey Hurst
George Hurst
7:54pm - 7:57pm   
Lindsey Hurst
Julia Hurst
7:57pm - 8:00pm   
Lindsey Hurst
Jack Hurst
8:00pm - 8:03pm   
Mallory Carr
MacKenzie Carr
8:03pm - 8:06pm   
Brittany Williamson
8:06pm - 8:09pm   
8:09pm - 8:12pm   
Jeannie Ainalakis
Eleni Green
8:12pm - 8:15pm   
Gabriel Putnam
8:15pm - 8:18pm   
Karen McCurdy
Kara - 9
8:18pm - 8:21pm   
8:21pm - 8:24pm   
Jennifer Cooper
Maggie Cooper
8:24pm - 8:27pm   
8:27pm - 8:30pm   
8:30pm - 8:33pm   
Beverly Vasquez
Isabella Vasquez
8:33pm - 8:36pm   
Beverly Vasquez
Seth Vasquez
8:36pm - 8:39pm   
Abigail Simon
8:39pm - 8:42pm   
Keira Hill
Keira Hill 13
8:42pm - 8:45pm   
Meredith France
McKenna France
8:45pm - 8:48pm   
Rachna Agrawal
Arya Menezes
8:48pm - 8:51pm   
Madalyn Davis
8:51pm - 8:54pm   
Missy Smith
Fiorella 10.5
8:54pm - 8:57pm   
8:57pm - 9:00pm   
Ella Schupp

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