Hillside United Methodist Church

WELCOME LUNCHEON for Rev. Herzen Andone

We will hold a Welcome Luncheon for our new senior pastor, Rev. Herzen Andone on Sunday, June 24th at 12:15pm in Celebration Hall. Some of our ministry teams will be providing the main meat dish for our meal, so we just ask that you sign up for at least one side dish or dessert to bring on that day. If needed, food drop-off will be available starting at 8:00am in the Celebration Hall lobby.

If your items do not need to stay warm (crock pot..), PLEASE BRING IN DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS. Otherwise, you will be responsible for picking up your items before you leave the luncheon. 

For those of you unable to attend the luncheon that afternoon, Rev. Herzen will also be available for Morning Coffee between 9 and 9:30a in the Celebration Hall lobby. You are welcome to attend both the coffee and the luncheon. 

For questions, please contact [email protected]

Date: 06/24/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 12:15pm - 2:15pm EDT

Location: Hillside United Methodist Church

Created by:   Lauren Cox

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Macaroni & Cheese (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Clint Gruwell
Linda Gerick
Jenny Hurt
Green Beans (5)
  2 of 5 slots filled
Steve Brooks (2)
Green Bean Casserole (5)
  1 of 5 slots filled
Rachel Blend
One 9x13 pan
Baked Beans (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Erica Wells
Ellen Hicks
9×13 dish
Amanda Carver
Cole Slaw (10)
  4 of 10 slots filled
Heather Gerick (2)
Gail Billion
Barbara Bourne
Potato Salad (10)
  2 of 10 slots filled
Angie Faile (2)
Squash Casserole (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Lynn Martuscello (2)
Sherri Walker
Chips (15)
  7 of 15 slots filled
Shawn Walkey (3)
Pat Hardy (2)
Angela Parker (2)
Fruit (e.g. Tray, Orange salad..) (10)
  1 of 10 slots filled
Amy Billings
Grape Salad
Veggies (e.g. Tray, Dip..) (10)
  1 of 10 slots filled
Martha Turner
Your Specialty (Homemade Dessert) (20)
  7 of 20 slots filled
Kristen Giesler
Dirt Cake
Suzy Gebhart (2)
Texas cake and gooey butter cookies
Chris Collins
Mint Chocolate Cookies
Erin Slykhouse
Cuban bars
Elaine branscomb
Homemade Dessert
Martha Turner
Your Specialty (Homestyle Side Dish) (15)
  3 of 15 slots filled
Linda Brau
Aubree Metlick
Cheese Potatoes
Emma Blair Metlick
Hamburger Buns (12 ct.) (10)
  7 of 10 slots filled
Beth Federman (2)
Greg Spitznagel
Bettie Sleeth (2)
Paula Shelton (2)
Hawaiian Rolls (10)
  9 of 10 slots filled
Loretta Yike (2)
Cynthia Lyerly (2)
Beth Teller (3)
Sharon Walker (2)
Cleanup Crew (10) - Cleaning off table decor & taking out trash (20 minute commitment)