Jr. High Ministry

Fellowship Feast - November 6th, 2019

Your ticket in to fellowship feast will be to sign up for at least one food item of your choice. 

Please let us know the details of what you plan to bring in the comment section.

Created by:  Jr. High Ministry
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PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Slot

Main Dish (15)

pasta, Mexican food, chicken nuggets, etc... the sky is the limit!

5 of 15 slots filled
  Jaidyn Smith
Sweet meatballs
  Luke Y.
Chicken Nuggets
  Daniel Verdusco
Pepperoni Pizza
  Jaiden Rivera
  Kaitlyn Wright
Italian Pasta Salad

Side Dish (15)

cheese dip, garlic knots, potatoes, pizza rolls, etc... the sky is the limit!

4 of 15 slots filled
  Kaleb Aderhold
Homemade Mexican Rice
  lucas cazorla
  Jacob Pan
Macaroni Salad
  Caleb Ax
Tater Tots

Taquitos (3)

15 per slot (with a dipping sauce)

1 of 3 slots filled
  Austin Nielsen
With guac

Chicken wings (4)

10 wings per slot (bone in or boneless)

All slots filled
  Aubree Mendoza
  Kiara Light
  Ibraheem Musallet (2)
Ibby: Chicken wings from Albertsons

Pizza (8)

1 pizza per slot

All slots filled
  Bella Aguiar
  Melanie Ramos
Pepperoni pizza
  Michelle Ramos
Pepperoni pizza
  Kevin Quinones
  Ethan Scofield (2)
pepperoni pizza's
  Rilee Dean
  Bryan Marroquin

Breadsticks (4)

20 breadsticks per slot

3 of 4 slots filled
  Evie Lizarraga
  Ashley DeRenzis
Ashley DeRenzis
  Jacob Pan

Mac & cheese (2)

bought or made

All slots filled
  Daniel Murphy
Bacon Mac and cheese
  Caleb Kushner
Mac n Cheese

Mozzarella sticks (3)

15 mozzarella sticks per slot

All slots filled
  Laurie Fuller (3)
Robert Bergstrom, Charlotte Fuller & guest

Chips & Guacamole/Salsa (2)


All slots filled
  Isabelle Martinez
Chips and salsa
  Emma-Kate Harstad
Chips, Guacamole and Salsa

Fruit (3)

enough for 20 people per slot (pre-cut)

All slots filled
  Isaiah Chamani
I will bring a fruit bowl from Costco
  Amee Jacobo
Assorted fruits
  Ethan Semeczko
Fruit platter

Dessert (6)

enough for 10 people (cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc..)

All slots filled
  Samuel Radnich
Chocolate chip cookies
  Isabela Rojas
Assorted cookies
  Isabella Lobos
Pumpkin bars
  Lucas Sandoval
  Matthew Parungao
Pumpkin Pie
  Chloe Lassler
wish cookies <3

Beverage (6)

2 large beverages per slot (soda, lemonade, etc..)

All slots filled
  Daniel Murphy
  Mason Torrez (2)
Coke and Dr. Pepper
  Derek Kato (2)
Coke and Sprite
  Emma-Kate Harstad
Lemonade (2)

Chips (4)

Lays, Ruffles, Takis, Cheetos, etc...

All slots filled
  Xavier Hinojosa
  Joshua Villar
Tortillas and salsa
  Austin McDermott
1 variety box of chips
  Kayden Robles
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