FMYSA All Stars

All Star Tryouts - 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11/12U, 13/14U

2019 Recreational Tryout Information

WHEN: April 24th 

WHERE: Bakersfield Park (Various fields)

CHECK-IN LOCATION: Lower Baseball Pavilion, between fields 1-4

CHECK-IN TIME: 5:30-5:50 PM (no need to come earlier)


TRYOUT TIMES: Tryouts will begin at 6:00 PM with a short warm-up session

Players MUST fill out the Skills Evaluation Form prior to arrival (PDF download below)

Date: 04/24/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm CDT

Location: Bakersfield Park

Created by:   Flower Mound Youth Sports Association
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Available Slot

Age Group: 7U

18 slots filled - more available
Mitch Schilling
Brooks Schilling - 7u Giants
Andrea Taylor
Nolan Taylor - 7U Rangers
Jana Nelson
Case Nelson - Pirates
Todd Fischer Cadenhead
Fischer Cadenhead Giants
Adler Byrd
Adler Byrd -7U Mud Cats
Sandy Drew
Jason Drew - 7U Thunder
Chris Cabrera
Jacob Cabrera - 6U Rough Riders
Traci Mays
James Mays- Mudcats
Joseph (Joey) Sawaya
Joey Sawaya Longhorns
Jennifer Wylie
Kaden Wylie Pirates
Brad Gerber
Austin, Longhorns
Cindy Kloske
Cooper Kloske- Giants
Jim Hogg
Colby Hogg - Giants
Charlene Wandrisco
Ryan Wandrisco - Longhorns
Kevin Martens
Tyler Martens - Giants
Jenny Staudenmyer
Graham Staudenmyer - Pirates
Luke Webster
Everett Webster, Longhorns
Michelle Gonyeau
Wyatt Gonyeau 7U Giants

Age Group: 8U

32 slots filled - more available
Alejandra Garibay
Lucas Garibay- Rough Riders
Lisa Lee
Jack Lee - Riverdogs
Julie Green
Ryder Green- Tigers
Wil Lozano
Wil Lozano -Red Sox
Monique Ruestmann
Jonah Ruestmann- Tigers
Lewis Harrison
Hunter Harrison - Thunder
Lewis Harrison
Holden Harrison - Storm
Andrea Wlazlowski
Ben Wlazlowski
Jennifer Brown
Jacob Brown - Riverdogs
Shannon Thompson
Ryker Thompson- Thunder
Esther Y Hong
Joseph Hong- 8U Tigers
Doug Reinscheld
Help with tryouts.
Steve Hatch
Dylan Hatch - 8U Tigers
Kacie Griffith
Gavin Griffith - Thunder
Ashley Vickers
Graham Vickers- Thunder
Malinda Brinkerhoff
Grayer Brinkerhoff Red Sox
Robinson Kumar
Manny Gurrala 8U Red Sox
Amy Damico
Jack Damico- Rough Riders
Kim Price
Zach Price Thunder
Lesley Bolger
Grey Bolger-Thunder
Katie Pierce
Noah Pierce - River Dogs
Brandon Couvillion
Alex Couvillion Red Sox
Joby Raymond
Mikah Raymond - Tigers
Jessica Trent
Colter Trent - cardinals
Bryan Minassian
Luke Minassian Roughriders
Michael Francis
Tristan Francis - RoughRiders
Matt Hoffman
Luke Hoffman Cubs
Pawan Gunjur
Ishan Gunjur - Roughriders
Paul Cushman
Stewart Cushman - Roughriders
Michelle Zachary
Trace Wolfe - Roughriders
Shell Pangle
Gunnar Pangle - Yard Goats
Debbie Roberts
Nolan Roberts- RiverDogs

Age Group: 9U

30 slots filled - more available
Cash Case
Cash Case Sun Devils
Jessie Hanna
Mack Hanna - Cubs
Brandon Miles
Brandon Miles -Cubs
Maria Catalina "Caty" Paez
Rafael Graterol - Red Soxs
Beth Chaky
Camden Sortor - Red Sox
Jeffrey Rhone
Caleb Rhone, Dodgers
Brent Burrows
Caden Burrows Red Sox
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel (Sun Devils)
Nicole Crouch
Matthew Crouch - Rangers
Cameron Jenks
Cameron Jenks, Cubs
Kyle Schlabach
Logan Schlabach, 9U Hot Rods
Amanda Westlake
Landon Westlake - Rangers
Amanda Hall
Stephen Hall - Red Sox
Tanner Rasmussen
Julian Hall 9U Hot Rods
Chris DeRuyscher
Jalen DeRuyscher 9U Red Sox
Matthew Budman
Matthew Budman -Rangers Wylie
Caswy Adair
Wyatt Adair - Cubs
Lyn Harrison
Colby Harrison
Christine Smith
Connor Smith. Red Socks
Janakiraman Sridhar
Abhiram Sridhar
Jennifer Wylie
Colton Wylie (Rangers)
Stephanie Saulters
Cayden Saulters- Rangers
Elizabeth Cannon
Riley Cannon - Raptors
Kaleb McEuin
Kaleb McEuin -cubs
Jana Nelson
Cole Nelson - Cubs
Chris Holcomb
Josh Holcomb, Cubs
Allison St John
Matthew Jacobs - Storm
Richard Furr
Luke Furr - Red Sox
Barry Anderson
Landry Anderson Cubs
Mike Shults
Jonathan Shults - Sun Devils

Age Group: 10U

15 slots filled - more available
Scott Hultquist
Westley Hultquist - Red Sox
Amanda Oxley
Noah Oxley - Rangers
Nathan Turner
Jake Turner - RoughRiders
Megan Zebio
Benjamin Zebio - Rangers
Lisa Brower
Brayden Brower Red Sox
Phil Han
Noah Han - Padres
Elizabeth Espinosa
Dante Espinosa Longhorns
Carol Ann Cordell
Preston Cordell-Padres
Steve Woodland
Brian Woodland- Braves
Michelle Knox
Dante Ballenger - Dodgers
Todd Hutchison
Reece Hutchison - Red Sox
Larry Cantrell
Maddie Cantrell - Rangers
Amber Pierce
Micah Pierce
Kristine Claus
Josh Claus/Red Sox

Age Group: 11/12U

29 slots filled - more available
Cindy Brubaker
Taylor Brubaker-Aggies
Amy Smith
Coby Barron- Storm
Srinivasan Guntupalli
Siddhanth Guntupalli, Tigers
Stacey Echeverria
Evan Echeverria- Rangers
Andrea Wlazlowski
Jack Wlazlowski
Jennifer Havard
Joshua Havard - Rough Riders
Kaleb Wright
Kaleb Wright Storm
Sherry Mursch
Cayden Mursch Storm
Rhya Miller
Theodore Miller 11U Tigers
Aadarsh Singh
Aadarsh Singh - Cubs
Megan Lawson
Logan Stow - Rangers
Tony Dean
Connor Dean (Storm)
Narciso Lira
Julian Lira-Astros
Vandi Stone
Vaughn Vongkham - Storm
Golden Rugg
Ryan Rugg - Storm
Chris Smeaton
Grant Owens Tigers
Mike Carrell
Nick Carrell - Tigers
Srinivasan Guntupalli
Siddhanth Guntupalli,Tigers
Melissa Roark
Gage Roark - Rockhounds
Steve Stokan
Will Stokan - Rangers
Brady Cahill - Astros
Jessica Trent
Brody Trent - Roughriders
Jo Lynn Crump
Preston Crump Astros
Brad Taylor
Daniel Taylor - Aggies
Michael Permetti
Ryan Permetti - Roughriders
Grayson McEuin
Grayson McEuin - Rough Riders
Tamara Wyatt
Jadyn Wyatt-Tigers
Keith Davis
Keith Payton Davis - Astros
Christine Crockett
Joshua Crockett, Rockhounds

Age Group: 13/14U

16 slots filled - more available
tonya perkins
Jamari Perkins Tigers
Nathan Turner
Luke Turner- Red Sox
Courtney Frazier
Joshua Frazier/ Tigers
Stephanie Wissmiller
Jesse Wissmiller Red Sox's
Narasimha Reddy
Shreyas Reddy - Red Sox
Malinda Brinkerhoff
Dade Brinkerhoff Red Sox
Patrick O'Keefe
Connor O'Keefe Astros
Steve Hammond
Jimmy Hammond - Red Sox
Angel White
Weston Bicknell Houston astros
Christopher Gallegos
Christopher Gallegos - Astros;O'keefe
Scott Simmons
Zachery Simmons Tigers
Stephanie Vargas
Xavier Martinez Tigers
Michelle Ellis
Kristian Ellis / Astros's
Jesse Collins
Andrew Collins Tigers
Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller - Tigers
Hollie Goodridge
Collin Goodridge Tigers
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