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Teacher Appreciation 2019-2020

In an effort to support our WONDERFUL WGCS Teachers and Staff, several parents asked if we would organize a monthly LUNCH DAY and a monthly TREAT DAY to honor the teachers and staff. Also, if you'd like to sign up to bring in Keurig single cup COFFEE we know our teachers would LOVE that too!

On LUNCH DAYS: You can sign up to do the whole meal, or just sign up to provide one item for the meal: Serve 22 adults. You can do a simple sandwich, casserole, soup or gourmet meal, homemade or store bought, whichever you prefer! Drop off your items in the morning by 10:00am. Feel free to come and serve &/or clean up, however if your schedule doesn't allow, no worries, we can do the set up and clean up.

On TREAT DAYS:  Just bring in a little treat.  It can be a sweet treat, a card, a sweet note, anything that you would enjoy. You can do a single item, like a cake for all to share, or divvy up items into 22 treats bags. (something simple and small OR extravagant and big…Your choice) Drop off treat(s) anytime throughout the school day.

For COFFEE Single Cup sign ups, just drop this off at the front desk. One of our families donated a Keurig coffee maker, so any single cup coffee treats will be LOVED by our teachers!

Paper products are in the kitchen & provided by WGCS.

Contact Sally Boyer if you have any questions. [email protected]


Date: 10/18/2019 (Fri.)

Created by:   Sally Boyer

Available Slot

Main Course to serve 20

Please list item


Side Dish to serve 20

Please list item, depending on the main course, side dish could be chips, salad or any suitable side item


Drinks for 20

Please list item, can be bottled water, gallon of tea, soda...whatever is easiest for you!


Dessert for 20

Please list item


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