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Centerburg Athletic Booster Club

2022 Hartford Fair Trojan Booth

The Centerburg Athletic Boosters will be serving up Trojanburgers at this year's Hartford Fair and we need your help!  Please sign up to work a shift (or two!) and support our middle school and high school student athletes!  The sports teams are responsible for filling designated shifts so please sign up with your child's sports team or for an undesignated shift! Anyone is welcome!

We can not do what we do without the support of our students, parents and community.  Thank you for donating your time for this worthy cause!

Please note - every shift must have a minimum of 4 adults.

Created by:   Centerburg Athletic Boosters Club
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Available Slot
08/06/2022 (Sat.)

9am - 3pm - Track/CC Team (12)

All slots filled
Josh Jackson (2)
Alan Riegel (2)
Alan Riegel 2 ppl
Julie Beard (6)
Beard(3) Tuckers (3)
Mike Eblin (2)
Mike + Laura.

3pm - 9pm - MS Football Team (12)

All slots filled
Brandy Cole (3)
Cody Nininger (2)
Brett Ballinger (3)
Chase Pankuch
Phil Bryant
Stephanie Rhodebeck (2)
08/07/2022 (Sun.)

6am - 12pm (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
Jennifer Purdy
I can be there until 10 am
Dawn Dice
Brianna Greene (3)
Greene’s Zack, Walter, Brianna

6am - 12pm : Girls' Golf Team (6)

All slots filled
Avery Glenn
Kathy Compton
Amanda Griffith (2)
Amanda and Olivia
Kayla Larimore
Jazmyn Larimore

12pm - 5pm : Girls' Basketball Team (12)

11 of 12 slots filled
Shane Stowe (2)
Shane / Evie Stowe
Bo Glenn
Steve Weisbrod
Stephany McGuire
Addison will be with me
Shae Davis (2)
Alyssa will be there
Carey Richardson (2)
Madelynn and Carey will be working
Lindsey Daniels
Tiara Sheppard
Jenn, Tiara and Ty

5pm - 10pm (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Brittany Brown (2)
Clara & Brittany
Jade Nichols (2)
Kris Weldy (3)
Mikaela Weldy @ Todd Laipply
Andrew Vermillion (2)
Paul Crego
08/08/2022 (Mon.)

6am - 12pm : Boys' Basketball Team (12)

All slots filled
Brody Griffith (5)
Brody Adam Griffith
Kendra Lawless (3)
Kendra Reese Ryder
Heather Brown (2)
Heather and Brock
Derek Sabo
Plus a Middle School helper
Colton Martin

12pm - 5pm : Wrestling Team (12)

All slots filled
Alec Szanati
Jennifer Merklin (2)
Jennifer & Heath
Megan Sargent
Charlie will come after football
Teresa Vallance (2)
Mason Vallance
Cassy Hause
Tommy and Chris will also help after Football practice
Jodi Lanthorn
Mason can help after football
Mark Banta
Matti Vernon (2)
Braxton will be coming to help
Chris Marshall
Chris will be there after practice

5pm - 10pm (12)

All slots filled
Avery Glenn
Carey Ballinger (2)
Carey and Jersey
Daubenspeck Sam
Paul Crego
Brad Shields
I will get there as soon as I can! Hoping by 5:00
Lindsay Collins (3)
Karla Sparks
Aimee Stowe (2)
Evie plus 1
08/09/2022 (Tue.)

6am - 12pm : Cheer Team (12)

All slots filled
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson can stay over
Emma Grace Belcher
Chantel can help after 10am
Jason Neighborgall
Kayleigh Ross
Lisa Mayberry
Katie Johnson
Ryleigh Schneider
Ella Neighborgall
Breana Ball
Mia Van Cleef
Sarah Peden
Nadia Montgomery

12pm - 5pm (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Amanda Griffith (2)
Oliver, Amanda
Mike Vargo
Ryan Gallwitz
Jared Patterson
Rich Porter
Richard Porter
Kennedi and Avery Glenn (3)
Kennedi, Avery and Elena will be there at 1:00
Stephanie Pound

5pm - 10pm : Football Team (12)

All slots filled
Jennifer Merklin (3)
Jennifer, Skyler, Heath
Beth Stygler (2)
Beth and Teddy
Nikki Gray (3)
Aiden, Aaron, Nikki
Cassy Hause (2)
Tommy also
Andrew Colella (2)
08/10/2022 (Wed.)

6am - 12pm (12)

All slots filled
Rich Porter
Bill White
Paul Crego
Joe Smith
Miguel Thompson
Michelle Johnson
Jen Love
Jill LeMaster (2)
Caylan and Daniel will be coming in to work.
Skye Barazotti
John Marhefka (2)
I am bringing 2 plus me.

12pm - 5pm (12)

9 of 12 slots filled
Ashley Kain (5)
2 adults 3 kids
Stacey Ciraky
Stacey, Sofia and Evelyn
Joe Smith
Bill White
Karla Sparks
Hopefully by 12, at least by 1.

5pm - 10pm (12)

All slots filled
Whitney Scarpitti (2)
Reece can help after 7
Steve Weisbrod (3)
Steve Stella and Shooter
Carey Richardson (3)
Carey, Quinton, Madelynn
Rick Adams
Amy Johnson (3)
Chase will help after 7
08/11/2022 (Thu.)

6am - 12pm : Boys' Golf (6)

All slots filled
Dallas Cornett
Chris Hackett (2)
Chris and Rachel
Amanda Waggoner
Carter will also help!
Jeff Reynolds
Andrew Meyers

6am - 12pm (6)

3 of 6 slots filled
Matt Weade
Sam Lloyd

12pm - 5pm : Softball Team (12)

All slots filled
Aimee Stowe (2)
Aimee and Sara
Tim Rioux
Bob Gribben (2)
John Parker and Lydia
Eric Beverly
Joslyn Bryant (3)
Joslyn, Rylee, Taylor
Chuck Ferrell (2)
Chuck, Kayla and Charley Ferrell
Aimee Stowe
Sydney Daubert

5pm - 10pm (12)

11 of 12 slots filled
Jenny Paul (5)
Joe, Kyle, Me and Mel. Jeff will be there at 6
Lori Houck
Lori Houck
Kris Weldy (3)
Mikaela Weldy & Todd Laipply
Tad Weldy
Brandy Cole
08/12/2022 (Fri.)

6am - 12pm : Volleyball Team (12)

All slots filled
Todd Sands (3)
Amber Townley (2)
Michelle Johnson (2)
Michelle Johnson
Kennedj Glenn
Jennifer Williams (2)
Eva Joering (2)

12pm - 5pm (12)

11 of 12 slots filled
Shayna Daubert (3)
Scott, Shayna and 1 Daubert girl
Dustin Dawson (3)
Dustin, Brittany, Kyleigh
Shae Davis (2)
Alyssa will be there
Eve Dawes
Karressa Gram (2)
Karressa and Kevah Gram

5pm - 10pm : Volleyball Team (12)

All slots filled
Abigail Boudinot
Jolene Carpenter (3)
Carpenter-Delanie, Dominic & Jolene
Stephanie Ross (3)
Cara, Steph, and Zac Ross
Tara Wagner (2)
Tara and Kinley Wagner
Tiffany Tuttle (2)
Addyson Tuttle
Aimee Stowe
08/13/2022 (Sat.)

6am - 12pm : Track/CC Team (12)

All slots filled
Karstyn Walters (2)
Alan Riegel (2)
Alan and Alex Riegel
Julie Beard (3)
Julie, Greg and Aaron
Nathan Dickhof (2)
Noah Menuez (2)
Sarah Riegel

12pm - 5pm : Baseball Team (12)

11 of 12 slots filled
Garrett Belcher
Garrett Belcher
Teresa Vallance (2)
Mason Vallance
Josh Moss
Gavin Collins
Bob Gribben
Jonah will be there till auction
Colton Petry
Bradley Baker
John Morgan (2)
Vinny will be with me.
Scott Simmons
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