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Volunteer Training 2019/20

Volunteer Training is required for anyone who would like to volunteer with students including attending field trips. If you attended a training last year you do not need to attend this year- training is required every other year to keep up to date. Sign up for a spot in one of the upcoming trainings: Thursday 9/12 at 9:15am or Tuesday 9/17 at 6pm. If you have questions please email [email protected]

Location: Asbury

Created by:   Pioneer WINGS
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Volunteer Training
(Thu. 9:15am - 10:15am)

Volunteer Training (45)

44 of 45 slots filled
Shonta Fogarty
7th-Liz, 5th-Meghan, 3rd-Selden, K-Mary
Shelley Hamilton
Ms. Chekira 2nd and Ms. Michelle 6th
Tricia Covington-Hicks
6th, Ms. Michelle
Terrie Rumbough
Terrie Rumbough, Ms. Kara 2nd grade.
Taylor Hazard
5th/Gail, 3rd/Selden, 1st/Page, K/Mary
Mary Ellen Becker
2nd grade, Ms Kara
Devon Farley
Kindergarten - Ms. Mary
Jessica Miller
Kindergarten Ms. Bethany
Pamela Miller
Kindergarten Ms. Bethany
Lindsay Williamson (2)
2nd Ms. Kara, 6th Ms. Laura
Katrina Rodriguez
Aiden Rodriguez: Miss Kara 2nd grade
Alex Rodriguez
2nd/Miss Kara
Heather Scotch
1st grade Ms. Rachel
Lisa Davis
Kindergarten/Miss Bethany
Myeshia Black
Eman Shoukry
2nd/Ms. Kara
Janae Lowe
Emersyn/Kara, Mitch/Vicki, Maddox/Heidi
Betsy Avery (2)
K/Bethany & 2/Chekira
Veronica Alexander
Ms. Bethany - K
Melanie Ruch
2nd grade / Ms. Chekira
Daniela Hufnagl
Samuel Levoit (2)
Moose, 4th
Mandi sutton
7th - Ms Vicki
Maya Urbano
K/ Ms.Mary 1st/Ms. Page
Nancy Neely
Katara Dixson
4 - Ms Michele
Christa Davenport
Demetrius Black
3rd grade/Mrs Margaret
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez 3rd and Kindergarden
Suzanne Boucher
K /Ms Mary. 1/ Ms Page
Julie Fagin
Cathy Xiques
Skip Hudspeth
K-Ms.Mary/1-Ms. Page
Elaine Stimson
5th/Meghan Dyson
Adrienne Schenck
1st (Rachel) and 3rd (Amanda)
J Welch
5/Gail, 3/Amanda, 1/Rachel
Heather Rothrock
Ms. Vickie 7th
Jill McCarn
8th Ms Heidi
Cassandra Heubel (2)
5th/ Meghan and 8th/ Heidi
Elka Martin
Maria Land
(Tue. 6:00pm - 7:00pm)

Volunteer Training (45)

44 of 45 slots filled
Erin Scheichl
K- Ms Bethany
Niki Powers
8 - Ms. Heidi
Samantha Maglionico
K - Ms. Bethany
Suzi Kirby
3rd/Ms Selden
Brittany Cannady
1- Ms Page
Cristie Phillips
Andrew Mitchell (2)
3rd/Ms. Amanda
Andrea Goryl
Ms Kara / 2nd
Ben Goryl
Ms Kara / 2nd
Ashleigh Goniea
K-Ms. Bethany
Erin Rennebohm
4/margaret, k/mary
Kerstin Hunicke
K - Ms. Bethany
Stephanie Lin
Kristina Love
2nd/Ms. Kara
Carolina Martinez
Kindergarten - Ms. Bethany
Brian McGinnis
4th - Ms. Michelle
Jennifer Williams
k/Ms Bethany and 5/Ms. Meghan
Crystal Libby
1st- Ms. Page
Rebecca Hopkins
3rd, Ms Seldon
Chad Ek
Erin Cleary
Nichole Watson (2)
Ms. Michelle 6th grade
Susan Garner
Michael Rothstein (2)
Kindergarten/Ms. Bethany
Shelley Townsend (2)
3rd - Amanda
Darmarcus Wilson Jr.
Amanda 3/Gail 5
Kerstin Land
Maegan Turmenne
Ms. Chekira
Ashley Nordby Cohen
Ashley Nordby Ms Mary
Benjamin Moore
Sarah Moore
K- Ms Mary 8th Ms Heidi
Drea Kokes
JC Konecny (2)
3/Selden 5/Gail
Adam Love
2nd Grade/Kara Smith
Vicki Sands
Demetrius Black
4th grade Mrs Margaret
Lindsay Clark
3rd Selden
Veronica Alexander
Bethany K
Daniella Fry

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