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Guardian Angels

Easter Masses

Thank you for RSVPing for one of our Easter Masses at Guardian Angels.  We are so excited to share the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord with you! Our Mass schedule: Saturday, April 3, 8:30 pm, Sunday, April 4, 8:00 am, Sunday, April 4, 10:00 am and Sunday, April 4,12:00 pm. Please indicate if you have a server or other Mass minister in your group.Some further information:

  1. Per government mandate, all in attendance will be required to wear a mask while on campus. Disposable masks will be provided if you do not arrive with one. If you have someone in your group with a health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, they are encouraged to watch from home via livestream.
  2. All groups have assigned seating. You will receive the seating chart the week of March 29. 
  3. Arriving to Church--We will have 2 entrances open to the Church—the Gathering Space and the Beechmont doors. If you park in the church lot, please enter through the Gathering Space. If you park in the McNick lot, please enter through the Beechmont doors. The side entrances will be closed prior to Mass. You can still exit through any door.
  4. Check-in—one member from each group should check-in with a volunteer, so that we know your group has arrived. Ushers will be scattered throughout the Church if you need assistance.
  5. Please arrive 15-30 minutes before Mass begins, so that we can start on time and make sure everyone is in their seats.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Kay Froehlich

[email protected]/ 513-624-3146

Location: Church

Created by:   Kay Froehlich
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EST) Available Slot
04/03/2021 (Sat.) 8:30pm - 10:30pm  

Available seats (250)

56 of 250 slots filled
Mike Setzer (2)
Brad Slaven (7)
Bradley Slaven (2)
Kay Froehlich (2)
Anne Jones (5)
Sue Steffen
Mass Coordinator
Judy Turner (2)
Diana Feldman-Smith
Shannon Kapp (5)
Moira serving; 4 Kapps, 1 grandmother
Anne Keefe
Brenda Nash
Please seat with RCIA
Meg Walters (6)
Katie Caccavari (2)
Pat Sayre
Rebecca Doogan (3)
Connie Wehmeyer (2)
Mirna Feghali (4)
Jerry Linger (4)
Mary Fey
Marilyn Stegeman
Please seat by piano
Wylie Jones (3)
04/04/2021 (Sun.) 8:00am - 9:00am  

Available seats (250)

142 of 250 slots filled
Sarah DiFrancesca (6)
Pat Corcoran (2)
Kathy King (2)
Marianne Glassmeyer (2)
Julie Waldeck (3)
Richard Vogelgesang (6)
Samantha Weinel (3)
Carol Ewing (2)
Nancy Kindel
Natalie Castillo-Sang (4)
Castillo-Sang Family
Ken Uckotter (3)
Pamela Rincones
Pamela Rincones
Richard Silver (3)
Silver Family
Rosemary Ross
Mary Brune (3)
John Kindel (2)
Stephen & Anna Kovatch (2)
Thank you.
Bob Uhr (2)
Mary Masci (2)
David Waligora (2)
End of an pew please
Tom Brokamp (5)
Brokamp Family
Jeanne Althaus
Zita Sullivan (2)
1 EM
Mark Gillming (2)
Mary Ey (4)
Kathleen Murphy (5)
Luann Rowekamp (2)
Eucharist minister
Carolyn Conrad (2)
I am an Usher and will need to be seated in the back pew by the Beechmont Vestibule.
Ted & Lori Sentker (2)
Peggy Bitzenhofer (4)
Margaret Beck (3)
Jean Sersion
Patrick Crawford (4)
Michael Hamersly
Addison Sheets (2)
Ryan and Addison Sheets
Gil Bernhardt
Rick Oberschmidt (2)
Jenny Dorich (7)
Allison Pico (6)
Hank Marschand (2)
Denis& Kathy. English (2)
Richard Balicki
Katherine Szudejko (5)
Joe Violand (2)
Duke Tobin (2)
Henry Kauscher
Susan Coats (2)
Sandy Lawrence (2)
Elizabeth Hamilton
Judy Fagel (5)
Dorothy Dumbacher (4)
Nancy Rosselot (2)
Frank Fanning
Roger Dettmer (2)
EM (Coordinator EM)
10:00am - 11:00am  

Available seats (266)

All slots filled
Matthew Muchmore (2)
Maria Mueller (6)
Mueller Family
Steven Wheeler (5)
James Steffen (2)
Mike Browning (4)
Christina Yards (4)
Cory Haucke (7)
Rebecca Richmond
1 seat and 2 servers
Joseph Sebranek (4)
Angie Bell (10)
Amanda Sherman (5)
Pat George (2)
Elizabeth LaPash (3)
Kyle Black (5)
Vincent Alfieri (2)
Katie Johansen (6)
Annie Donahue (6)
Peggy/Dan Fechtel (2)
Erica Monahan (6)
Erica Monahan
Angie Gravois (3)
Florence Dwyer (5)
David Turner (4)
Kelly Boschert (9)
Terry and Kathy Ramsey (2)
Mandy Spencer (6)
Mary Kate Herman (8)
Graham Family
Brianna Loewenstine (4)
Margaret McClure (18)
Mcclure Family
Harry & Pat Andreadis (2)
Need Handicapper Seat please
Sharon Schaffield (3)
Tom & Paula Ryan (2)
Susan Burwell (3)
Mary Beth McCombs (5)
Mark Dietz (2)
Elizabeth Speranza (6)
Debbie Halvonik (4)
Mary Kammerer (4)
Joseph Rombach (2)
peter yorio (2)
Richard Pohlman (7)
Keith Fette (3)
Meg Walters (6)
Dennis Crowe (13)
Entire family will be there
Chris Cheevers (5)
Andrea Mindrum (13)
Paula Gaunce
Dani Rettig (4)
Nicole Bartlett (3)
Don Muchmore
Brandy Uhlenbrock (3)
Megan Schulte (4)
Eileen Gumbert (2)
Grace Caccavari
Beth Suttles (5)
Julia Carney (3)
George Barry (2)
Eucharistic minister
Ann Brown
Kathy Myers (2)
Lynn Zistler (6)
Nicole Schneider (5)
12:00pm - 1:00pm  

Available seats (250)

185 of 250 slots filled
Deb Standiford (2)
Tom Hext (2)
Marilyn Alexander (2)
Kathy Burkhardt (2)
Heather Mulvaney (5)
Karin Smith (5)
2 will be in crying room
Margie Hueneman (5)
Chris & Andy Curran (2)
Bonnie Morgan (6)
Judy Jackson
Anne Keefe (5)
Ellen Schulkens (5)
Chrissy Waleskowski (8)
Thomas Hines (12)
Perri Morton (13)
4 families social distancing
Mark Dulle (4)
John Steiner (2)
Jamie Mosely (4)
Michele Thomas (11)
2 are babies
Mary Ann Fagel
Mary Ellen Fitzpatric (3)
Would love the same seat as Christmas, behind the musicians. Thanks
Aileen Van Flandern (6)
Lily Deller (2)
Heather Deller (3)
Erin Corden (2)
Sarah Lawler (4)
Susan Selzer (13)
Annette Bell (5)
Julie Dill (6)
Patrick McHale
Matt & Jamie Fadely (4)
Jamie Spiller (7)
Dave & Teresa Praechter (2)
We're coordinating so we need to sit behind the credence table
Mary McCue
Gina Huff (3)
One of us needs a low-gluten host. You will have to ask the priest who is celebrating where they would like me to sit. Father Tom usually likes me to sit on the right side so that he can distribute it to me. It would be better if I was near the front.
Rob Lisch (3)
Sherwood MacVeigh (4)
If we can sit where we sat for Christmas (behind the alter) my mom can see us from home! Oscar and Margaret are serving.
Valerie Smith
Kim Rost (3)
Gerry Oaks (2)
Michelle Cremering (4)
If possible seat us by choir. My parents will be singing with the choir.
Wendy Middendorf (3)
Will be coming in Beechmont doors
Betsy Homan (5)
Margie Breen
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