Math Adventure

5/31 (Thur) Math Adventure Team Sign up

Math Adventure is theme-based excitement and teamwork event! It is noncompetitive, so have fun! 

1) Sign up as a team! We suggest eatch team member to be in the same grade.

2) Make sure to have a Team Coach (adult)!

3) If you don't have a team, no problem. Sign up and we will assign you to a team.

Date: 05/31/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PDT

Location: Cafe and Gym

Created by:   Woodridge Volunteers
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Available Slot

Preparation Volunteers (Adult) (4)

1 of 4 slots filled
Lan Jiang
Help with preparation

Actors (Adult) (4)


Event Lead (Adult) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Meribeth Nordloef-Pedersen
Looking forward to it

Event Support (Adult) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Woodridge Volunteers
Happy to help

Support floaters (HS students) (10)

We will place you at tables or stations or as guides where needed.

2 of 10 slots filled
Tessa Pedersen
Math helper
Ruka Kinoshita
Math helper

Team Coaches (adult) (25)

Please enter your FULL NAME and add your Team Name in the comment box

14 of 25 slots filled
Matt Pedersen
Team math wizard
Kristi Diederich
3rd Grade Boys
Philip Wood
Team Smarty Pants
Jill Tennant
Jill Tennant for "Fab Four"
Melody Thomas (4)
3rd (Cy, Eli, Dylan, Hudson)
Gemma Font Roig
The Mathematicians
Susan Ishii-Yin
Susan Yin / Team Fraction Friends / 4th
Takehiko Hayakawa
4th Grade Coach, Warrlock Warriors
Shari Burkholder
5th Grade: Genius Juniors
Shari Burkholder
2nd Grade / Name TBD
Elena Lepina
Evgeniy Naydanov/The mathematical girls/5th grade

Student Sign Up (100)

Please enter your FULL NAME and Grade. If you have a Team, please also enter your team name in the comment box.

82 of 100 slots filled
Marielle MORIO
1st grade
Irene Cha
Angely De Dios
2nd Grade - Mrs Reimergartin
Alex Pedersen
3rd grade, team math wizards
Joe Wani
3rd grade team math wizards
Brunning Koye (2)
Team with Farah
Kristi Diederich (4)
3rd Grade Team
Liana Alaverdyan
Arsen Martirosyan, 3rd grade
Tomina Julien
3rd grade
Elias Sudesh Martinez (3)
Magical minds 3rd grade (Elias Sudesh Martinez, Calvin Ferguson & Zakhar Khait in the same group)
Patricia Sudesh Martinez
1st grade
Kashvi Babel
1st grade
Vihaan Dudani
Grade K
Zel Misic
Nikolas Misic Kindergarten
Marlin Chu
Alexander Chinn
K team
Manny Martinez
3rd Grade Team Math Wizards
Melody Thomas (4)
3rd (Cy, Eli, Dylan, Hudson)
Woodridge Volunteers
Kasra Nowtash- 3rd- Math Wizards
Arsenia Walters
Megan Walters (5th Grade)
Arsenia Walters
Madison Walters (2nd Grade)
Asha Madhavan (2)
Anand Krishnan ( 4th grade ) Athul Krishnan ( 1st Grade ). No team
Philip Wood
Samantha Wood 3rd Grade
Jill Tennant
Janie Tennant - "Fab Four"
Ivy Li
2nd grade, Team Fab Four
Isabel Conejo
2nd Grade, Mr Friesen, team name “Fab Four�
Kiki Pfeiffer
Fab Four (Jill Tenant-coach)
Nathan Waxman-Jeng
No team yet/2nd grade Friesen
Gemma Font Roig (3)
3rd grade "The Mathematicians" team - Josh Atuyota, Roger Drudis, Lilianna Kuntz
Rachel Foster
Laird Foster - Team Koshin / 5th grade boys
Rachel Foster
Lucy Foster - Team Akira / 3rd grade girls
Susan Ishii-Yin (3)
Team Fraction Friends / Max Yin, Bailey V. Chizuru
Sonia Patten
Team fraction friends
Corrie Arai (3)
1st Grade (Charlotte, Rachel, Aaron)
Sotaro Hayakawa (4)
4th Grade, Warrlock Warriors ( Sotaro, Chirag, Joseph, Rohin)
Shari Burkholder
Team Genius Juniors / 5th grade / Sebastian Burkholder, Alex Tsiktsiris, Tim Shin & Kaden Yip
Shari Burkholder
2nd grade girls: Ashley Burkholder, Emilia Brenner, Addie Bechthold, & Kelsey Musungu
Meghan Bechthold
Team Friends - 2nd grade
Andy Yip
Kaden Yip 5th grade Genius Juniors
Tim Shin
Tim Shin, 5th Grade, Genius Juniors Team
Phi Nguyen
Cassandra Nguyen 3rd Grade - Heidi Frederick
Carmen Brenner (2)
Elijah-3rd grade friends, Emilia, 2nd grade friends
Kelsey Musungu
2nd grade
Deepa Patten
Neal Patten - 1st grade
Reyna Musungu
Ena Dimitrijevic
Elena Lepina (4)
5th grade /The mathematical girls (Sofiya Naydanova, Polina Akulova, Sofia Kulakova, Arina Zhuravleva)
Emma Ortiz
2nd grade - Mrs. Reimergartin
Bina Ghufran
Samrah G iftikhar. Grade 5
Bina Ghufran
Bilal G. Iftikhar. Grade 1
Edward Chu
Ishaan Tripathi
Ishaan Tripathi
Jennifer Park (7)
Nicholas Tsiktsiris, 2nd grade. Need a team

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