LYFE Holiday Party_2018

LYFE Holiday Party


We are happy that you will be attending our holiday party. This year we are having a potluck and would like to invite you to bring one of your favorite foods to share. Please sign up under the appropriate category and specify what you are bringing. 

Please make sure to RSVP!!!


Date: 12/08/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm PST

Location: LYFE

Created by:   Linda Wintz

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Appetizers (15) - Please specify appetizer
  10 of 15 slots filled
Eve Memmo
Avocado/Bean/Corn/Tomato dip
Lisa Larson
Baked Brie, French Bread, olives, Endive, cheese, crackers, maybe a dip
Bliss Boaden
I’ll make Aussie Sausage Rolls. Typical Australian party food.
Greville Henwood
Janet Zitron
Bringing Samosas
Amparo Denney
Cheese, pears, crackers and stuffed olives with blue cheese
Jane Guthrie
Hia Phua
Jennifer Crowe
Vietnamese Egg Rolls
Salads (10) - Please specify salad
  7 of 10 slots filled
Cynthia Phuphanich
Gillian Moberg
I’ll bring a farro and spinach salad :)
Teresa Mitchell
Ann Drown
claire worch
Cooking is not my wheelhouse, so a salad....likely from TJ's:-)
Rosanne More
Chinese Chicken Salad
Linda Wintz
Spinach salad
Main Dish (10) - Please specify dish
  3 of 10 slots filled
Karima Shariff
Kitchri - Indian Rice, lentil, vegetables
Michele Giannusa
Pasta dish
Katja Rueby
Mini Spinach Calzones
Desserts (10) - Please specify dessert
  5 of 10 slots filled
Paola Tavarelli
Natale Ferreira
Berry pudding
Desiree Cook
Irene Oake
Lemon bars
Sharon McNeil
Lemon blueberry zucchini cake
Beverages (10) - Please specify beverage
  8 of 10 slots filled
Carrie Shook
Candis Berens Berens (3)
non-alcoholic something....
Christine Chiu (2)
bubbly wine and hot non-caffeinated drink
Silvia Peluso
Wine or Proseco
Lauranne Ray
(soft) drinks
Responses:     Yes: 33     No: 5     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 41     Maybe: 0

YES (33) -  

Debbie Hanna (2 guests)
I will bring a Quinoa salad.

Sharon McNeil (1 guest)

Irene Oake (1 guest)

Lauranne Ray (1 guest)

Jennifer Crowe (2 guests)

Liane (1 guest)

Hia Phua (2 guests)

Rosanne More (1 guest)

Jane Guthrie (1 guest)
Looking forward to it.

Silvia Peluso (1 guest)

Desiree Cook (2 guests)

claire worch (1 guest)
You know I don't cook so a salad....likely from TJ's:-)

Amparo Denney (1 guest)

Ann Drown (1 guest)

Janet Zitron (1 guest)

Teresa Mitchell (1 guest)
Teresa J Mitchell

Christine Chiu (1 guest)
thank you. I will drop off the items earlier and show up later in the afternoon.

Katja Rueby (1 guest)

Candis Berens Berens (1 guest)

Michele Giannusa (1 guest)

Natale Ferreira (1 guest)

Greville Henwood (2 guests)

Carrie Shook (2 guests)

Bliss Boaden (1 guest)

Lisa Larson (2 guests)
Genieve is joining me..

Linda Wintz (1 guest)

Michael Ruccolo (2 guests)
Can't Wait.

Paola Tavarelli (1 guest)

Gillian Moberg (1 guest)

Eve Memmo (1 guest)

Cynthia Phuphanich (1 guest)

Karima Shariff (1 guest)

Hia Phua (1 guest)

NO (5) +