Classified Staff Development Day 2022

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Date: 01/31/2022 (Mon.)

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Created by:  Erin Caya

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Time (PST) Workshop Opportunities
9:00am - 10:30am  

Autism & Behavioral Strategies (100)

Room C2, Presenters: Psychologist Interns

15 of 100 slots filled

Benefits Overview (100)

Room D4, Presenter: Janet Phillips

24 of 100 slots filled

Computer Tips & Tricks (100)

College/Career Center, Presenter: Maggie Ratanapratum

21 of 100 slots filled

Financial Planning for Retirement (100)

Room D3, Presenter: Liz Shatzel, Schools First Federal CU

45 of 100 slots filled

Google Forms (12)

Room A10, Presenter: James Kaufman

Already filled

Mindfulness (12)

Room D2, Presenter: Dawn Basquez

Already filled

Partnering Together for Successful Food Services (priority registration to Food and Nutrition Staff) (100)

Student Center, Presenter: Brian Wong

26 of 100 slots filled

Self-Care for School Personnel (100)

Room D1, Presenter: Robyn Moses

5 of 100 slots filled

XQ Innovations - DISC Profile (Keynote Follow-Up) (500)

Auditorium, Presenter: Joe Keshmiri

10 of 500 slots filled
9:00am - 12:15pm  

CPR, First Aid & AED-Adult/Children/Infant (50)

Gymnasium, Presenter: Megan Irvine

Already filled
10:45am - 12:15pm  

Advanced Excel (20)

Room D4, Presenter: Judy Forbes

Already filled

Google Sheets (100)

Room A10, Presenter: Eric Wrye

32 of 100 slots filled

Health & Safety In The Workplace (7)

Room D1, Presenter: Jennifer Newsom

Already filled

Pesticide Handler Training (priority registration to Maintenance Staff) (100)

Room B11, Presenter: Donna Browne

17 of 100 slots filled

Sign Language (Basic Conversation) (17)

Room B5, Presenter: Colleen Dunkle

Already filled

Social Media 101 (100)

Room D3, Presenter: Hayley Berbower

27 of 100 slots filled

Test Taking & Interview Tips (100)

Room D2, Presenter: Dr. Anil Muhammed

4 of 100 slots filled

Understanding Teen Anxiety/Depression & How to Respond to/Support Teens (100)

Room C2, Presenters: Psychologist Practica Students

37 of 100 slots filled

Virtual Meetings (100)

College/Career Center, Presenter: Mark Ford

3 of 100 slots filled
1:30pm - 3:00pm  

Social Security & Medicare (500)

ONLINE ONLY link: https://bit.ly/SocialSecurityandMedicare, Presenter: Guillermo Barron

68 of 500 slots filled

Working Together with CSEA (100)

District Office - Board Room, Presenter: Amy Gonzales

11 of 100 slots filled
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