Calvary Bible Kids Quest ~ Erie

Community Easter Egg Hunt 2019 ~ Erie

Each year the Egg Hunt at Calvary Bible Church is a key ministry event that we use to reach people in our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We impact young children, their parents, grandparents, and even other relatives with a very God-centered Easter event. It's meaningful and it's FUN!

You've received this invite because either you've helped with an event before, or have expressed interest. Please look over the opportunities to be involved and sign up for a spot. We'll be able to follow up with you easily through this web service.

The Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday, April 20th, from 10am-12pm at Calvary Bible Church, Erie Campus. Volunteers arrive to check in at 8:45am. We want to be fully prepared and ready for guests to arrive as early at 9:45am.

We need people to visit as many area businesses as possible and hang a poster on their community bulletin board. Our target area is Erie and surrounding communities.

We will set-up inside on Friday April 19th at the Erie Campus from 10am - noon.  We will also need a crew for set-up Saturday morning 8:00am to put the eggs out on the lawn, set-up bouncy house, set-up food, etc.

Thanks in advance. If you have questions, my email address is [email protected]

Sarah White ~ Children's Ministry Director - Erie Campus, Calvary Bible Church


Date: 04/20/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm MDT

Location: Calvary Bible Church - Erie Campus

Created by:   Erin Gross
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Available Slot

Poster Distribution (5)

Hang posters on community bulletin boards at local businesses, posters are available now


Welcomers (6)

Welcome guests, and get them started on the hunt.

All slots filled
Stacey Jaramillo
Kari Wynne
Tani Owens
Kathy Taylor
Susie Triem
Noah McGee

People Counter (2)

Using a provided clicker counter, count either adults or children.

All slots filled
Paua Gallagher
Melissa Over

Egg Distribution Specialists (4)

Time the distribution of the eggs on the lawn so that there aren't too many or too few at any one time. Teen friendly role

All slots filled
Diane Brening (4)

Egg Checker (6)

Egg Checkers are located at the exit of the egg hunt area and ensure that each child has found the correct eggs before they enter the building.

2 of 6 slots filled
Kelly Brown Johnson
Kristina Spaeth

Outside Runner (2)

Assist at the Egg Hunt area by collecting the poems from the Egg Checkers and returning them to the entrance. Teen friendly role

All slots filled
Wendi Copello (2)
Eli and Bryce

Inside Host (4)

Welcome families and help them find an open table and Friendship Host after they have collected their eggs..

All slots filled
Tiffany Brodie (2)
Terry Davies
Tanya Over

Friendship Host (30)

Friendship Hosts have the great opportunity to connect with families as they assist with the completion of the gospel storybook. This is a great fit for those who have a passion to share the love of Jesus with others. This role is for adults 18 and over.

All slots filled
Betty LaJeunesse
Joan Patton
Angie Osborne
Suzanne Nishi (2)
Marletta Hemphill
Ron Bostic
Joseph Cummings
Amber Clay
Kirk Gaskins
Jonathan Cawley
Kelly Burch
Jenny Sanders
Melissa Havran
Sean Allen (2)
Mary Hunt
Megan Lefever
Laurie Watkins
Jenn O'Connor
Ruth Anderson
Jeri Chandler
Mike Turner
Heather Krueger
Dana Barnhart
Jeffrey McCarron
Shelly McCarron
Kim Novak (2)
Robb and Kim Novak
Hannah Hegel

Friendship Host - Spanish speaking (3)

Friendship Hosts have the great opportunity to connect with families as they assist with the completion of the gospel storybook. This is a great fit for those who have a passion to share the love of Jesus with others. This role is for adults 18 and over.

1 of 3 slots filled
Katie Krueger
I'd love to help out and give it a go but my spanish may be a little rusty...

Friendship Host Assistant (20)

Help Friendship Hosts help families as needed. Teen friendly role

7 of 20 slots filled
Melissa Havran
Elizabeth - 12 years old
Kim Novak
Rio Novak (12 years old)
Jerry Capone (2)
Leah Dawson
Dana Barnhart (2)
Mikaela and Makenzie Barnett

Inside Runner & Sorter (10)

In general, an Inside Runner & Sorter will be in charge of clearing the tables of reusable supplies after familes assemble their storybook. This is a good role for responsible teens.

6 of 10 slots filled
Caitlyn Wagner
Erin Gross
Jonathan Gross
Susan Cawley
Greg White
Matt Christensen
Oliver Chase

Treasure Chest (2)

You will have fun connecting with kids and families as you assist each child to show you their stamp of completion which qualifies them to take a handful of treasure.

1 of 2 slots filled
Janet Enns

Welcome Table (2)

Your objective is to be friendly and engaging while being lead by the Spirit as you inquire about their potential interests. Information about the ministries of Calvary Bible Church will be available.

All slots filled
Amy Drake
Amy Drake
Nathan Drake

Food Crew (6)

In general, the food crew will be preparing and serving the food we offer to the families attending.

4 of 6 slots filled
Jen Barton
James Ries
Our popcorn popper is available
Wendi Copello (2)
Brian and Wendi

Security Monitors (2)

Provide an alert set of eyes, answer questions, chat with guests and direct people. This is a security role for adults.

All slots filled
Tani Owens
Mike Wagner

Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the ministry before and during the event.

1 of 4 slots filled
Kathy Gagliardi
I’m willing to be used where needed

Craft Tables (10)

Run a craft table or cookie decorating station. All supplies will be provided. Teen friendly role.

6 of 10 slots filled
Avery Booton
Erin Gross
Caroline Gross
Pamela Ehrman
Kimmie Over
Wendi Copello
Lucinda Jensen

Set-up Friday (6)

Come help with the indoor set-up: tables, chairs, carnival games, decorations, etc. 10am-noon on Friday April 19th.

All slots filled
Jen Barton
Jen James
Pamela Ehrman
Jenny Sanders
Janet and Stephen Doxsey (2)

Set-up Saturday (10)

Arrive at 8:00am to help with the outdoor set-up: put eggs out on the lawn, bouncy house, balloons, etc.

All slots filled
Greg White
Wendy Hunt (2)
Heidi Maggert
Kale Smth
Wendi Copello (5)
Brian, Wendi, Paula, Bryce, Eli

Carnival games (12)

Run a carnival game. Teen friendly role.

All slots filled
Landon Jaramillo
addie osborne
emma osborne
Emma Sanders
Heidi Maggert
Kale Smth
Ava Howe (3)
Dawson Wagner
Deaj & Levi Strobel
Elle Richard

Bake sugar cookies (10)

Bake 2-4 dozen plain sugar cookies for the cookie decorating station

All slots filled
Stacey Jaramillo
Kari Wynne
Tawny George (3)
Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! Planning on 3 dozen
Jen James (2)
Gluten free
Allie Franklin
Andrea Owens
Kelly Nishi

Clean Up Crew (8)

Come help us clean up. Many hands make light work :) 12pm-1:30pm.

3 of 8 slots filled
Greg White
Joseph Cummings
Melissa Havran
My 12 year old will be with me to help clean

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