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ORLGA 2021 Carolina Cup

 Monday, May 10, & Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Directors:  Karen Orejuela, Anita Andersch, Lissa Westerman, and Debbie Sisk

Limit: 40 players with 8 alternates.   

Entry Fee & Collection Process:   Tournament cost is $8.  You must play both days. All money will be due before the first day of golf (May 10th). Please drop it off on Karen Orejuela's front porch (6594 Summerfield Pl).    

Signup Deadline: Sunday, April 25, 2021 @ 8:00 pm

Prizes: Each member of the winning team will receive an award.  Closest to the Pin awards will also be given for each day of play.

Awards Presentation:   Awards will be presented at the Nature Pavilion immediately following the second day's play (May 12th).  Attested scorecards are to be turned in at the pavilion. Please bring your own chair and BYOB.  Substantial snacks will be provided.

Game:  We are calling this tournament the “Rubber Match of 2019/2020”.  Participants will be divided into two teams captained either by Karen Orejuela (Knock Out Roses) or Debbie Sisk (De Bees). This team event is fashioned after the Solheim Cup.  If you played in 2019/2020 then you will remain on the same team.  If you did not play in either previous matches, then you will be assigned a team.  Each 9-Hole match points are tallied for the above team.  When there is a tie, 1/2 point will be awarded to each team. 

First Day of Tournament - Monday, May 10

Course: Panther's Run

Tee Times: Starting at 7:18-8:03am DT

Format: Day 1 - Holes 1-9 = Shamble - Each player hits their own tee shot.  The best one is chosen and from that point, normal match play ensues as each player plays her own ball until it is holed. The lowest net of each pairing determines which team won the hole and receives 1 point for each hole they win.  If a hole tied, each team will get ½ pt. 3 drives from each player are required. 

Holes 10-18 = Alternate Shot - Partners decide who will tee off on odd holes and who will tee off on the even.  After the tee shot, the partners then play alternate shots until the ball is holed.  Again, 1 point for each hole won, 1/2 point for the tie. 

At the end of the 18 holes, each team will tally up their points for 18 holes.  Those points will be counted for either Knock-out Roses or De Bees. 

Handicapping Information: Day 1 Holes 1-9 = As a 9-hole handicap, all players will receive 50% of their May 6th  18-hole course handicap.  The 9-hole handicap of three players is reduced by the 9-hole handicap of the player with the lowest handicap.  That player plays from scratch.

Holes 10-18 = The allowance for the higher-handicapped pairing is 50% of the difference between the combined 9-hole handicap of each pairing.  The lower handicapped pairing plays from scratch.  Example: Side A&B with a combined 9-hole handicap of 25 competes against C&D with a combined 9-hole handicap of 28.  The higher handicapped side, C&D, receive 2 strokes.  (28-25=3 x 50%=1.5 Rounded to 2.

Rules: All putts must be holed unless conceded by the opponent.   

Second Day of Tournament - Wednesday, May 12

Name of Game: 18 Hole Single Match Play

Course: Lion's Paw

Tee Times: 12:48-1:24pm DT

Format: Day 2 - Holes 1-18 Singles Match Play - One person plays against another person.  The player with the lowest net score wins the hole and 1 point.  Ties = ½  point each.  At the end of the 18 holes, each team will tally up their points for 18 holes.  Those points will be counted for either Knock-out Roses or De Bees. 

Rules: All putts must be holed unless conceded by the opponent. 


To remove your name after the closing of the signup, 

please call or email Karen Orejuela ([email protected])

Created by:   Jane Arnold

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Slot

I want to play in the Carolina Cup! (40)

Must play both days (May 10 and 12) to participate!

34 of 40 slots filled
Karen Orejuela
Jane Arnold
Anita Andersch
Debbie Sisk
Rosie Savoia
Christine Macke
Donna Shank
Myong Jensen
Carys Price
Robin Allen
Nancy Oconnell
Sharon Giblin
Diane Wright
Peggy Rowland
Gene Whidden
Barb Augone
Margaret Oehmke
Ginny Alger
Roxie Gaeng
Holly Brenneman
Maureen Craik
Peggy Jones
Sharon Benson
Susan Kane
Peggy Wilson
Deb MacFarlane
Karen McCloskey
Marie Gaddis
Laura Wheaton
Sheree Seben
Linda Johnston
Susan Carano
Sue Rephann-Smith
Susan Carano

Alternates (8)

3 of 8 slots filled
Mary Faulkner
Beverly Furman
Pam Bank
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