2019 Presidents Cup

2019 Presidents Cup

First Round

April 22nd to July 15th


To be eligible to play in this tournament, a player must be a dues-paying member of the ORLGA and have a valid handicap in GHIN. Also, the 10 play rule is in effect for this competition.

Members may sign up as a team or as individuals who will be assigned a partner. (See sign-up instructions below.) Both partners should be able to play the majority of the time frame (Apr 22nd through July 15th) to facilitate greater ease in scheduling matches. Since scheduling matches is a problem, you should not be signing up if you have scheduled vacations, surgeries or other commitments that make you unavailable for most of the time.

The maximum partner index differential cannot be great than eight (8) as of the handicap update on April 15th. In addition, at no time, can the differential be greater than eight (8) for handicapping purposes. Should the difference become greater than eight (8), then the higher handicapped person wll be capped at eight (8) strokes higher than the lower partner.

Entry Fee: $20 (cash) per team due by April 1st. Place in container on Laura Wheaton's porch at 6622 Annesbrook Pl.

Maximum Number of Players: 64

Director: Laura Wheaton

Sign-Up Instructions: Click on the signup button below. Just put a check in the box to play and click "Sign Up Now". A second screen will appear to confirm your choice. In the comment section, note your name and the name of your partner- IE: Jane Doe with Mary Smith. (There is no need for Mary Smith to sign up as her name appears next to your name.) If you are signing up as an individual, note "need a partner" in the comment section. If you are signing up with a partner, use 2 slots, otherwise use 1 slot. Should you need to remove your name, just click on the "X" under your name. A second screen will appear reconfirming removal of your name. Click "Yes-Delete". Double check to make sure your name is removed.

Tee Times and Courses: Course and Tee Times must be mutually accepted by both teams.

Format: Better Net of Partners. Match Play. There will be 18 points awarded for each match. One point will be given for each hole. Holes that are tied will receive a 1/2 point each.

Rules: Match play rules apply. Putts may be conceded by oponents.

Handicapping Information: All players will receive 90% of their handicap. Appropriate rounding will be used. For example, 90% of 7 is 6.3, which will be rounded down to 6- 90% of 3 is 2.7, and is rounded up to 3. In each match, the low handicap player has no strokes and the other three players have the difference between their handicap and the low handicap person or Player A. Each player receives strokes from Player A.

Flighting Information: The teams are established by handicap into four (4) or eight (8) flights, depending on the number of teams that sign up. The flights will be determined based on indexes with an equal number of teams and as balanced as possible. Round 1 matches within each flight must be played between April 22nd and July 15th. If any teams do not complete their matches by July 15th, then they will forfeit the matches not played. If needed, playoffs within flights will be played between July 16th and August 15th.

Awards Presentation: At Christmas Party


Sign Up Closes on Monday,

April 1, 2019 @ 8:00 PM


For more information, click on the Presidents Cup Information Page Below.



ORLGA Home Page

Presidents Cup Information Page

Date: 04/22/2019 (Mon.)

Time: 5:00am - 11:55pm EDT

Created by:  Ginny Alger
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Available Slot

April 22nd to July 15th (64)

17 of 64 slots filled
  Rosie Savoia (2)
w/Susan Carano
  Karen McCloskey (2)
w/ Sharon Benson
  Holly Brenneman (2)
with Marilue Tate
  Judy Harlow (2)
Judy Harlow Sharon Giblin
  Karen Orejuela (2)
Karen Orejuela with Linda Johnston
  Diane Wright (2)
w/Laura Driscoll
  Christine Macke
  Colleen Plebanek (2)
Colleen Diana Gruver
  Donna Shank (2)
With Carys Price

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