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My Birthday Matters and other SNGA program needs

(We've updated this signup to include items for many programs and those with whom we collaborate; for general needs, you don't really have to sign up since we need multiples of those)

My Birthday Matters is a year-round program for kids (ages 1 through 18) who are homeless. They live in shelters (MUST, Family Promise of Cobb or LiveSafe Resources, formerly the YWCA) or they are considered homeless through the school district which means they live in a hotel or with someone (they don't have their own home). We also provide gifts to the kids of our furniture families for the 12 months after we give them furniture. Often, we give the gifts for those kids all at once when the family moves (and not wait for their birthdays) since they might not have many toys or things for themselves since they were previously homeless.

You can help by purchasing a (new) requested gift for a child. We will post the child's age, birthdate and requested item. The parent or child completes a form with their specific requests, plus their favorite color, animal, characters/themes and their reading preferences (and more). If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

If the timing works out, you can deliver the gift to our space when we're there (dates vary) or to my home (near Sprayberry HS). Or you can ship to my home address (email me for that).

Each child receives at least these items in their birthday "packet" (varies depending on the child's age and gender): four larger gifts valued between $20-30 ($80-90 total); a $5-10 gift; several $1-3 items; a stuffed animal; a no-sew fleece blanket; a backpack and other school supplies, including crayons, markers, colored pencils and more; underwear (or diapers) and socks; two coloring books; 5-6 reading books; cupcakes and candles; homemade lollipop.

Thank you for putting a smile on a child's face!

Created by:   Brenda Rhodes
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Available Slot

6-yr-old boy July 11 bday - slippers boy size 11

please provide a gift receipt (Walmart would be easiest in case they need to exchange)

Jamie Kicklighter

6-yr-old boy July 11 bday - basketball

Jamie Kicklighter

6-yr-old boy July 11 bday - rain boots boys size 11

please provide a gift receipt (Walmart would be easiest in case they need to exchange)


7-yr-old bday June 20 - Bey Blade set


Jamie Kicklighter Kicklighter

7-yr-old boy June 20 bday - Ninjago lego set


Jamie Kicklighter Kicklighter

15-yr-old girl June 24 bday - stuffed white tiger (sugg in comments)


Jamie Kicklighter Kicklighter

6-yr-old boy July 11 bday - legos (suggestion in comments)


Jamie Kicklighter Kicklighter

birthday wrapping paper for younger girls and boys (20)


(a critical need - bdays) Amazon Fire 7 tablet (5)



(a critical need - bdays) Dr. Seuss books (one option - link to right) (20)



(a bday) Doc McStuffin toy for 2-yr-old (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Debbie Lampe
Only 1 was available on Amazon

(a critical need - bdays) Minecraft gifts $20-30 range (5)


(a critical need - bdays) Stuffed dogs for older kids (10)

(we have for younger kids)


(a critical need - bdays) basketball for kids ages 4-6 (4)


(a critical need - bdays) basketball for kids ages 9-11 (4)


(a critical need - bdays) Board books (20)

Learning and animals are most popular


(a critical need - bdays) box of Markers (10-12) (50)


(a critical need - bdays) Doc McStuffin coloring books (10)


(a critical need - bdays) Elmo books for young children (3)


(a critical need - bdays) small football for kids ages 3-6 (4)


(a critical need - birthdays) Paw Patrol book (10)


(a critical need - bdays) Spiderman toy (8)

$20-30 range


(a critical need - bdays) spiral notebooks (50)

Need wide and narrow ruled


(a critical need - bdays) Stuffed unicorn (3)


(a critical need - bdays) Stuffed wolf (3)


(a critical need - household program) New mops and brooms (20)


(a critical need - SHN) Crock pot (10)

can be new or gently used


(a critical need) box of 10-12 washable markers (20)


(a critical need) New mystery and action books for tweens and teens (10)


(a top need - bdays) gifts for kids 0-1 yr old ($20-25 range) (10)


(a top need - bdays) trains for kids 2-8 (5)


(a top need - birthday) Mystery books for tweens (5)


(a top need - birthdays) animal books for young children (5)


(a top need) Captain Underpants book set



(a top need) Iron (11)


(a top need) Ironing board (11)


(bdays) Amazon Fire 8 tablet (3)



(homeless) Bug spray (20)


(schools) boxes of fat crayons for younger children (20)

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