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Brighton Green Neighborhood residents

Brighton Green Spring 2021 Grounds Punch List

Katie Wood and her crew are working hard to get the pool ready for opening Memorial Day weekend, and we need to whip the grounds into shape and enhance our curb appeal!  Instead of doing a single grounds work day this year, we are going to try a choose-your-own adventure approach.  Below, we have listed all the grounds improvements that need to be done before opening day and people can sign up for as many as they want and complete them when it is convenient.  We've divided the tasks by location so that you and your family can "adopt-a-bed", so to speak.  Some tasks are much larger than others and are the perfect opportunity to partner with other families that you are in a bubble with.  We have tried to give detailed instructions for each task below so that you have all the information you need to complete the task on your own time.  We have been very specific about the types and numbers of plants, colors, etc. in order to achieve a harmonious design.  We wanted to illustrate this sign-up with photos of the areas we are referring to, but Sign-up Genius wasn't that smart.  Instead, we marked up an aerial photograph of the property to show the various task areas and posted it to Facebook.  Hopefully, everyone can understand what areas we are talking about.  If you have questions about the details of a task, you can email me for clarification.  This sign-up is limited to the tasks that need to be done before the pool opens and does not include some larger projects that I described on Facebook that we will be recruiting for at a later date.  This also does not include any work within the pool fence, as Katie and her crew are working on that.  Once all of this weeding and planting and clean up is done, we will have a large load of mulch delivered and then we will all need to show up with our wheelbarrows, rakes, and shovels and spread it all out.  We will post to Facebook when the mulch has arrived and needs spreading!  Due to technical difficulties and the time crunch, we are unable to share this with the membership via email - Facebook is our only option, and we acknowledge that it is not ideal.  So please please please share this sign-up with all your neighbors and make sure everyone knows about it!  Ready? Set? Go Brighton Green!      

Created by:   Kristin Kirchen
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Available Slot

A. Along Pinetta (2)

Weed main sign bed and plant 12 quart sized, sun loving annuals. This year we are doing marigolds, petunias, and calibrachoa in white, purple, and yellow. You can pick any combination of type and colors. Weed Entrance and Exit beds.

All slots filled
Kristin Kirchen (2)

B. Parking Lot (2)

String trim and spray with weed killer of your choice all cracks – esp. in the center of the parking lot and in the big ditch that runs along the pool. String trim along the edges of the parking lot and along the path leading to the playground

All slots filled
Dan Harms
Harms Family
Carol Foley
I sprayed weeds. Saturday I will finish up and rake weeds up

C. Behind pool fence on top of Gator wall (4)

Trim everything back from the fence aggressively. There is a lot of poison ivy in here so take precautions.

1 of 4 slots filled
David Crighton
I will spring for Ivy killer and help anyone with a chainsaw take down saplings

D. Large bed with white rocks that separates the parking lot and the pool (2)

Weed. Replace the dead knockout rose on the left end of the bed with another large (minimum 3 gal. size) red one. Plant 18 quart sized annuals. Pick one type, portulaca or lantana, variegated colors is fine.


E. Large Japanese maple bed

Weed and pull/cut all saplings. The large shrub plant could be dug out entirely; it isn’t anything nice and gets overgrown fast. More hostas could be added if people have some they want to divide. Lots of poison ivy in here, too; take precautions.

Preston Martin-Lyon

F. Bed along the front of the parking lot (3)

Find the front edge of the bed and dig and scrape all road dirt from in front of this edge. Cut down all saplings. Weed. Plant around 30 annuals: quart sized, same mix as specified for along Pinetta.


G. Little Free Library bed

Weed. Plant 8 quart sized annuals.

Izzie Call

H. Playground bed

Weed. People were asking if they could plant things they'd divided from their yard: put those things here. Note that maintenance of any perennials is the responsibility of the planter.

Leslie Bundy
I’m gonna do this one in stages. I will have a bunch of daylilies dug up from the overgrown patch that can be transferred elsewhere on the property!

I. Beds that edge the sidewalk leading to the main entrance of the community center. (2)

Weed. Plant daylilies in between the liriope: 9 plants are needed. People can purchase or divide from their own; color doesn't matter.

All slots filled
Courtney Bassett
Courtney Bassett
I'm planning to do both sides with my kiddos!

J. Bed along the front of the building (4)


All slots filled
Erin Powell
Heather Dawson
Betsy Santos
Heather Dawson
This has already been done:)

K. Pots and Planters (3)

There is a corner planting box on the fence around the HVAC enclosure: clean out and fill with white geraniums. There are several pots on the ground beside the sidewalk near the entrance to the building: please plant with whatever you want.

2 of 3 slots filled
Courtney Bassett
I'll do this the week before pool opens
Carol Foley

L. Hanging baskets for gazebo (4)

We need four hanging baskets. They can be purchased already filled or people can design their own.

All slots filled
Carol Foley (2)
Erin Powell (2)

M. Trapezoid shaped bed in front of the snack bar

Weed. Fill with variegated hostas and annuals.

Karen Zimmer

N. Triangle shaped bed in front of snack bar

Weed, but don't pull up the daylilies. Plant with annuals from the same mix specified for along Pinetta.

Allison Schwalm

O. All areas of sidewalk

String trim and spray all cracks with weed killer of your choice.

Dan Harms
Harms Family

P. Bed by the main pool gate

Chop down all saplings growing along the fence with a diameter narrower than your thumb.

Dan Harms
Harms Family

Q. HVAC fenced enclosure

Clean all trash and weeds out of the small fenced area around the HVAC unit beside the main entrance to the building.

Ali Foley Shenk

R. Tennis courts (2)

String trim and clean off the two courts closest to the walkway.

1 of 2 slots filled
Ellis Foster

S. Drainage ditch between playground and building (2)

Clean trash, leaves, and other debris out of this ditch so that it runs freely. There is a large leaf blockage under one of the bridges.

1 of 2 slots filled
Laura Knouse
Knouse-Barkley Family
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