Otter Creek Women's Ministry

Cooking at the Creek Supper and Stories Potluck

You are invited to the Supper and Stories Potluck. We will be eating the food and remembering the people who put together the "Cooking at the Creek" cookbook that they used as a fundraiser for th Wayne Reed Childcare Center, called the Lindsey Avenue Center in the original cookbook. Sandra Collins the great Otter Creek HIstorian and Storyteller will give us glimpses into the lives of those who wrote the book and we will partake in dishes made from (or inspired by) the recipes in the book. 


When: Friday June 22nd

Time: 5:30pm

Where: The Otter Creek Pavilion on the south side of the parking lot.



Dont have the book, fear not. We have converted it to a pdf file.

Not sure if anything in the cook book is gluten free, vegan, paleo , ect. Thats ok. You are welcome to bring something inspired by the recipes in the book.

Dont have time to make anything. Come anyways, eat, and laugh with us as we remember. 


Date: 06/22/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm CDT

Location: Otter Creek Church Gym

Created by:   Rachel Weaver

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Appetizer (10) - Make enough for 10 or so people
  4 of 10 slots filled
Lori Ligon
Angel Allen
Gail Srygley’s Little pizzas
gail Srygley
fruit dip
Amanda Flansbaum
Layered taco dip
Main Dishes and Casseroles (10) - Make enough for 10 or so people
  6 of 10 slots filled
Angel Allen
Nika Maples’ Chicken Rolls
Patti French
I’ll make anything- let me know if you need something else!
Brittany Mountford
I'll bring the Easy Chicken Divan
Connie Graham
Pam White
Mother's Lasagna
Chris Portell
Soups, Salads, or Vegetables (10) - Make enough for 10 or so people
  All slots filled
Rachel Weaver
Darlene Mackey
Shrimp/Pasta Salad
Nan Hensley
Diana Reed's Seven Up Salad
Rebekah Vance (5)
Becky Collins
Kristen Thompson
I’ll make a Marge Keedy salad or vegetable
Breads or Rolls (5) - Make enough for 10 or so people
  3 of 5 slots filled
Carolyn Patterson
Dilly Casserole Bread
Joyce Rucker (2)
Pies, Pastry, and Desserts (5)
  All slots filled
Nancy Posey
I will figure out which I'm bringing
Juanita Tate
Carolyn Patterson
Chocolate Bars
Patricia Simpson
Martha Lynn Publow's favorite dessert
Sara Boyd
Bari Harwell's choc chess pie!
Cakes, Cookies, and Candy (5)
  2 of 5 slots filled
Courtney Gann
Becky Collins
Inspired Salad,Vegetable, or Soup (10) - Bring a card with recipe details so others can share your recipe.
  9 of 10 slots filled
Carolyn Dell (8)
Barbara Thompson
Diana Reed's Squash Casserole
This and That (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Carolyn Patterson
Pimento Cheese
Patricia Simpson
Publow's deviled eggs
Jane Bennie
Inspired Appetizer (10) - Bring a card with recipe details so others can share your recipe.
Inspired Main dish or Casserole (10) - Bring a card with recipe details so others can share your recipe.
  1 of 10 slots filled
Vicki Atnip
Inspired Dessert (5) - Bring a card with recipe details so others can share your recipe.
Drinks (20) - 2 gallons or 2 liters of something
  4 of 20 slots filled
Courtney Gann
Lin Garner (2)
Chris Portell
I'd like to talk about someone who's recipe is in the cookbook - Please include your email so we can give you more details
Responses:     Yes: 31     No: 0     Maybe: 0     No Response: 5

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 35     Maybe: 0

YES (31) -  

Sara Boyd (1 guest)

Chris Portell (1 guest)

Barbara Thompson (1 guest)

Margaret Wilburn (1 guest)

Pam White (2 guests)

Jane Bennie (1 guest)

gail Srygley (1 guest)

Lin Garner (1 guest)

Patricia Simpson (1 guest)

Carolyn Dell (1 guest)

Connie Graham (1 guest)
Main dish casserole

Kristen Thompson (2 guests)

Brittany Mountford (1 guest)

Becky Collins (1 guest)
I can say something about Bernie Arnold. I'm making her recipes.

Marilyn Switzer (1 guest)

Marlene Butler (1 guest)

Patti French (2 guests)
I put down for 2 - are we having spouses come??? I know Debbie chance wants to come too.

Vicki Atnip (1 guest)
Looking forward to this!

Angel Allen (1 guest)

Ginger Dawson (1 guest)

Rebekah Vance (1 guest)

Juanita Tate (1 guest)

Nancy Posey (1 guest)

Joyce Rucker (1 guest)

Nan Hensley (1 guest)

Courtney Gann (1 guest)

Amanda Flansbaum (1 guest)

Carolyn Patterson (1 guest)
Still looking at cookbook and will also bring something else.

Darlene Mackey (2 guests)

Lori Ligon (1 guest)

Rachel Weaver (1 guest)