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North Point Church

Give Back Christmas Party 2019 - Dream Center

Date: 12/14/2019 (Sat.)

Created by:   Jody Glazner
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Location Time (CST) Available Slot
Springfield Dream Center  8:00am - 1:00pm  

Kid Zone (40)

Help create a fun party and environment for the kids while the parents shop.

39 of 40 slots filled
Lacey Hesse
My daughter (6 yrs) would like to help too!
Dan Green
Brittany Sellers
Leah Bailey
Bailey Clark
Julie Coatney
My 11 year old and 8 year old will be with me
Tonya Woodruff
Ruth Partida (2)
Me and my daughter, Maddalyn (8)
Caitlin Olinger
My son (Ben, 8) will be joining me
Christopher Young
Ashlie Leonard
Jon Jarosinski
Elizabeth Quinn
Nichole McCloud
Abby Helton
Sariah Roberts
My ten and twelve year old would love to help also, if that’s possible?
Erica Sutton
Cheyenne Doss
Kelly Dole (2)
2 adults
Jordan Saylor
Peggy Myers (3)
Arjianna Wagner Alexxis Wagner Alaijsha Wagner
Jessie Legan
May have my 12 year old with me
Dawn Jarvis (2)
My daughter, Saylor, and I.
Leigh Anne Campbell (2)
Tanner Rust
Abigail Thompson
Amanda Brown
Cherell Kleinfeld (2)
My 13 yr old daughter and 7yr son would like to help too
joni canada
i have a 4 year old boy who loves legos, and a 6 year old girl who loves unicorns
Richard Cunningham
Richae Cunningham
Rachel Williams

Family Host (60)

Help walk families through the event and be their personal tour guide of the day.

All slots filled
Rachael Shepherd (2)
Amy Davis
Adam Dunlap
My sons may be able to help too.
Alan Lockhart
Wally Davenport
Ruth Guionnaud
Kim Calton
Robert Cassity (2)
Bringing my friend, Brandy.
Jan Stewart
Jamie Combs
Just me! Not sure what the number was for ?
Debbie Reno (2)
Sherry Smith will be coming with me to help !
Sue Miller
Gina McMurtrey
Tamara Halterman
Lisa Winkler (2)
my husband Duane and I will help
Brian Clark
Nelson Knapp (2)
Nelson and Mary Knapp
Chester Remington
count me in
Uriel Ulam (2)
Our 2 boys will also be helping
Annie Grant
Shawn And Jennifer Burks (2)
Will and Julie Moore (3)
Annie Schack
Addie Culbertson
Addie Culbertson
Robert Cassity (2)
My friend Brandy will be helping me. Please cancel my other signup
Jonathan Martz (2)
Add Mel Martz
Sara Davis (2)
This would be for Alec and Sara Davis.
Jennifer Capps (2)
My daughter and I for sure will be helping, and possibly my son also. Ages 15 and 11
Lindsey Stober (2)
Amanda Heimann (3)
My husband and daughter (11) will help
Matthew & Lindsey Lantz (2)
Matthew & Lindsey Lantz
Cooper Carver (2)
Add Danielle Carver
William Summers
Eric Austin
Amy Austin
Paula McConnell
Chad Thompson
Michael Breeden
As many as you want to give me
Sharon Konyha
Lori Rogers (2)
Lori and Emerson
Tally Morris
Morris family x4

Registration (8)

Be the first smile families see that day! Get them all registered and ready to go for a fun morning.

All slots filled
Allen Cameron
Sharina "Doc" Smith
Jen Davis
Elizabeth Conrad
Elizabeth Kaffenberger
Jenniefer Spence
Linda Mcallister
Jessica Thurman

Pancake Party (40)

Help prepare and a serve a hot breakfast for all our guests

All slots filled
Karen Hope (2)
Karen and Dianna
Julie Baker
Allen Cameron
Tawni Bliss
Tanya Phelan (2)
Shirley will be joining me
Richie Wasson
Martha Andrews
Cecily Mitchell (4)
Me, my husband- Levi, and Grace (5) and Max (3)
Halley Roope (2)
My husband joe will be joining in all the fun
Courtney Brummel
Me and my 8yo daughter, if possible.
Josh Clair
Colin McAllister
Jennie Brown (4)
2 adults, 2 teens, 3 kids
Jesse Thurman
Laura Eagleburger
Gary & Molly Eagleburger
Haley Taylor (3)
My mother in Law, Mary. Brother in law, Zach and myself
Cozi Bagley (2)
Becky Angeli
Emily Buff (2)
Bryan and Emily
Quentin Black (2)
me and my 2 sons (Wyatt and Conner)
Jenna Rust (4)
Our family of 5 will help out
Jen Davis (2)
Angela Nesbitt & Kids

Grocery Store (12)

Bag and carry groceries for each family.

All slots filled
Mary Heiney
Gladys Pagan (2)
Myself and my son Luis
Joey And Danielle Harp (2)
Tylar Grant
Monica Allard (2)
My 12 year old son will be volunteering with me.
Drew Alexander
Zach Alexander
Richard Keller (2)
My wife and I

Gift Shop - Stocking Stuffers (12)

Help assist families as they shop for stocking stuffers for each of their kids

All slots filled
Sarah Fisk (3)
My two daughters can help too
Scott Spence
Kaitlynn McElyea (2)
Lesley Palmer (2)
Leonna Beal
Sean Lowry (2)
Addie Culbertson
Kerstin Riddle

Logistics (6)

Help with the flow and putting out fires

All slots filled
Helen Stewart
Kurt Williams
Natalie Robinson (2)
Myself and my husband Jeffrey Robinson
Brice Clark
Kevin Konyha

Santa Squad (8)

Help the magic come alive for kiddos visiting Santa

All slots filled
Stacy Coiner (8)
Coiner/Palmer Families

Gift Shop - Fun (20)

Help families shop and wrap for fun toys/presents for each of their kids

All slots filled
I'm in a wheelchair so need something that I can do with my disability and didn't know what qty but my kids and husband can help
Stephanie Bishop (3)
Susan Williams
I wrapped last year, would love to do that again if possible.
Stephanie Tscherny
my son Ben will be helping also
Allison Lambton
Emily Lambton
Ben Lambton
Skyer Lambton
Karen Clark
Chelsea Tudor
Amari Tudor
Danny Santibanez
Regan Resz
Renon Kirkpatrick (2)

Gift Shop - Book Store (12)

Help families shop and wrap for toys/fun presents for each of their kids

All slots filled
Cynthia Brown
April Graves
Kaelyn & Darla Duncan (2)
Vanessa Youngblood
Katrina Cox
My daughter will be there to assist also
Brandi&Avery Wasson (2)
Laura Allen (2)
Chris Allen
and Barrett!
Blake Allen

Gift Shop - Warm (20)

Help families shop and wrap warm gear for each of their kids

All slots filled
Susan Selsor (2)
Self and spouse
Sara Landers
Stephanie Basham (2)
Will have a 13 and 10 year old helping me and my husband
Lacey Reich
Paula Austin (3)
Paula-Leslie & Mica
Laura Quick
Terri Phillips
Mark Phillips
Karen Martin
Catherine Baker
Megan Houston (3)
Me, my husband and 12 yo daughter
Rebecca Mathis
Sherry Hellweg
Samantha Sherman
Will have my 10yr old daughter and my 9 year old son helping as well

Waiting Room Party (30)

Crafts and creating a party while families wait

29 of 30 slots filled
Kaitlyn Torres
Savanna Lodwick
Mavis would like to help too (4yrs)
Cari Breckenridge (3)
My son Colton (5 and half years old) and daughter Lilianna (8 years old) would like to help with me too!
Janice Kelley
April West
Update: Unfortunately it will just be me attending as my husband has to travel for work that day. Me and my husband would love to help. We may have our children join us so as well
Wendy Nimmo
Adell Gibson
Laura Eagleburger (2)
Laura & Annie Eagleburger
Dana Jones
Brittney Bywater
Lori Flett
Riley James (2)
Delaney Cannon will be joining me
Geana Stokes
Brian Cline
Heidee White (3)
Jodi Mooney (3)
Myself & my sons (17 & 14) will be helping
Deirdre Morrison (2)
Granddaughter 9 years old will be with me
Lexi Lown
Molly McMasters
Kim Edwards

Parking Lot/Outdoor Greeters (10)

Dress for the weather and help us welcome guests

All slots filled
Michelle Becker
William Summers (2)
William, Ben
Peggy Myers (3)
Peggy Myers wherever you need me Richard Myers Miranda Ross
Rich Mcconnell
Lori Rogers (2)
Eric and Mason
Kori Goulden
Dream Center  12:30pm - 1:30pm  

Clean Up Party (40)

Help tear down from the event. 12:30-1:30pm

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