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Math Placement Test (for summer online math course completers)

Greetings Summer Math Scholars!

Tesla STEM requires that any student completing a summer math course via an online or non-school district provider also take our in-house Math Placement test.  Each Math level's Placement Test is equivalent to a "mini-final exam", meant to ensure that you've learned what will be expected of you in order to be successful in the next-level Math course at T-STEM. 

Placement tests are timed for 2 hours, and include both a "calculator allowed" and a "no calculator" section. Please bring scratch paper and pencils. Additional needed materials are:

  • Algebra 1 test – scientific calculator only allowed.  No formula or note sheets allowed.
  • Geometry test – graphing or scientific calculator. No formula or note sheet allowed. (volumn formulas wil be provided)
  • Algebra 2 test – graphing calculator.  No formula or note sheet allowed.
  • Math Analysis test - graphic calculator.  One sheet (8.5” x 11”) of handwritten notes allowed (both sides of paper)

Regarding Scheduling Changes: Along with passing the placement test, students must complete and pass the full year of their outside Math course prior to requesting advancement to the next-level math class  at Tesla STEM. Completion of a class = the final, OFFICIAL transcript for the course sent to T-STEM, listing the student's grade in the course.  

Date: 08/21/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 10:00am - 12:20pm PDT

Location: Tesla STEM HS

Created by:   kelly wescott
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Kshitij Rao
Algebra 2
Siddhant Porwal
Algebra 2 - BYU
Sarah Mandrupkar
Rithani Saravanakumar
Algebra 2
Sanjay Akam
Algebra 2
Gautham Iyer
Algebra II
Caitlin Lam
Pre Calc 1, Pre Calc 2 BYU
Jerry Chen
Pre-Calculus/Math Analysis (BYU)
Anjali Sreenivas
Algebra 2 (BYU)
Evan Kim
Algebra II
Deepesh Singh
Pre-Calculus/Math Analysis
Matthew Lam
Math Analysis
Abhitha Ramadurgam
Shivank Dutt
Precalculus/Math Analysis
Benjamin Moskalensky
Algebra 2
Vijaya Sripada
Algebra 2
Aakash Banerji
Algebra ll
Sidharth Ganesh
Algebra 2 honors
Anagha Polapragada
Math Analysis/Precalculus
Gauri Raman
Algebra 2 at Lakeside School
Nihal Thomas
Algebra 2
Samiullah Khan Badal Khan
Algebra II Honors/Apex Learning
Alexandra Batoukova
Honors Precalc Semester 1/2
Denis Chelan
Math Analysis

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