St. Mark's Episcopal Church

2021 Crockett Academy Holiday Happiness Gift Drive & Party

Our annual holiday gift drive for Crockett Academy students is back! Our goal this year is to provide gifts for 109 children at the Holiday Happiness party. Use this sign-up sheet to select a child to buy for, deliver gifts to Crockett, or help with party refreshments. 

  • Please note that the price to spend per child is around $25. This helps avoid discrepancies, especially among siblings. If you want to do more than that, please sign up to shop for more children!
  • If you've purchased multiple items for one child's gift, please be sure to wrap them together in one single bag.
  • Please wrap all gifts, label them with ID number listed in the sign up slot (Ex: 1A, 2A...), and deliver to the desk set up at the Tucker Courtyard entrance at St. Mark's by Sunday, December 12.   
  • Please note that the elves are working hard to provide wish lists, and this site will be updated to reflect those wishes over the next few days.

Thank you for helping make this holiday magical for Crockett Academy students!

Email The Rev. Ann Fraser ([email protected]) with any questions.

Created by:   Ann Fraser
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Available Slot

VOLUNTEER: Snack Packing (3)

Help pack cookie and juice packs in advance of the party

All slots filled
Stephanie Pollom
Paula Chalk
Laura Butterfield
I will be there

VOLUNTEER: Gift Delivery (7)

Help deliver gifts to Crockett on the morning of Dec. 13th

6 of 7 slots filled
Susan Thompson
Stephanie Pollom
Carol McGuire
Delivery on Dec 13
Liz Chiego
Greg Skillern
Laird Loomis

VOLUNTEER: Party (3)

Help pass out gifts and snacks party on campus - Friday, Dec. 17, 9am - 9.45am

All slots filled
Liz Chiego
Jean Van Gee
Santa Claus

1A: 6th grade girl

airpods black case, boho silver star moon knuckle ring set size 12 and 13

Katy Zuniga

1B: 4th grade boy

Caylus infinite neon light, squid mask cosplay face cover, pop it


2A: 6th grade girl

$10 roblox gift card, funny plush bunny hat, ladies harajuku gothic street wear sweat shirts size kids XL (12/14),

Susan Thompson

3A: 4th grade girl

axolotl plush, axolotl blanket, kids XL sponge bob hoodie

Carol McGuire
For gifts for 3A

4A: 4th grade girl

fidget toys, general-purpose gift card, plushies

Pam Slocum

5A: 3rd grade boy

model train set, lego city, drone

William Yates

5B: 5th grade boy

Lego city, blue and black bluetooth mouse, remote control car

William Yates

5C: 6th grade boy

Lego trains, Fortnite Vbucks, playstation gift card


6A: 5th grade girl

Magnet lab kit, needoh/dna ball, sketch book kit

Liz Chiego

6B: 8th grade girl

jewlery making kit with beads, wire and pliers; stickers, rings size 7 and 9

Becca Morgan

6C: 4th grade boy

Caylus infinite neon light, caylus what's poppin magic mug, squid mask cosplay face cover


6D: 6th grade girl

echo dot 3rd generation, moon lamp, walmart Gift Card

Wendy Cummings

7A: 6th grade boy

Nintendo switch headset with microphone, nintendo switch wireless controller, five nights at freddy's help wanted nintendo switch


7B: 7th grade boy

Led colored lights strip, black hoodie size adult medium, general-purpose gift card

Deborah Hays

8A: kinder girl

lol surprise doll, unicorn jewlery box, needoh

Lou Taylor

8B: 2nd grade girl

LOL surprise, kinetic sand/ slime, christmas bingo

Jean Van Gee

8C: kinder girl

lol surprise doll, play vet set, pretend shoes

Liz Chiego

9A: kinder girl

lol dolls, led writing tablet, kids smart watch

Sally Dooley

9B: 2nd grade boy

Mario plushie, spiderman lego, foam slime

Marianne Rhea

9C: pre-K boy

paw patrol car, hot wheels set, take apart dinosaur toy

Marianne Rhea

9D: Male, 11yrs

Blocks, Walkie Talkie


10A: 5th grade boy

football and soccer ball, remote control drone, blue overear headphones

Marianne Rhea

10B: 4th grade boy

remote control red lamborghini, remote control boat, jelly merch jacket size kids large

Leah Thomas
Remote control car Lamborghini

10C: 2nd grade boy

remote control car, remote control drone, walkie talkie

Victor Casiano

10D: kinder boy

spiderman legos, mega gemstone dig kit, remote control car

0ne plush zoo animal

11A: 1st grade boy

marvel legos, remote control car, race car

Marianne Rhea

11B: 1st grade boy

remote control car, hot wheels, legos

Marianne Rhea

11C: 6th grade boy

Remote control drone, color changing led light strip, lamborghini remote control car

Leah Thomas
Remote control car Lamborghini

12A: 6th grade boy

Drawing set with pad, pencils and markers; no bleed markers, books to learn to draw

George Spencer

13A: 5th grade girl

charm bracelet making kit, nail polish, juicy couture bracelet kit

Chuy Mendoza

13B: kinder girl

lol dolls, drawing kit, hair brush set and bows

Mary Earle

14A: 4th grade girl

fidget toys, needoh, gift card

Blanca Bird

14B: 1st grade girl

large squishies, lol dolls, barbies

Marianne Rhea

14C: 5th grade boy

general-purpose gift card, walmart gift card

Deborah Hays

14D: 8th grade boy

general-purpose gift card, walmart gift card

Ruby Merrill

15A: 3rd grade girl

Fidget toy pack, purple mermaid plushy, paint set with brushes

Marianne Rhea

16A: 4th grade boy

$10 Roblox gift card, small legos, foldable floor chair

Maurleen Cobb

16B: 2nd grade girl

FurReal Walkalots Kitty, Jumbo slow rising squishies, baby doll with crib set

Marianne Rhea

17A: 5th grade girl

unicorn plushie, puzzles, horse toy

Linda Addington

17B: 2nd grade girl

Baby doll with stroller or crib, plushy dog, large squishes

Tina Kuykendall

18A: 5th grade girl

Jumbo pop it, mini brands, toy cash register with food

Secret Santa

18B: 7th grade girl

general-purpose gift card, led lights color changing strip, walmart gift card

Richard Maldonado

19A: 5th


20A: 4th grade girl

walmart gift card, jewelry making kit, selfie camera

Marianne Rhea

20B: 2nd grade boy

legos, hand-operated drone, race car

Ann Fraser

20C: 6th grade boy

remote control drone, long plastic sword, voice changer mask


21A: 4th grade girl

$10 Roblox giftcard, Roblox adopt me toys, mini legos

Cindy Stephens

21B: preK girl

princess dress up, vet set, plushy horse

Blanca Bird

21C: 3rd grade boy

Patrick Plush, remote control car, hand operated car/drone

Leah Thomas
Remote control car Lamborghini

22A: 5th grade girl

Sketchbook drawing set, artist drawing pencils, attack on titan manga

George Spencer

23A: 3rd grade girl

$10 Roblox gift card, barbie clothes and shoe set, needohs

Jody Kelly

23B: 1st grade boy

lego set, remote control car, fidget toys

Dawna Boudreaux



23D: preK girl

pretend cash register with food, pretend vet kit, barbies

Stephanie Pollom

24A: 6th grade girl

LED lights (fake vines with lights), hair straightener, play station gift card

Sarah Joe LeMessurier

24B: 8th grade boy

Amazon gift card, play station gift card, monster clay

Randy Gladden

24C: 3rd


24D: 4th grade girl

girls large black hoodie, pop its, slime

Sandy Falkenberg

25A: 5th grade girl

fidget toy pack, barbie car, cute animal plushy

Marianne Rhea

26A: 5th grade boy

Naruto funko pop, naruto mouse pad, walmart gift card


27A: 5th grade boy

Sasuke from Naruto action figure, top tech mouse pad, roblox gift card


27B: Kinder girl

lol surprise, lego minimouse ice cream shop, led writing tablet

Amy Phipps

27C: 2nd grade boy

Fidget toys, hand operated drone, flying ball

Becca Morgan

28A: 7th grade boy

$20 Starbucks gift card, $20 general-purpose Gift Card, Airsoft bbs

Maurleen Cobb

28B: 6th grade girl

Fake nose ring, wireless earbud, baroque queen crown/ crystal diamond paperweight


29A: 5th grade boy

infinity cube/ magic 8 ball; mine craft sword; kids Large (12/14) Among us hoodie

Secret Santa

30A: 3rd grade boy

wand drone, candy dispenser kit, wire crafting


30B: 2nd grade boy

Gingerbread house kit, pink xbox 360 controller, candy from five bellow

Pat Bridwell

30C: kinder girl

pom poms, jewelry, balloons

Dawna Boudreaux

31A: 7th


31B: 2nd grady boy

Kinetic Sand, Batman/ dinosaur plushy, Slime

Stephanie Pollom

31C: 4th grade girl

panda plushy, slime, fidget pack

Sarah Joe LeMessurier

31D: 5th grade girl

landmarks puzzles, polaroid hoodie kids size 10 or large, Haikyuu stickers

Secret Santa

32A: 8th grade girl

My hero academia stickers, assassination classroom stickers, Dinosaur plush

Amy Phipps

32B: 6th grade boy

46-pack journal planner colored pens, sketching journal

Mike Chalk

32C: 6th grade girl

arts and craft supply kit, fidget pack, lola unicorn squishmallow

Stephanie Pollom

32D: 5th grade boy

drone, Roblox gift card, Fortnite v bucks gift card


32E: Kinder boy

paw patrol cars, dinosaur toys, race cars

Sandra Woodall

33A: 4th grade boy

Lamborghini remote control car, Roblox $20 giftcard


33B: Kinder girl

lol dolls, build a garden toy, LCD writing tablet

Ann Madison

34A: 4th grade girl

$20 Roblox gift card, Legos, foldable floor chair

Sonia Poyo

35A: 4th grade boy

hulk or avengers action figures, magnet block set, green headphones

Kim Casey

36A: 4th grade girl

LOL surprise, squid game mesh mask square or triangle, Pop its

Magda Hamza

36B: 8th grade girl

nicpro 6-pc art mechanical pencils, navy blue hoodie size adult medium, medium-sized teddy bear

Stephanie Pollom

37A: 4th grade girl

general-purpose gift card, squishmallow, needoh

Magda Hamza

37B: 6th grade boy

Sketchbook drawing set, walmart gift card, rapper triple X hoodie, kids xlarge

Ralph and Sandy Falkenberg

38A: 8th grade boy

Collins World Atlas, Tea Advent Calendar, Brass Poem Compass with leather case

Deborah Hays

38B: 3rd grade boy

hand controlled drone, lego city, and fidget toys

Annabelle McGee

38C: Kinder boy

lego city, race car, kinetic sand

Liz Evans

39A: 1st grade girl

vanity set, vet set, minnie mouse legos

Jay Campbell

39B: preK girl

lol dolls, pretend kitchen and food

Kathy Kelly

40A: 2nd grade girl

12 pack galaxy slime, barbie house furniture, mini brands

Jean Van Gee

40B: 7th grade girl

Anime cookbook, Billie Eilish blue wall poster, evenshop zenitsu nezuko tonjiro anime hoodie size adult xl


41A: 2nd grade girl

lol dolls, lol surprise boombox, my little pony

Victor Casiano

41B: 1st grade boy

remote control car

Patrice Oliver

41C: Kinder boy

Walkie talkie, mighty pup paw patrol toys, blue timer with buttons


42A: 2nd grade boy

Legos, hand-operated drone, pokemon plushy

Jean Van Gee

42B: 6th grade boy

nintendo switch gift card, nintendo switch microphone, drone


42C: Kinder girl

pretend vet kit, pretend cash register with food, lol doll

Dorina Davila
cash register and play food

43A: 3rd grade girl

Sketchbook art kit, chameleon plush, 16-pack butter slime

Patrice Oliver

43B: 6th grade boy

prank toys, wireless ear buds, smelly markers

Carolyn Lowery

43C: 1st grade girl

rainbow magic scratch paper set, jumbo squishie, squishmallow

Paula Chalk

43D: 8th grade girl

LED multicolor lights, Amazon gift card, pilot g2 mechanical pencils

Ann Madison

44A: 3rd grade boy

walmart gift card, drone, legos


44B: 5th grade girl

jewelry making kit, sketchbook with markers, bracelets

Pat Bridwell

44C: preK girl

pretend doctor kit, pretend vet kit, pretend cash register

Lynne Miller
pretend kits, cash register

45A: Kinder girl

pretend doctor kit, pretend cash register with food

Stephanie Pollom

45B: preK

pretend vet kit with stuffed animals, lol dolls

Kim Casey

46A: 2nd grade boy

remote control car, lego minecraft, flying ball


46B: 6th grade girl

table top or hanging dry erase board with expo markers, 93 piece knuckle rings

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