RHS Music Department

RHS Music 2018 Potluck Dinner & Awards Banquet

Please use the comment box to indicate specifically what you plan to bring. Let's get a variety of foods and drinks!


Please note the number of people you need to feed for each dish below!

Date: 05/17/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: RHS Cafeteria

Created by:   Lindsay Long

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Setup Crew (10) - Please arrive by 6:00 to help setup the cafeteria.
  7 of 10 slots filled
Luke Guthrie
Will be there right after school
Reginald Johnson
Aniko Albert (Rankine)
Evan Powers
Isaac Hill
Edwar Juarez
Nicole Sherlock
Clean-up Crew (10) - Please plan to stay 15-30 minutes after the event is finished to help clean up.
  All slots filled
Valerie Levy
Maureen Blassou (3)
Lucas Glander (2)
Evan Powers
Isaac Hill
Alexandra & Benjamin Kushner (2)
Main Dishes (40) - Bring enough for 15 people. Please specify what kind of main dish you are bringing.
  35 of 40 slots filled
Deb Stahl
Whatever it is, it'll be gluten-free. :-)
Sara Giron
cocktail meatballs
Becky Uhl
Ham and cheese sliders 2 large trays
Lucas Glander
Sloppy Joe w/ buns
Matthew Pitman
Aniko Albert (Rankine)
Popeye's chicken
Sahara Eckroth
Evan Powers
Ham and broccoli quiche
Isaac Hill (3)
Alexandra & Benjamin Kushner (15)
Main Pasta dish
Margie Marple
Azalea Lazo
pupusas and maybe other stuff from restaurant
Maureen Blassou
Fried Chicken for 10
Jack Spence (4)
Tina Taupenot
peruvian chicken and 2 sides
Lorie Holland
Tortellini with pesto and random sub bite sandwiches
Side Dishes (20) - Bring enough for 12 people. Please specify what kind of side dish you are bringing.
  9 of 20 slots filled
Neyda Benitez
Elaine Parks
Isaac Hill
Claire Pak
Kim Bap ("Korean Sushi")
Julian Lee
Deviled eggs
Colleen O'Donnell
buffalo chicken dip
Ellie Geddes (2)
potato salad
Leela And Shaila Johnson
Desserts (9) - Bring enough for 15 people. Please specify what kind of dessert you are bringing.
  All slots filled
Sophie Derr
Mama Gaby Sanchez
Luke Guthrie
Homemade Chocolate Cheesecake
Jennifer Paraboschi
Lucas Glander
Isaac Hill
Rebecca Ehlers
(I don't have time to make cookies but I cam certainly buy some like a variety)
Madigan Kales (2)
Salads (10) - Bring enough for 20 people. Please specify what kind of salad you are bringing.
  6 of 10 slots filled
Jane Fry
Enough for 10
Reginald Johnson
Enough for ten
Margie Marple
Garden salad
Maureen Blassou
Pam Loebach (2)
Green salad and a fruit salad
Drinks (15) - Please bring 2 cases of sodas, water or juice. NO LARGE BOTTLES PLEASE! Please specify what kind of drinks you are bringing.
  All slots filled
Evonne, Steven & Kristina Mobley (2)
Richard Gee (4)
2 cases of water 2 cases of sodas
Alexia Moser (2)
Alexandra & Benjamin Kushner (2)
cases of water
Aaron Hilton (2)
2 cases of sodas/soft drinks
Michelle Velasco (2)
Kool Aid
Elliot Sanford
Responses:     Yes: 44     No: 2     Maybe: 1     No Response: 90

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 121     Maybe: 1

YES (44) -  

Leela And Shaila Johnson (2 guests)

Lorie Holland (3 guests)

Madison Dieffenbach (1 guest)

Maya Jones (4 guests)

Elliot Sanford (2 guests)

Nicole Sherlock (1 guest)

Madigan Kales (1 guest)

Rebecca Ehlers (2 guests)

Pam Loebach (3 guests)

Michelle Velasco (5 guests)

Ellie Geddes (3 guests)

Aaron Hilton (2 guests)
Aaron Hilton + 1

Tina Taupenot (2 guests)

Jack Spence (4 guests)

Janet Lawson (4 guests)

Azalea Lazo (1 guest)

Margie Marple (3 guests)

Alexandra & Benjamin Kushner (5 guests)

Colleen O'Donnell (1 guest)

Julian Lee (4 guests)

Claire Pak (4 guests)

Isaac Hill (5 guests)

Alexia Moser (2 guests)

Shaila Johnson (2 guests)

Evan Powers (3 guests)

Sahara Eckroth (4 guests)

Aniko Albert (Rankine) (3 guests)

Matthew Pitman (3 guests)

Lucas Glander (2 guests)

Reginald Johnson (3 guests)

Becky Uhl (4 guests)

Richard Gee (4 guests)

Maureen Blassou (3 guests)

Elaine Parks (3 guests)

Valerie Levy (1 guest)

Sara Giron (3 guests)

Luke Guthrie (2 guests)

Jane Fry (1 guest)

Mama Gaby Sanchez (3 guests)

Evonne, Steven & Kristina Mobley (3 guests)

Neyda Benitez (4 guests)

Deb Stahl (2 guests)
We *may* have all 4, but 2 is most likely

Sophie Derr (2 guests)

Lindsay Long (2 guests)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (1) +