Tough Warrior Princesses

Mo's Merry Christmas!

In memory of our most giving princess, Maurine Turcotte, The Tough Warrior Princesses have an annual tradition of helping a family that has been affected by cancer. 

Please consider helping us for "Mo's Merry Christmas."  We have found a great family to help and they are so deserving of a little joy and magic. We are providing for Mom, Dad, and their three children.  Here is a list of some items that they would enjoy but also feel free to use your judgment.  We would like the items dropped off by Tuesday, December 18th. Our drop-off spot is the store @Eighteen Friend Street in Amesbury or Phil Richard Insurance at 27 Garden St, Danvers, MA.  If you would like us to pick up your item, please let us know and we can arrange.  If you choose to have something shipped through Amazon, be sure to pick TWP as your Amazon Smile non-profit of choice and you may have it shipped directly to c/o Patty Mellon, 80 Monroe St, Amesbury, MA 01913

To learn about Maurine and the Tough Warrior Princesses, please watch this video

The family has three children age 9. Here is the general information about each family member. Listed in the sign-up will be general items.

DIRECTIONS: When you fill out the Sign-Up, Please RSVP and it will allow you to pick an item to donate, please include a note about what you will be purchasing and who it is for. 

Girl 1: Age 9

Size 8/10 Slim pants with elastic bands to make smaller

Shoes: size 3

Loves: pink and sparkly, patterns, and purple.

Favorite things: Hello Kitty, JoJo Siwa, Barbie, American Girl, cooking/baking

Wishes: Lined jeans, Luciana Vega (American Girl Doll), gymnastics mat, Barbies, Craft Kits, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cooking supplies/items/recipes

Girl 2: Age 9

Size 8/10-slim pants with an elastic band to make smaller at waist

Shoes: Size 3

Favorite colors: blue, green, purples

Favorite things: Basketball, History of Presidents, government/politics/American Girl/Harry Potter

Wishes: Lined jeans, USA learning kit-anything US history/politics, Basketball clothing, Books (4-5th-grade level), Harry Potter things, American Girl things-Doll Julie, Craft Kits, 

Boy: Age 9

Size: 8/10 (slim pants with elastic to make smaller at waist)

Shoes: 3

Favorite colors: Red, black, Blue

Favorite things: Star Wars, Nerf Guns, Legos (Legos Ninjago), Harry Potter, Science

Wishes: Lined jeans, Star Wars toys (newer things), Nerf Gun (extra bullets), Lego Kits-Star Wars-Ninjago sets, Harry Potter things, Science kits, Books: Star Wars, Science or Lego


Size: small/medium

Shoe: 6.5/7

Favorite colors: red and green

Favorite things: Harry Potter, Beatles, Star Wars

Wishes: Leggings, Harry Potter things, Star War items, Warm winter hats, Warm winter gloves

Books: New Chicken Soup for the Soul, Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Hope, Treatment and Recovery, Humorous books-anything to make her laugh. 


Size: Large/XL

Shoe: size 11

Favorite colors: Blue and black

Favorite things; Sci/fi, Tai Chi, Music repair/Trumpet

Wishes: Books about Daoism, Tai Chi, Eastern Culture, polo shirts, short sleeve button down, Long sleeve t-shirts




Date: 12/18/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 12:00am - 11:55pm EST

Created by:   Lisa Stewart

Will you be attending the event?
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Lined Jeans-Children (3) - Hoping for 1 pair of lined-jeans per child
  All slots filled
Kim Lowell (3)
Shipped to Patty. Due for delivery 12/11.
Pants-Children (6) - Hoping for 2 pairs of pants per child
  All slots filled
Liz Wilbur (3)
I will purchase one pair of pants for each child
Linda Turcotte (3)
I will get a pair of pants for each of the children
Shirts-Children Girl/Girl/Boy (9) - Hoping for 3 shirts for each child
  All slots filled
Cary Short (3)
I will buy 3 shirts for the boy
Gretchen Marinopoulos (3)
I will buy 1 shirt for each child
Lynn Marcinkowski (3)
Shirts for all 3+ another shirt for girl
Wish-Girl 1 (3) - Hoping to fill 3 wishes for each child
  All slots filled
Laurie Knapp
Diary of a Wimpy Kid box of 3 books
Matilda Halloran
Craft kit
Lynn Marcinkowski
craft+ Barbie
Wish 2-GIrl 2 (3) - Hoping to fill 3 wishes for each child
  All slots filled
Laurie Knapp
The President's Fact Book
Beverly Drew
Harry Potter
Pam Bennett
USA Learning Kit
Wish 3-Boy (3) - Hoping to fill 3 wishes for each child
  All slots filled
Laurie Knapp
Star Wars lego's
Julie O’Neill
Science kit, Harry Potter things
Lynn Marcinkowski
Tops for Mom (3) - Hoping for 3 new tops for mom
  All slots filled
Kim Lowell
Shipped to Patty. Due for delivery 12/11.
Lynn Marcinkowski (2)
2 top for mom
Leggings for Mom (3) - Hoping for 3 pairs of leggings for mom
  All slots filled
Kim Lowell
Shipped to Patty. Due for delivery 12/11.
Lynn Marcinkowski (2)
leggings + shirts
Books for Mom (3) - Hoping for 3 books for mom
  All slots filled
Minna Case (2)
Will ship.
Lynn Marcinkowski
New chicken soup for soul
Shirts for Dad (3) - Hoping for 3 shirts for dad
  2 of 3 slots filled
Lynn Marcinkowski
polo shirt
Jody Parker
Will purchase polo shirt for dad
Books for Dad (2) - Hoping for 2 books for Dad
  All slots filled
Lynn Marcinkowski (2)
book+ barnes and nobles gift card
Long-sleeved T-shirt (3) - Hoping for 3 Long-sleeved T-shirts
  All slots filled
Vicky Sherwood (2)
Will gladly buy dad two long sleeve T-shirts
Lynn Marcinkowski
long sleeve shirt
Wish for mom - Hoping to fill for mom
Lynn Marcinkowski
Hat and mittens
Wish for Dad - Hoping to fill for dad
Tina Journeay
books for dad
Responses:     Yes: 18     No: 2     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 18     Maybe: 1

YES (18) -  

Jody Parker (1 guest)

Brenda Haskell (1 guest)
Gymnastics mat

Jo Hamel (1 guest)

Lynn Marcinkowski (1 guest)
The Alliance Radiation Oncology team would love to help!

Matilda Halloran (1 guest)

Julie O’Neill (1 guest)

Gretchen Marinopoulos (1 guest)

Kim Lowell (1 guest)

Tina Journeay (1 guest)
Books for Dad

Pam Bennett (1 guest)

Cary Short (1 guest)

Valerie Harris (1 guest)
3 books for Mom

Margaret Sydlowski (1 guest)

Linda Turcotte (1 guest)

Laurie Knapp (1 guest)

Liz Wilbur (1 guest)

Linda Turcotte (1 guest)

Vicky Sherwood (1 guest)
Will gladly buy dad 2 longsleeve T-shirts

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (1) +