Downingtown Indoor Drum Line

HOME SHOW/Competition

We are just two weeks away from hosting our Home Show/Maps Competition at Downingtown East High School.  This year we will be hosting 15 drumlines, not including our own SPECTACULAR D-town drumline.  It is going to be an exciting and BUSY DAY... and we need YOUR help!! This is a chance for Downingtown Music Parents (that's all of us) to shine!  We want to welcome each person who walks through our doors with enthusisam and kindness.  It is our chance to show why our Downingtown community is the BEST!

We are seeking donations of food for both our HOSPITALITY center, as well as our BAKE SALE TABLE.  We are looking to feed aproximately 160 staff members and bus drivers in our Hospitality Suite.  We will have some food being catered, but are seeking other donations to help keep our cost down.  Please plan on dropping off non-perishable food to rehearsal, on Thursday Febraury 28th.  Other food donations should be brought to the spectator entrance by the gym, on Saturday March 2nd by 11 am.  Conatiners, utensils, and crock pots should be clearly marked with your name and can be picked up in the faculty lounge at the end of the competition.  

A concession stand for spectators will be set up in the cafeteria and we'd like to include a baked goods/cupcake table. If you are willing to help us out, please plan to bring in baked goods that are individually wrapped that we can sell for $1 each.  For example, if you bring in cookies, include 4 or how ever many you feel appropriate for $1, in one baggie. No nuts please. Thank you in advance for your continued support! 

Kathy Cattell (D- East Band Parent) has graciously volunteered to be in charge of the Hospitality Suite and Susan Chindemi (D-East Indoor Parent) has graciously volunteered to be in charge of the bake sale table.  Feel free to email them at [email protected] or [email protected] or myself at [email protected] if you have any questions.  


Date: 03/02/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm EDT

Location: Downingtown EAST High School/ (Hospitality- Faculty Lounge and Bake Sale in the Cafeteria)

Created by:   Jill Ruth
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Available Slot

Crock Pot of Mac & Cheese (3)

All slots filled
Karen Mento
Cindy Delaney
Heather Robino

Crock Pot of Buffalo Chicken Dip (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Lisa Sayre

Crock Pot of Meatballs & Sauce for Hospitality (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Jill Ruth
Jacqueline Miller
Jeannie Nelson

Big Green House Salad (4)

All slots filled
Paula Provost
Lynne Murray
Joanna Johnson
Cindy Delaney

Big Bowl of Fruit (4)

All slots filled
Karen Burkey
Jennifer Farmer
Jacqueline Miller
Martha Posey

Veggie Tray with Dip (2)

All slots filled
Colleen Swarter (2)

Bags of Chips (5)

All slots filled
Colleen Weinman (2)
Robi Garthwait (3)

Big Hand Sanitizer

Robi Garthwait

Napkins (for 160)

Colleen Weinman

Sturdy Plates (Chinet) for 160

Susan Chindemi

Plastic Utensils for 160

Susan Chindemi

Cases of water (6)

All slots filled
Robi Garthwait (2)
Stephen Geiger (2)
Cindy Delaney
Holly Koblish

Case of Coke (2)

All slots filled
Kris Blankmeyer (2)

Case of Diet Coke (2)

All slots filled
Lisa Sayre
Paulette LoMarro

Case of Sprite (2)

All slots filled
Sean Kitchen (2)

Big Container of Parmesan Cheese

Colleen Weinman

Round Sandwich Rolls 12 pack (12)

11 of 12 slots filled
Jill Ruth (2)
Terri Haggerty (4)
Christine Bruce (2)
Judy Houdeshel (2)
Jill Ruth

Assorted Desserts for Hospitality Suite to feed staff & bus drivers (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Jill Ruth
Chocolate Chip Banana muffins
Laura Naughton
Pineapple Upside Side Cake (squares)
Colleen Swarter
Linda Sinclair (2)
Jacqueline Miller (2)
Martha Posey (2)
Vegan cupcakes
Martha Posey
Gluten-free brownies

BAKE SALE 1 Dozen Cupcakes (5)

All slots filled
Karen Mento (2)
Barbara Lawrie (2)
Martha Posey

BAKE SALE -Rice Krispie Treats (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Lynn Horning
Heidi Canfield

BAKE SALE- Cookies (4)

All slots filled
Laura Naughton
Pennsylvania Heart Cookies
Shawna Powel
Chocolate chip
Jie Theisen (2)
Snicker doodles


All slots filled
Jill Ruth
Chocolate Chip Banana muffins
Susan Chindemi (2)
Jello & Marshmellow popcorn balls
Kim Pirollo
White chocolate chex mix

BAKE SALE- Brownies (3)

All slots filled
Colleen Swarter (3)

Raffle Basket Snack items (6)

Gatorade, Individual bags of chips, cookies, fruit snacks

All slots filled
Jill Ruth (6)
will donate entire basket

Big bag of Tortilla Chips (3)

All slots filled
Jenny Tuori
Colleen Swarter
John Tuori

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