Fall 2018 Consignor Drop off!

Fall 2018 Consignor drop off!


With the change to Zone drop off we will need to have all consignors sign up for a time to drop off. There will be 26 slots every 30 minutes. You MUST sign up for a time. This will allow us to make the drop off efficient, fast, and easy!!!

If you get this as a stress free client, you DO NOT need to sign up.

Thank you for participating in our event, you are the best part of Germantown JBF.


Ammie & Chris

Date: 10/08/2018 (Mon.)

Time: 2:00pm - 8:00pm CDT

Location: Washington County Fair Park 3000 Pleasant Vally Rd West Bend

Created by:   Ammie Maltz
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Available Slot

2:00pm (27)

26 of 27 slots filled
Josephine Hensen
Shannon Williams
Nina KostrzewA
Jaime Davidson
Andrea Flood
Sarah Hoffman
Judy Wroblewski
Bob Wroblewski
Debbie Diessner
Suvetha Badrinath
Suvetha Badrinath
Julie Hoffman
Paula Lodzinski
Megan Kolb
Holly Kull
Kadie Johnson
Anna Haney
Jennifer Melzark
Pam Greger
Amber Willard
Melissa Altheimer
Julie Mrotek
Darcy Zalewski
Rebecca Kowalkowski
Julie Raffa
Elena Greco
Kayla Morrison

2:30pm (27)

26 of 27 slots filled
Angie Anderson
Leslie Hochstatter
Andrea Brewer
Carrie Parish
Katie Holliday
Letty Heling (4)
Jen Wszalek
Melissa Cortez
Julie Taraboi
Deborah Toy Benzel
Raquel Schlund
Briana Ziegler (3)
Kelly Zignego
Brittany Lentz
It’s my first time I don’t know if I’m doing it right?
Amanda Holz
Tiffany Schuster
Shelly Utecht
Allison Holtzer
Katie Alix
Lindsey Helt
Erika Inga

3:00pm (27)

All slots filled
Patti Schirger
Amanda Ries
Kelly Herman
Debbie Peters
Kathy Morency
Deb Berndt
Lauren Jackson
Brenda Drane
Jenni Bertolino
Sarah Gundermann
Alonna Enders
Lisa Hoppenrath
Christina Fox
Jackie Price
Linda Whalen
what's a stress free consignor?
Clay Wallace
Working from 11-3
Sunae Huber
Anika Armstrong
Brittany Kolarik
Staci Bohling
April Brodzeller
Michele Sagan
Erin Eisenbach
Kayla Morrison
Alexandra Schwan
Angela Michor
Angela Michor
Alli Marefka

3:30pm (27)

15 of 27 slots filled
Briana Ziegler
Rebecca Fetterolf
Katie Kucharski
Michelle Godden
Anna Kuemmerlein
Not sure what quantity is. Put 1 as only one person
Deb Berndt
Megan Schmidt
Jessica M Wiedmeyer
Jamie Craig
Jill Casper
Lucie Bauer
Rebecca Siler
Vickie Heinrichs
Alli Marefka
Susan Murphy

4:00pm (27)

22 of 27 slots filled
julie maki
Amanda Beck
Rulena Guenther
Lindsay Friedrichs
Jennifer Gunderson
Melissa McClintick
Molly Hubbell
Elizabeth Vaeth
Sara Arendt
Sarah Hemmingsen
cindy koepke
I might be there at 4:15
Deb Berndt
LeAnn Banwart
Nicole Lee
brittany saunders
Kimberly Wolverton
Tabatha Rangel
Katie Puestow
Lisa Strebel
Jill Perales
Stephanie Wenzel
Naomi Schueller

4:30pm (26)

All slots filled
Becca MacCudden
Kim Philipps
Becky Fetterolf
Kelli Flores
ANDREA Salentine
Ann Kasson
Laura Fechter
Andrea Harmelink
Julie Lettow
Nicole Butschlick
Laura Conkle
Gina Kroll
Joni Fletcher
Audra Woerner
Christy Piepkorn
I won't be able to get there til after 5:30 now.
Julie Etta
Cindy Lucht
Nicole Lee
Tina Hill
Cheryl Schultz
husband will help me
Heather Lettow
Tabatha Rangel
ME Grier
Amanda Holz
Melissa Carlson
Lorraine Lahdenpera

5:00pm (26)

All slots filled
Alissa Strange
Beth Oehler
Nou Vang
Lynn Young