2018 Holiday Mug Exchange

Back by popular demand, it's the third annual ELGL Holiday Mug Exchange! You too can share the fun of gifting a fellow govie with something awesome. In short, you’ll be randomly paired with another ELGL member to gift a mug. After pairing, we'll send you information and instructions for shipping your hand-selected mug to another participant. 

What type of mug to send? That's up to you! Login to the ELGL Facebook page to check out photos from last year's exchange or if you still can't find the perfect mug check out the ELGL store! 


Created by:   Ben McCready
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Available Slot

ELGL Holiday Mug Exchange

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166 slots filled - more available
Ben McCready
Emily Edmonds
Melissa Weiss
Kirsten Wyatt
Jenny Kosek
Laurie Hokkanen
Mitchell Foster
Joshua Schoemann
Nick Smith
christina rothman-iliff
Susan Steward
Michael Montgomery
Bartonville? More Like Bartonchill
Kevin Lahner
Linda Tang
I love this idea!
Ben Kittelson
Alyssa Dinberg
jamie eustace eustace
Ruanda McFerren
Lindsay Jacques
Mug me up!
Amy McGuire
Jennifer Cusmir
That's not the friggin' Christmas Star, Gris... Its the light at the sewerage treatment plant.
Michael Davis
This is cool
Debbie Chiu
Eek!! My 1st time!
Michael Halford
Katie Babits
Jessica Heslin
Kendra Davis
Brent Stockwell
Brianna Sunryd
Brian Southey
Jennifer Teal
Sharon Gavin
Mug Exchange is the most wonderful time of the year!
Jessica VanderKolk
Alisha Janes
Kent Wyatt
Festivus for the Rest of Us
Jordan Hillman
Laura Hardwicke
Francie Palmer
Yay! Holiday Mug time!!!!
Meagan Kascsak
Ryan Adams
Melodi Yanik
Oh la la!!!
Colby Winter
Jamie Robinson (2)
Eric Zeemering
Brian Silcott
Mo Sorcini
Caroline Patton
Kirsten Lennon
John Hudgison
Michelle Holder
Karen Perham-Lippman
Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow... can't wait for a cup of Joe in an #ELGLMug
Emily Fultz
Brandi Leos
Caralyn Boh
Megan Summers
Amber Autry
Greg Anderson
Ashley Starr
Lisa Henty
Christian Wuerth
Kate Brown
Suzanne Leclercq
This sounds like fun!
Lauren Luna
Kate Hayes
Diana Clendenin
Lesley Reder
Yay :)!!
Katherine Westaby
Denny Timm
Cindy Plante
Denise Katula
Justyn Miller
Elise Thompson-Bowers
What fun!
Nikki Heaston
James Gaston III
Chelsea Starner
Sarah Bledsoe
Ember Strange
Ann DeSanctis
This is the best idea, ever.
Amanda Daflos
Amazing. Love this.
Margie Hamers
Bah Hum Mug
Jon Stehle
Nina Kin
Ian Hutcheson
Caffeine accessories
Nate Nickel
Alexandra Orologas
Alicia Dorsey
Ellis Johnson II
Kelly Houghteling
Christopher Fabian
Nicholas Cerra
John Morgan
Pete Haga
Thatcher Moddie
Matt Yager
Hopefully this year's mug arrives before August.
Sarah Gallimore
Jeremy Lucas
Chris Ranney
Eric Olmedo
Abby Owens
Ron Littlefield
Lauren Tayara
Adria Finch
Kind of like having a pen pal?
Samantha Linnett
Chris Morrill
Zach Navin
Aaron Daul
Susan Barkman
Audrey Flood
Shannon Walton-Clark
Mug and Merriful
Jamie Perez
Stephanie Crandall
Nikki Bustamante
Hilary Boen
Heather Curry
Samantha Roberts
Tobiah Abramson
Pamela Muse (4)
Cassie Johnson
Laura Tucker
Jason Jones
Brandon Ford
Josh Edwards
Ray Munch
Micah Grau
Ian Everett
Representing Milwaukee County Parks
Cathy Bailey
Elizabeth Gray
Ryan Kernosky
Travis Newberry
Kimberly Franklin
Aaron Hufford
Stephanie Wilson
Stephen Kleinschmit
University of Illinois at Chicago
Lindsey Maser
I've got a pair of mugs to warm a city planner's heart (if that heart finds joy in a bit of self-mockery).
Matthew McKirahan
Esther Garcia Negrete
Caroline Gabiga
Mary Zimmermann
Lynn Kelly-Lehner
It's a beaut, Clark.
Shannon Mills
Mike Ekey
Shitter's full...
Tricia O'Donnell
Sarah Henricks
Madeline VanDenHoek
Emily Wilmsen
Laura Douglass
Lori Sassoon
Christal Weber
Jackie O'Connell
Becky Bouska
Mendie White
Aaron Stahly
Ashley Monroe
Sarah Prencipe
Joey Garcia
Gayle Mabery
Sunny Mackey
Emily Gibson
EA Hoppe
Matt Hartleib
Suzanne Fisher
Lisa Figueroa

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