ACRL @ ALA Annual 2018 Buddy Program

ACRL invites attendees who are new to the conference, and those who are experienced conference goers to find each other in New Orleans and learn from one another. 

How much time are we talking? It's up to you. We suggest the mentor make the first contact after initially signing up and go from there. You may want to meet up after the ACRL 101 session (a great start for newbies, and refresher for experienced conference goers) or go the Exhibits, have coffee, or grab some lunch together. You might meet up with your buddy just once, or a few times throughout the conference. The intent is primarily for helping orient the new person to the event and helping them feel comfortable (we were all new once!).

Newbies/Mentees: This is a great way to learn about ACRL and expand your professional network! If you're interested in being mentored by a conference veteran, please fill out the form at to get your information added to the list.

Non-newbies/Mentors: Are you thinking, "This sounds like it could be fun, but I'm not sure I can be a mentor?" You certainly can! If you've ever been to an ALA Annual conference before and are willing to commit some time to helping a new person navigate and make some new connections, that's all it takes. You don't have to have all the answers; you just have to be willing to help.

Simply sign up below by checking available slots and choosing “Sign up.” In the comment section please include a preferred e-mail address for initial contact (all comments and e-mail addresses will appear publicly on this page). Please also include your email and make the first contact to introduce yourself and make plans to meet up at conference.

Thank you for participating!

Created by:   Jodie Borgerding
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Available Slot

Example: Jodie Borgerding - [email protected]

My name is Jodie and I am new to ACRL. This is my first Annual and I am interested in meeting another instruction librarian who can help me navigate the conference.

Jane Mentor
Hi Jodie! I am a long time ACRL member and would be more than happy to show you the conference ropes. I will be in touch soon.

Stacey McKenna - [email protected]

I graduated with my MLIS in 2015. Since that time I have mostly worked in a prison library. I started at Ohio State in January 2018 and am brand new to library instruction and to ALA!

Cynthia Snyder
Hi Stacey! I'm in charge of Instruction at a medical/health science university.

Lori Birrell - [email protected]

I’m the head of special collections and am interested in library leadership.

Ann Riley
Hi, I’m an old ACRL hand, and would be glad to meet and chat. Please email me to set up time and place.

Molloy Rogers - [email protected]

moderately new children's librarian in public library in a large metropolitan area


Dan Zuberbier - [email protected]

I am in introvert and terrified of large groups of people, interested in instructional design, online/hybrid learning, learning experience design, IL instruction, and baseball and unicorns because my daughter loves unicorns.

Sarah Parramore
Hi Dan! I'm an Education Librarian focusing on online active learning through instructional design. Let's chat soon :)

Aida Almanza - [email protected]

First time attendee. Very excited!

Anna Ferri
Hi Aida! I'm relatively new to ACRL, but have been to ALA numerous times. My focus is instruction & research for health sciences. I'd love to chat.

George Koors - [email protected]

Research and reference librarian at ALA for the first time.

Megan Browndorf
Hi George! I'm friends w/ Amy and follow you on twitter (@LiberryCobbler). Let's meet up! I'm totally happy to buddy -- it'll give me an excuse to meet you in person!

Kumiko Reichert - [email protected]

2nd year for this tenure-track academic position; head of cataloging/metadata for a medium-sized academic library; supervisor of 2 paraprofessionals; subject liaison to Asian studies, music, sociology and social work; NACO participant.

Janelle Zetty
Hi Kumiko! I have been an academic librarian for the past year and a half. I'm new to tenure track, managing a department, and NACO. I went to ALA in 2008. My email is [email protected]

Amy Dye-Reeves - [email protected]

My name is Amy Dye-Reeves. I just started my new academic library position (Humanities Librarian) in January 2018. I previously worked as a Library Media Specialist for 4 years ( 2013-2017) in Tennessee. This will be my first ALA Conference.

Regina Beach-Bertin
Send e-mail to: [email protected]

Nathalie Cooke - [email protected]

Am an ALA newbie. Also McGill English prof & library associate dean (rare & special collections)


Jillian Silverberg - [email protected]

I'm about to transition from a public library to working as a research and instruction librarian for a medical school. I'm excited to attend ALA's annual conference for the first time but am nervous about being overwhelmed. Hope this helps!

Cheryl Blevens
Hi, Jillian! I was where you are now--Public Library Ref Services but now an Academic Library Associate Ref/Instruction Librarian. Let's get together! [email protected]

Carrie Owens - [email protected]

I'm a part-time librarian at the suburban campus of a community college in Buffalo, NY. I probably spend most of my time at work on reference and supporting students' research needs for their coursework and assignments.

Holly Jackson
Hi Carrie! I grew up in Springville, NY and am currently the Scholarly Engagement Librarian for the Humanities at Tulane University in NOLA. I'd be happy to chat and help you navigate ALA this year. :)

Natalia Estrada - [email protected]

Reference & Collections Assistant @ UC Berkeley. MLIS student through Kent State's online program. Interested in learning more about academic librarianship and professional development. I make various references to pop culture. Will also make jokes.

Jodie Borgerding
Jodie Borgerding - Hi Natalia! I'll be in touch with you soon to connect. My email is [email protected]

Eunah Lee Snyder - [email protected]

Aspiring to be a subject librarian for the field of Asian studies or ethnic literature at an academic library, I am in my third semester as an online MI student at Rutgers University.

Lisa Campbell
Hi Eunah! I'm the Instruction and Outreach Librarian at the University of Florida. I'm happy to to be your buddy for ALA :)

Caitlin Cox - [email protected]

Stephanie Tolson
Hi Caitlin, I'll be trilled to meet you.

Ann Zettervall - [email protected]

I'm finishing my MSLIS this year and am new to ACRL. This is my first ALA conference. I'd love advice on getting the most out of the conference to prepare for my job search and first position. My interests are health sciences, instruction, and music.

Cheryl Blevens
Hi, Ann! I switched fields (public librarian to academic) not that long ago. Let's get together--I have some ideas........

Kathryn Geoffrion Scannell - [email protected]

small college lib director, pub lib trustee, PT children's lib from MA. key topics: communicating/influencing Up, Down & Across; Evergreen ILS; Social Justice; collection maintenance; space design

Kim Copenhaver
Hi Kathryn! I am also a librarian at a small college and share your interest in leadership and social justice issues. I look forward to meeting you in New Orleans!

Hailley Fargo - [email protected]

Student Engagement Librarian interested in community building, undergraduate research, peer-to-peer reference services, and more. Co-founder of the blog, LibParlor, and 2018 Emerging Leader. While I've been to Midwinter, this is my first ALA Annual!

Jeremiah Paschke-Wood
Hi Hailley, I'm a Research & Learning Librarian at the University of Arizona. I've been an academic librarian for six years now, and this is probably my fifth or sixth annual by now. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sarah Brown - [email protected]

I am on leave from roller derby. I'm a busy mother of 4 year old twins. I'm Canadian. I'm a subject librarian. I'm passionate about intersectional feminism and race and gender in libraries. I've never been to New Orleans. I enjoy traveling


Maureen Rust - [email protected]

I'm the Student Engagement and Community Outreach librarian at the James E. Brooks Library and would love some pointers on getting the most out of my first ALA annual conference.


Sharon Smith - [email protected]

I am an introvert but once I get to know a person can be quite talkative, also am a night owl. Allergic to all seafood, chocolate, nuts & eggs. I work for the university for 29 years, interested in archival and digital sessions.

Mary Jane Petrowski
Hi Sharon, I'm the ACRL Associate Director and will be leaving for New Orleans on Thursday. Would love to meet you, so please send me your email so I can share my schedule and find a good time to meet. Mary Jane

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