VBS 2019 Runaway Cafe

ABEFC VBS 2019 Runway Cafe Snacks

We need your help feeding our VBS Racers and Team Leaders at the Incredible Race Runway Cafe.  Sign up for items below.  Scroll through all pages, as we need many things.  Please bring your items to the kitchen on the day needed, labeled VBS, first thing in the morning on the day indicated on sign up sheet. Place anything that needs to be refrigerated/frozen in kitchen refrigerator/freezer. Provide baked goods in disposable container or clearly label your dish with your name.  You may pick up your dish at the end of the day.  Please consider bringing multiple things if possible. We cannot do this without you! If you cannot find the exact size or quantity specified, use your best judgement on substitutions unless noted. The "NO SUBSTITUTIONS" note refers to the brand/exact kind of item. If you have any questions call Cristine Wait 719-651-9974.      

Location: Church Kitchen

Created by:   Cristine Wait
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy MDT) Available Slot
(Sun. 8:45am - 11:55am)

Mild Pace Picante Sauce NO SUBSTITUTIONS (5)

64 oz


Tostito Crispy Rounds (small round tortilla chip) NO SUBSTITUTIONS (10)

13 oz


Large Country Time Lemonade Mix (2)

82.5 oz

All slots filled
Melissa Haas (2)

2 oz. portion cups with lids (4)

50 count


paper lunch bag (2)

100 count


Sweet Iced Tea (2)



Unsweet Iced Tea (2)



Baby carrots (3)

1 lb package


grape or cherry tomatoes (3)

1 lb./package


Bell Peppers, assorted color (6)

1 each


Veggie Dip (ranch, french onion, or other) (2)

16 oz.



large bag


Gluten Free cookies (2)

any kind


Gluten Free Pretzels

1 bag

Melissa Haas

Napkins (4)

250 count


Paper Plates Large (8-10") (7)

100 count


Paper Plates Small (4-6") (2)

50 count


Dixie Cups cold drink paper cups MUST BE 9 oz. (5)

300 count


Hot Drink Cups 10 or 12 oz. (3)

100 count


plastic spoons (4)

100 count


plastic forks (4)

100 count


plastic knives

50 count


coffee stir sticks (2)

100 count


Bag of ice 10 lb

10 lb


Fun Flavored coffee creamer (caramel, hazelnut etc.)

32 oz


Cheddar Cheese Block

2 lb.


Pepper Jack Cheese Block

2 lb


Crackers any kind (3)

12 oz or larger


Paper towels (3)

(Mon. 8:45am)

Costco Muffins (2)

any kind, 1 package


Prepared Knorr Spinach Dip (recipe from package) (2)

1 recipe, prepared


1 Bread Boule/round loaf of bread


fresh baked French bread loaf (2)

All slots filled
Kristina DeVries (2)

Strawberries (3)

1 lb


grapes, washed and stems cut (2)

about 2 pounds


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, Baked (3)

8 x 11 pan

All slots filled
Laurie Heinz (3)

Costco size frozen meatballs (2)


large jar grape jelly

about 30 oz.


Bottle Heinz Chili Sauce (2)

12 oz


Graham Crackers

12-15 oz


Apples, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji (2)

1 lb.


caramel fruit dip

16 oz

(Tue. 8:45am)

Ritz Bits cheese cracker sandwiches NO SUBSTITUTIONS (6)

8 oz or larger


Decorated Sugar Cookies

150 cookies

Dawn E
Dawn E.

mini bagels plain or flavored (3)

1 package


Plain whipped cream cheese tub

7 oz or larger


Fruity cream cheese tub

7 oz or larger


baby carrots (2)

1 lb.

All slots filled
Kristina DeVries (2)

sugar snap peas

approx 1 lb.


broccoli florets (precut)

1 or 2 lb. package


Pita Chips

12-18 oz


hummus, any flavor (2)

8-10 oz


Veggie Dip (ranch or other)

16 oz


homemade rice krispie treat bars (2)

8 x 11 pan


Grapes, washed and stems cut (5)

approx. 2 lbs


Bag of Ice

10 lb.


grape or cherry tomatoes (2)

1 lb.

(Wed. 8:45am)

Hostess Donettes Powdered donuts (mini donuts) NO SUBSTITUTIONS (10)

10.5 oz or larger


Yellow Bananas (6 or more per bunch) (10)

1 bunch


Cutie/Halo Clementine oranges

3-5 lb package


Prepared Buffalo Chicken Dip (in a crockpot if possible) (2)


Celery, Washed and cut into sticks (2)

1 lb.


Baby carrots (2)

1 lb.


Cheddar Cheese Block

2 lb


Muenster Cheese Block

2 lb



any kind, 1 package


Costco Muffins (2)

any kind, 1 package



12-18 oz


Fun Flavored Coffee Creamer



Large Nacho Cheees Sauce

5-6 lb.


Tortilla Chips (4)

10-13 oz.


Otter Pops (or Generic) (4)

50 count


sweet iced tea



Unsweet iced tea



Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, Baked (3)

8 x 11 pan


Paper Bowls

100 count

(Thu. 8:45am)

Dozen Donuts (fresh from Bakery) (6)



Fresh baked brownies, cut (2)

8 x 8 or 9 x 9 pan


Gluten Free Donuts

1 package


Strawberries (2)

1 lb.


Iced Coffee Mix


(Fri. 8:45am)

Baked treat, your choice (2)


Popcorn, Plain or Butter flavor (2)


Popcorn, Kettle corn or slightly sweet

1 bag


Cheddar Popcorn

1 bag


Caramel Popcorn

1 bag



large bag


Gummy Bears

large bag


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