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2019-2020 EATON RESA / LCC New Student Orientation Sign Up

This Orientation is for NEW students enrolled in the following programs:

Automotive Technology, Computer Security, Criminal Justice, Digital Media & Design,  Fire Science, Health Technology, Heavy Equipment Operation/Repair, Law Enforcement, Mechatronics & Robotics, Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing,  Sports Medicine, and Welding. 

If you are a CURRENT CPC student returning next year a program at LCC/Eaton RESA CPC, you do NOT need to attend an orientation!

The final step to enrollment is attending an orientation session to complete the admissions process for Lansing Community College.  This orientation is required for you to retain your seat in your Program.   

All orientation sessions will be held at Lansing Community College’s West Campus, 5708 Cornerstone Drive, Lansing, MI  48917.  

A parent/guardian is strongly encouraged to attend orientation, as it will also include an informational session for both students and parents. Please bring your social security number and your complete street address

Location: Lansing Community College West Campus Atrium

Created by:   Emma McGlocklin
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
05/22/2019 (Wed.) 4:00pm - 5:30pm  

Eaton RESA/LCC New Student Orientation (150)

46 of 150 slots filled
Stephanie Jones
Ella Squier
Macy Mauk
Emily Mauk
Diana Gildo
Hannah VanderWest
Abbey Brown
Bryce Corkwell
Jacob Henry
Fire science orientation
Layla Planey
Cole Lavengood
My mom and I
Maryjo Gill
Matthew Nguyen
MacKenzie Davis
Elijah Sutton
Gillian Sanchez
Hannah Wills
Isaac Webber
Kameron Mankel
and dad
Seth Jones
Emma Riley
Shelby Vergason
Shelby Vergason
Analicia buffington
Emma Heath
Kailey Beebe (2)
Paris Losey
Angelina Godwin
Julie Srouji
justin booden
Nate Byers
Auto Tech 19/20 AM Program
Paige Haney
Alexis Willis
Anna Worthington
Zoe Ambrose (2)
Robert Davids
Mother and I will be attending
Thomas Schocknesse
Kyle Schultz
Wendy Schultz
Katherine Rogers (2)
My father will be attending
Dante Fath (2)
and guardian
6:00pm - 7:30pm  

Eaton RESA/LCC New Student Orientation (150)

102 of 150 slots filled
Jacob Trafford
Carleigh Lundquist
Robert Olson
Matthew Martin
Shane Hinojosa
Lisa Bannister
Student. Justin Bannister
Nicole Robinson
Taylor Obrien
Mariah Moulden
Taylor Ward
Taylor Chadwick
Kate Hankey
Karen Batten
Alyssa Batten Student
Aidan Scott
Aidan Scott
Camberlyn Fisher
Landen Plunkett
Sydney Smith
Jacob Henry
Do I fill this one out too?
Gavin Church
Gavin and parent
Alyssa Reid (2)
Khailea Pond
Megan Ettinger
Adriana Gruhn
Jackie VandenBosch
Evan VandenBosch
Abrianna Finley-Rice
Nicolas Moore
Nicolas Mooore and mom Michelle Izzo
Emily Felcher
Talon Peru
Looking forward to learning new things!
Elijah Sutton
Gerald/Marnee McClung
Ethan Ross
Amy Hirschman
Kayla Harding
Kayla & parents
Jacob Palmiter
Jaden Miller
Natalie Baker
Audrey Terwilliger
Lauren Abbruzzese
Tiffany Vue
Emilie Sharland
Kristie Crandell
1 student 2 parents
Elizabeth lundy
mom, dad, and I
Christopher Webb
Rachel Ostrowski
Madelyn Crego
Jayden Giller (3)
Sean Bonene (3)
Morgan Smith
Kennedy Blasius
Adrianna Priese
Student and Parents
Riley Morgan
Michael Winegardnee
Darrell Marten (2)
Evan Dean
Garrett Schutte (2)
Katelyn Hunter (2)
student & parent
Trisha Boughton (3)
Marissa Hufnagel
Marissa and Mom
Haley Huhn
Moriah Harrison (2)
Jeffrey Beagle (3)
Evan Woyke (2)
Ethan Rivera (2)
Destiny Jones
Hannah Badgley (3)
Carson Welch (2)
Abdu Ahmedin (2)
AIS Repair w/Foster Father
Cole Clark
Heavy Equipment Operator/ repair
Zaccaria Scott (3)
Zoe Odom (3)
My dad, my mom, and me
Brent Christopher
Norian Discua Ramos
Jayden Jackson (2)
Ariel Robinette (2)
my mom and i
Heather Worden (2)
05/30/2019 (Thu.) 4:00pm - 5:30pm  

Eaton RESA/LCC New Student Orientation (150)

29 of 150 slots filled
Ian Waters
Daleigha Summerville
Breanna Sheehan
Keegan VanAlstine
Trenden Grice
Eli Severns
Madison Robison
Presley Richardson
Kathy Vanfossen
for student Isabel Vanfossen
Nathan Zillgitt
William Jerzak
and mom
Kennedy Kocher-markiw
Bailey Bossenbroek
Makayla Almas
Salma Sanchez
Ashley Witham
Alaina Christensen
Mackenzie Attard (3)
Mom, Dad
Harrison Thuma
Zoe Wolf (2)
Nykie Moyer (2)
Ben and Eric Moyer
Mariah Myles
Carrie Watson
For student Kevin Segneri
Brandon Baugh (2)
with parent
6:00pm - 7:30pm  

Eaton RESA/LCC New Student Orientation (150)

82 of 150 slots filled
Bryce Corey
Garrett Stank
Ashley Moulder
Hunter Bassett
Taylor Obrien
Tammy Fletcher
Claire Fletcher
Mason Phenix
Austin Morris
Ethan Dunning
Taelor Crepeau
Peter Hensler
(I counted my mom as 1)
Makayla Koenig
Levi Sharp
Alexandra Freeman
Cole Davis
Randi Tollison
Clint Tollison Jr.
Alyssa Meissner
McKenna Sine
Kaleb Jarvis
Ryan Cole
Parents and myself
McKahla Dubois
Eric Barnett
Kailey Stone
carter beilfuss
Emmalee Bates
Kelsey Kehren
Anna Davis
Jordan Gardner (2)
Lisa Kunkel (2)
Richard Dietrich
Blake Davis (2)
Shaelyn Sage (3)
Hailey Lewis (3)
Bailey Stanley (2)
Brooke Benoit (2)
Kaya Allen (2)
Kaya and parent
Cody Lamoreaux
Austin Berkompas
Carlee Bartkowiak (2)
Counted mom as 1
Tonya Vandermeer (2)
Kim Sutter
For Benjamin Sutter and Kim Sutter (mom)
Cameron Reynolds (3)
Blake Allen
Justice Burkett (3)
Halie Zinn
Presley Bowen
Robert Parks
3 with parents
Preston Starks III
Tristen McCray (3)
Justin Converse
Taylor Hewitt
Jessa Powers (2)
Erin MacDonald (2)
Tyler Borgman
Austin White
Cordell Frank (2)
Lane Morris (2)
hugheston heckathorn (2)
Cole Clark (2)

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