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A Parish Family Picnic for St. Andrew, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Veronica Parishioners on Sunday, August 14 at 4:00 p.m.

The parish will be providing grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with the buns and toppings, plates, plastic wear and napkins. Please bring your own drinks and outdoor chairs.  We will have limited indoor seating for the elderly.

We ask each family to provide a side to share.  Here's a general guideline.

Last name begins with:

A-G - bring a salad

H-N - bring a dessert

O-Z - bring a side

Please let us know how many in your group and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 08/14/2022 (Sun.)

Time: 4:00pm - 6:30pm EDT

Location: Jesuit Spirtual Center on S. Milford Rd. in Milford, OH

Created by:   Bill Frantz
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Salad (65)
  56 of 65 slots filled
Carolyn Taylor
Dottie Buerger
Large green salad with strawberries and almonds
Michelle Emerling
Alan & Mary Ann Fodor
Ree Foltz
James, Maricar, and Carson Gonzales
Joann Evans
Mary Dawson (2)
Emily Besl
Cindy Hopkins
Mindy Dannemiller
Broccoli ramen noodle slaw
Beverly Bockrath
Carol Glaser
Tom And Jane Baker
Linda Brown
Ruth Blom
Rose Wright
Marci Gohs
Potato Salad
George Ecker
Melissa/Dave Mosteller/Sedivy
Pasta sailad
Rob Allen
Sherri Bowling
Shannon LaBrecque
Sheila Doran
Three-Bean Salad
Ginette Barcomb
pasta salad
Paul & Alison Estes
Robert & Donna Ayers
Christy& Bill Burckard
Kathy Schaefer
Amy Fisher
Bruce Cormier
Mary Jo Bauer
Will decide that day
Joy Hansbauer
Barbara Friend
Enough for 8
Mariclare Daughton
Enough for 6
Carol Grace
Pasta - Enough for 8
Jennifer Callahan
Enough for 8
Ruth Ann Braswell
enough for 8
Mary Jane Crawford
Penelope Frigon
Judy Crooker
Enough for 6
Joyce Grothaus
serves 8
Jane Menke
Calico Salad
Steve Gerwe
serving 4
Dick Gerwe
Phil Didion
cold bean salad, could be considered a side. enough to serve 15
Dale Alexander
Mark Fazio
Mike Fender
Lance Angle
Jeff Burpee
Traci Essen (4)
Dessert (75)
  65 of 75 slots filled
Bill & Peggy Hager
Wendy May
sweet treat
Jennie Link
Melanie Moore
Chocolate chip cookies
Becky Link
Kathy Marshall
Judy Moeller
Natalie and Mike Hall
Dirt Dessert!
Kathy Bitzer
Jon Soellner
Gina June
Meredith Manderfield
Barbara King
Eileen Devereux (2)
Ruth And Greg Brothers
Bob Moeller
Len LaBrecque
Mary Schutte
Susan Haushalter
Marti Kleinfelter
Enough for 12
Jeff,Kelli,Rlizabeth Radloff
Gary Geiger
Dcn Steve Brown
Melissa Angel
Juli Lain
Barbara Farwick
Judy Muething
Barbara Lanham
Emily Lewis
Lois Harris
Aimee Limberg
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Steve Kroeger
Something sweet
Cindy Murphy
Stephanie Haap
Ron Meyer
Tina Klaus
Kimberleigh And Michael Szaz
Dessert and photos
Karen Mccauley
Carol McNeal
Julie Field
M/M Peterson
Vicki Hudson
Dayne Nussman
Greg Johnson
Christina Schulz
Oreo balls
Patricia Haas
Terry Hicks
Linda Phillips
Alison Hantak
Rebecca Algren
Jane Menke
Apple pie
Wally Lester (2)
Pam And Michael Hazard
serves 12
Catherine Helmick
Nancy Miltin
Barbara Murphy
Marianne and Ed Murphy
Kate Suddendorf
Joyce Longwell
Barb & Mike Berens
Joe McDermott
Jad Buckman
Sandy Vollman
Side (65)
  56 of 65 slots filled
Judy Ryan
Large pasta salad
Al and Lynn Stuart
Kenneth Watson
Jerry & Barb Hornback
Glenn Petrosky
Peggy White
Ray Smith
Bacon-wrapped herbed petite potatoes, smoked
Megan Walsh (Surges)
Tracey Peavley
Tammie Smith
Marcy and Tim Schutte
Enough to serve 10
Elizabeth Otte
Mary Feldhues
Karen Bowman
Cheesy potatoes
Ted & Chris Lemmon
Devil eggs
Theresa Rein
Thomas Taylor
Stephen & Barbara Winter
Enough to serve 8
Kathy Schaefer
Pattie Tull
Sherry Hornberger
Terry Stewart
Jennifer Howard
Mexican Street Corn
Mike & Donna Budai
Larry Lauer
German potato salad
Nancy Simmons
Enough to serve 8-10
Chris Callahan
Enough for 8
Pat Wahl
Jessie Perkins
Mark and Sheila Woodard
Oil Pasta Salad and Baked beans. serves 12
Bill & Beth Liette
to serve 6
Jamie Buckman
Margaret VonBusch
Mac n cheese
Jill Reineck
Megan Rothmeeler
Jill Rothmeeler
Carol Chamberlin
serving 5
Mary Antonoline
enough to serve 8
Joyce O'Leary
Zucchini bake
Linda Pleiman
Victoria Howe
Pat Ryerson
Matt Early
George Nagel
for 9
Sue Moll
Baked beans
Sylvia Tone
12 deviled eggs
Donna Tatham
Kathy Taylor
Cindy Havlis
Kathy Brockman
Robert Rizzo Rizzo
Russell Mantarro
Marlene Noschang
Kathleen Woods
Responses:     Yes: 192     No: 2     Maybe: 1     No Response: 4

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 457     Maybe: 5

YES (192) -  

Traci Essen (4 guests)

Kathleen Woods (2 guests)

Sandy Vollman (1 guest)

Marlene Noschang (1 guest)

Anthony Krumm (5 guests)

Corinne Rutzke (2 guests)

Lisa & Jim Wurster (2 guests)

Fred, Laura & Celeste Riehle (3 guests)

Catherine Fasano (1 guest)

Dan Rizzo (2 guests)

Russell Mantarro (2 guests)

Tracy Moran (3 guests)

Robert Rizzo Rizzo (2 guests)

TERRI TENGLER (3 guests)

Kathy Brockman (2 guests)

Cindy Havlis (2 guests)

Jad Buckman (4 guests)

Joe McDermott (1 guest)

Jeff Burpee (2 guests)

Lance Angle (5 guests)

Mike Fender (2 guests)

Barb & Mike Berens (2 guests)

Kathy Taylor (6 guests)

Donna Tatham (2 guests)

Sylvia Tone (1 guest)

Sue Moll (2 guests)

Tom Vogel (2 guests)

Mark Fazio (7 guests)

Joyce Longwell (3 guests)

Kate Suddendorf (5 guests)

George Nagel (2 guests)

Marianne and Ed Murphy (2 guests)

Barbara Murphy (2 guests)

Dale Alexander (3 guests)

Matt Early (5 guests)

Pat Ryerson (2 guests)

Michael Lucia (2 guests)

Nancy Miltin (4 guests)


Victoria Howe (2 guests)

Catherine Helmick (2 guests)

Phil Didion (3 guests)

Pam And Michael Hazard (2 guests)

Dick Gerwe (2 guests)

Linda Pleiman (1 guest)

Dawson Davis (2 guests)

Steve Gerwe (2 guests)

Wally Lester (2 guests)

Jane Menke (2 guests)
My daughter, Katherine Eaton, will be joining me.

Joyce Grothaus (2 guests)

Rebecca Algren (4 guests)

Joyce O'Leary (2 guests)

Mary Antonoline (1 guest)

Carol Chamberlin (1 guest)

Alison Hantak (5 guests)

Jill Rothmeeler (1 guest)

Megan Rothmeeler (4 guests)

Linda Phillips (2 guests)

Terry Hicks (2 guests)

Jill Reineck (5 guests)

Jill Riddle (2 guests)

Margaret VonBusch (6 guests)

Patricia Haas (4 guests)

Judy Crooker (2 guests)

Jamie Buckman (4 guests)

Bill & Beth Liette (2 guests)

Penelope Frigon (5 guests)

Christina Schulz (5 guests)

Greg Johnson (4 guests)

Dayne Nussman (2 guests)

Mark and Sheila Woodard (2 guests)

Bob Rechtin (2 guests)

Jessie Perkins (4 guests)

Vicki Hudson (1 guest)

Pat Wahl (1 guest)

Pat Litchholt (1 guest)

M/M Peterson (2 guests)

Julie Field (5 guests)

Chris Callahan (1 guest)

Mary Jane Crawford (1 guest)

Nancy Simmons (1 guest)

Ruth Ann Braswell (1 guest)

Larry Lauer (2 guests)

Jennifer Callahan (2 guests)

Carol McNeal (2 guests)

Karen Mccauley (1 guest)

Carol Grace (2 guests)
See you there

Kimberleigh And Michael Szaz (2 guests)

Brian & Meghan Budai (2 guests)

Mike & Donna Budai (2 guests)

Tina Klaus (2 guests)

Lois Callahan (2 guests)

Jennifer Howard (4 guests)

Ron Meyer (2 guests)


Mariclare Daughton (1 guest)

Barbara Friend (2 guests)

Terry Stewart (1 guest)

Joy Hansbauer (2 guests)

Mary Jo Bauer (2 guests)

Bruce Cormier (2 guests)

Amy Fisher (2 guests)

Stephanie Haap (4 guests)

Cindy Murphy (1 guest)

Sherry Hornberger (2 guests)

Steve Kroeger (3 guests)

Aimee Limberg (2 guests)

Lois Harris (1 guest)

Pattie Tull (2 guests)

Kathy Schaefer (3 guests)

Christy& Bill Burckard (2 guests)

Robert & Donna Ayers (2 guests)

Emily Lewis (4 guests)

Barbara Lanham (1 guest)

Stephen & Barbara Winter (2 guests)

Paul & Alison Estes (2 guests)

Wm R Peck (1 guest)

Judy Muething (2 guests)

Barbara Farwick (2 guests)

Ginette Barcomb (1 guest)

Thomas Taylor (2 guests)

Juli Lain (4 guests)

Melissa Angel (1 guest)

Dcn Steve Brown (1 guest)
Can’t wait to meet all the members of our new parish family!

Theresa Rein (1 guest)

Sheila Doran (2 guests)

Ted & Chris Lemmon (2 guests)

Shannon LaBrecque (6 guests)

Gary Geiger (2 guests)

Sherri Bowling (2 guests)

Jeff,Kelli,Rlizabeth Radloff (2 guests)

Rob Allen (3 guests)

Marti Kleinfelter (1 guest)
Looking to meeting new family members

Susan Haushalter (1 guest)

Mary Schutte (2 guests)

Len LaBrecque (2 guests)

Bob Moeller (3 guests)

Melissa/Dave Mosteller/Sedivy (4 guests)

Ruth And Greg Brothers (2 guests)

Eileen Devereux (2 guests)

Barbara King (2 guests)

Jim Cappel (1 guest)

George Ecker (1 guest)

Kim Haas (4 guests)

Marci Gohs (2 guests)
Tom and Marci Gohs

Meredith Manderfield (4 guests)

Ruth Blom (2 guests)

Gina June (4 guests)

Karen Bowman (4 guests)

Mary Feldhues (1 guest)

Elizabeth Otte (1 guest)

Jon Soellner (4 guests)

Linda Brown (2 guests)

Kathy Bitzer (2 guests)

Marcy and Tim Schutte (2 guests)
What a great idea. Looking forward to meeting new family members.

Tammie Smith (3 guests)

Natalie and Mike Hall (4 guests)

Tracey Peavley (4 guests)

Tom And Jane Baker (2 guests)

Carol Glaser (1 guest)

Megan Walsh (Surges) (4 guests)

Ray Smith (1 guest)

Judy Moeller (1 guest)

Beverly Bockrath (2 guests)

Peggy White (2 guests)

Kathy Marshall (2 guests)

Becky Link (4 guests)

Glenn Petrosky (2 guests)

Mindy Dannemiller (2 guests)

Jerry & Barb Hornback (2 guests)

Cindy Hopkins (2 guests)

Stephanie Woodall (1 guest)

Emily Besl (2 guests)

Kenneth Watson (1 guest)

Melanie Moore (4 guests)

Al and Lynn Stuart (2 guests)

Mary Dawson (2 guests)

Lori Anne Fothergill (3 guests)

Joann Evans (2 guests)

James, Maricar, and Carson Gonzales (3 guests)

Judy Ryan (3 guests)
Pat & Judy Ryan

Jennie Link (5 guests)

Barbara And Paul Fitzgerald (2 guests)

Wendy May (3 guests)

Bill & Peggy Hager (2 guests)

Ree Foltz (2 guests)

Alan & Mary Ann Fodor (2 guests)

Amy Jost (4 guests)

Michelle Emerling (2 guests)
We're looking forward to it!

Dottie Buerger (2 guests)

Carolyn Taylor (3 guests)

Bill Frantz (2 guests)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (1) +  


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