Memphis Auditions

We are seeking a diverse cast of talented and committed actors, singers and dancers. All roles are available to auditioners. of any Ethnicity. 

"Although we encourage all ethnicities to attend the auditions, be advised we are looking for actors who can convincingly play the ethnicities called for in the role descriptions. Cast age limited to age 16 and up.

Audition Preparation:

**Please bring a Headshot and/or Resume if you have one.

**Please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of the show — but NOT from the show itself. (Choose a song that highlights your vocal skills). Please bring sheet music for your song (in the appropriate key) with you to the audition; an accompanist will be provided.

** All Actors and Singers will be asked to do a cold reading from the script

**Please bring your calendar with you to the auditions in order to declare any scheduling conflicts. 

**A dance audition will be held Nov 5.  Please bring dance or tennis shoes, dress appropriately and be prepared for light movement.

**Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled audition time to complete audition forms.

Hockadoo! Memphis is the story of Huey Calhoun (loosely based on real-life 1950s disc jockey Dewey Phillips) and his mission to bring blues and soul music to a white southern audience. In a time of segregation, Huey optimistically believes that music can transcend race, and with him on his journey is aspiring singer Felicia Farrell. The two fall in love, but must contend with social barriers, a prejudiced mother, and an overprotective brother. With a soulful score and vibrant dance numbers, Memphis is a crowd-pleasing adventure of music and love in the 1950s South.

Character Breakdown

Huey Calhoun (Male, 20-35, Vocal range – Tenor with a great feel for pop/rock, R&B C3-B4, ETHNICITY: Caucasian)
frenzied, bombastic, motor-mouthed hero who talks his way into becoming a DJ at a local “white” radio station, ignores race barriers and eventually falls in love with Felicia, a talented black singer, which causes a whole new set of problems for him in segregated Memphis

Felicia Farrell (Female, 20-35, Vocal range -R&B, Belt voice G3-A5, ETHNICITY: African American)
beautiful, wide-eyed, and a fiercely gifted singer follows her heart and falls in love with Huey, despite knowing deep down that a relationship between a white man and a black woman in prejudiced Memphis is doomed

Delray Jones (Male, 35-45, Vocal range – Baritenor with a great pop/rock/R&B, Bb2- Bb4, ETHNICITY: African American)
Felicia’s older brother who owns the club on Beale Street where she sings; realistic, cautious, protective, and aware of the realities of the segregation that exists in Memphis and the world beyond

Mama (Gladys Calhoun) (Female, 45-65, Vocal range – strong singer, Alto-Belt mix B3-A5, ETHNICITY: Caucasian)
excellent actor with comic skills; Huey’s stern, traditional blue-collar, southern mother who has worked her entire life to be able to support herself and her son, whom she loves, but about whom she constantly worries

Gator (Male, 35-45, Vocal range – Baritenor, F#3-A4, ETHNICITY: African American)
bartender at Delray’s, hasn’t spoken since age five, when he saw his father killed; as the story progresses, he finds his voice again, must be an excellent actor and singer and move well, comic timing a plus

Bobby (Male, 20-35, Vocal: Gospel Voice, G3-C5, ETHNICITY: African American)
janitor at Mr. Simmons’s radio station, full of personality and heart, role requires an actor who must dance well, as the character has a dance break in his show-stopping number “Big Love,” comic skills a plus
Mr. Simmons( Male, 40-60, ETHNICITY: Caucasian)
conservative owner of the radio station where Huey gets his start; a strong, southern, commanding businessman who becomes willing to take a chance on Huey when he realizes the audience Huey reaches and the money he can command; great actor who is comfortable singing.
Wailin’ Joe/Beale Street Singer-Dancer (Male, 20-40; Vocal range –excellent tenor Eb3 – Gb5; ETHNICITY: African American)
Wailin’ Joe sings “Scratch My Itch” and is featured in both Act One and Act Two; must also dance very well
Main Street Dancers/Singers – (Female & Male, 18-30’s; ETHNICITY: Caucasian)
excellent dancers with great pop/rock/crooner voices; comic ability and tumbling a plus
Beale Street Dancers/Singers (Female & Male) , 16+; ETHNICITY: African American)

to play teenagers and adults; excellent dancers with great R&B/rock voices; comic abilities,Double Dutch skills and tumbling a plus

Created by:   Weathervane Playhouse

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