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2020 is the year of the Virtual Angel Tree!  Please scan the list and select a child.  Shop for that child and return gifts to church by Friday 12/11.  While you are not required to get everything on the list, we ask that you give what you can for your Angel Child.  There are multiple links for the different agencies we serve.

VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE LABEL THE GIFTS WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME and NUMBER and CODE (ie:  Susie G #2, PH1).   Please secure gifts tightly-all should be wrapped and placed in a large bag for transport. Gift receipts can be placed in boxes.

Gift drop off will be available on Sunday mornings from 10-12 (IGNITE Service) starting 11/15 and there will be curbside service on other days.  See the Church Website and Social Media for times.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A GIFT AT CHURCH if someone is not there to receive.

 Questions:  call Laura Beaty 336-403-5311 or Becky Pfaff 336-768-5156.

Created by:   Sue Spiegelman
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Available Slot

Nasid A. #1 WKU Inf 1B, 8mo M

Musicial Toys, Balls, Soft Animals, Soft Cars, 18Mo Jogging Suit, PJs

Suzanne Sarfert

Giovanni H. #2 WKU Inf 1B, 10Mo. M

Musical Toys, Soft Animals, Push Truck, 18 mo Jogging Suit, PJs

Suzanne Sarfert

Isaia Rasi J. #3 WKU Inf 1B, 9MO F

Musical Toys, Balls, Soft Baby Doll, Soft Animal, Big Picture Book, 12 Mo Jogging Suit, PJs

Brenda Bronk

Dashaan J. #4 WKU Inf 1B, 1Yr M

Musical Toys, Balls, Soft Animals, Truck, 12 Mo Jogging Suit, PJs

Karen Everhart

Miach T. #5 WKU Inf 1B 1Yr, M

See N Say Toys, Trucks and Cars, Balls, 24 Mo-2T Coat, Jogging Suit, T-shirts

Paul Halvorson

Ariel T. #6, WKU Inf 1B, 1YR, F

Soft Baby Doll, Big Picture Book, Musical Toy, 12 Mo Jogging Suit, T-shirts,PJs

Sonya Long

Angela B., #1 WKU Inf1, 1Yr, F

Soft Baby Doll, See-N-Say Toy, Musical Toy, 18 Mo Jogging Suit, PJs


Kenya M. #2 WKU INF1, 1Yr old, F

Soft Teddy Bear, Musical Toy, Toy Animals, 9 Mo Jogging Suit, T-shirts, Socks


Phoenix F. #3, WKU Inf1, 1Yr, M

See-n-Say Toy, Balls, Books, 24 Mo jogging suit, T-shirts


Mare S. #4 WKU Inf1, 1Yr, M

Musical Set, Books, Talking Telephone, 24 Mo-Jogging suit, T-shirts, shoes 54

Cheryl Cassel ATC

Amari W. #5, WKU Inf 1, 1Yr, M

Stacking Toy, Shape Sorter, Balls, 18Mo Jogging suit, T-shirts, Socks

Karen Everhart

Adiel A. #1, WKUT, 1Yr, M

Push Car, See-n-Say, Balls, Books & Puzzles, Shirt-24Mo, Pants 24Mo, 2T Coat, Jogging Suit

Lee Dixon ATC

Elijah B. #2, WKUT, 1 Yr, M

Fisher Price Action Load and Go, Balls, Legos, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Coat 3T, Jogging Suit, T-shirts

Lee Dixon ATC

Nivyah B., #3, WKUT, 1Yr, F

GoGoGears, Baby Doll, Tea Set, Smart Phone, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Jogging Suit, Hat, Gloves

Cynthia Williams

Syncere C. #4, WKUT, 1Yr, M

Workbench Tool Set, Spiderman Doll, Books-Large Print, Shirt-3T, Pants 4T, Jogging Suit, Hat and Gloves

Ben Rowe

Skylar F., #5, WKUT, 1Yr F

Frozen Snow Globe Lights and Sound Ride on, Baby Doll, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-12Mo, Pants 18Mo, Jogging Suit, Hat & Gloves

Lee Dixon ATC

Adraine G. #6, WKUT, 1Yr, M

Lil Tikes Tractor Ride, Musical Toy, Legos, Balls, Shirt-2T, Pants 2T, 2T Coat, Jogging Suit

Cherie Ratcliffe

Mia G. #7, WKUT, 1Yr, F

Unicorn, Baby Doll, Wooden Blocks, Bugzzle, Spin Again, Shirt- 24Mo, Pant-24mo, Jogging Suit, Hat &Gloves

Janet Kessler

Alexandria P., #8, WKUT, 1Yr F

Frozen Snow Globe Lights & Sound Ride On, Soft BabyDoll, Legos, Musical Toys, Shirt-2T, Pants 2T, Jogging Suit, PJs

Christy Buchanan

Richton S. #9, WKUT, 1Yr M

Remote Control Car, Balls, Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Truck, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Coat-2T, Jogging Suit, Sweat Shirt, Hat & Gloves

Christy Buchanan

Dakari S. #10, WKUT, 1Yr, M

Bike, Balls, Legos, Books, Cars, Puzzles, Shirt-24Mo, Pants-24Mo, Coat-2T, Jogging Suit

Sue Spiegelman

Dakota S. #11, WKUT, 1Yr, F

Bike, Doll Baby, Legos, Books, Cars, Puzzles, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Coat-2T, Jogging Suit, Socks

Sue Spiegelman

Jalen W., #12, WKUT, 1Yr, M

Push Car, Paw Patrol Dino Rescue, Legos, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Jogging Suit, Socks, Hat&Gloves

Brenda Bronk

Billy W. #13, WKUT, 1Yr, M

Bike, Air Plane, Truck, Drum Set, Books, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Jogging Suit, T-shirts

Marcey Davis

Daniela A., #1, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Fisher Price Laugh'n'Learn, Blk Doll Baby, Tea Set, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Jogging Suit

Eileen Ayuso

Armani E., #2, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Precious Moment Black Doll, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Tablet, Books, Puzzles, Jogging Suit-3T, PJ-3T, Hat & Gloves

Denise Peterson
for Sunday Symposium

Japan H., #3, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Black Barbie Doll, Roller Skates, Tea Set, Pots & Pans, Play Food, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Jogging Suit-3T, Hats & Gloves

Lisa Meadows

Yasir H., #4, WKU2, 2Yr, M

Cars, Smart Wheels Corkscrew Top, Musical Set, Play Smart Phone, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Jogging Suit


Ryusi J., #5, WKU2, 2Yr, M

Lego Set, Paw Patrol Set, V-Tech Learning Toy, Books, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Jogging Suit, Sweater

Tiffaney Whitesides

Karter J., #6 WKU2, 2Yr, M

Lego Set, Hot Wheels Cars, Train Set, Play Smart Phone, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T, Jogging Suit, Sweater

Laura beaty atc

A'laya L., #7, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Tea Set, Kitchen Set, Doll w/ Clothes, Books, Puzzles, Shirt - Kids 8-10, Pants Kids 8-10, Jogging Suit

Laura and Steve Kelley

Lenny J., #8, WKU2, 2Yr, M

Fire Truck,Balls, Books, Legos, Action Figures, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Jogging Suit, Hat & Gloves

Jodi Pratt

Cashton S. #9, WKU2, 3Yr, M

Monster Truck, Remote Control Car, Air Plane, Books, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Jogging Suit, Sweater

Darcie Lewis

Chandler S., #10, WKU2, 2Yr, M

Dump Truck, Spider Man Action Figures, Balls, Books, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Coat-3T, Jogging Shirt, Sweater

Nancy Morris

Madigan S. #11, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Play Make Up Set, Barbie Doll, Play Smart Phone, Tea Set, Shirt-3T, Pants-3T, Coat-3T, Sweater, Jogging Suit

Cathy Kelley

Legacy T., #12, WKU2, 2Yr, M

Motor Cycle, Action Figures, Remote Control Car, Books, Shirt-4T, Pants-4T, Coat-4T, Jogging Suit


Matthew V., #13, WKU2, 2Yr, M

Play Dough, Paw Patrol Figure Set, Robot, Fire Truck, Balls, Shirt-2T, Pants-2T/24Mo, Jogging Suit

Jennifer Barksdale
Jennifer Barksdale

A'Brielle Z., #14, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Kitchen Set, Play Food, Books, Puzzles, Doll Baby, Shirt-2T, Pants 2T, Jogging Suit, Sweater

Calae Runge

Bella S,.#15, WKU2, 2Yr, F

Baby Alive Doll, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Set, Tea Set, Kitchen Set,Shirt-4T, Pants-4T, Jogging Suit, Sweater


Jasmine A., #1, WKU3, 3Yr, F

Barbie Doll & Camper, Puzzles, Books,

Mary Hadley

Skylar B., #2, WKU3, 3Yr, F

Barbie Car, Toy Puppy, Play Food, Pots & Pans, Books,

Lindsay Heitman

Isabella G., #3, WKU3, 3Yr, F

Play Dough, Leap Frog, Mr. Pencil's ABC, Books

Ginger Sims

Mark S., #4, WKU3, 3Yr, M

Remote Control Car, Tanker Truck, Coloring Books

Joni Culley

Miles S., #5, WKU3, 3Yr, M

Paw Patrol Play Set, Books, Tanker Truck, Puzzles

Joni Culley

Amaya W., #6, WKU3, 3Yr, F

Peppa Pig Toy, Blocks, Princess Books, Coloring Books

Patti Peacock

James W., #7, WKU3, 3Yr, M

Thomas Train Set, Race Car, Books, Puzzles


Christian W., #8, WKU3, 3Yr, M

Ninja Turtle Puzzles, Baketball Set, Books, Puzzles


Alari P., #9, WKU3, 3Yr, F

Paw Patrol Pony, My Little Pony Educational Toys, Play Dough

Nancy Morris

Marcellas T., #10, WKU3, 3Yr, M

Paw Patrol Car, Books, Leap Frog Learning Friends

Linda Thayer

Kenna W., #11, WKU3, 3Yr, F

Barbie Doll W/ Clothes, Tea Set, Art Set

Stephanie Andrews
Do you know the race so I can get an appropriate Barbie?

Shanika S. #12, WFU3, 3Yr, F

Unicorn, Frozen Doll, Paint Set, Play Food

Linda Thayer

Greyshawn M., #13, WFU3, 3Yr, M

Helicopter, Push Truck, Puzzles, Balls

Brittany Henderson

Jamison F., #1, WKU Prek, 4Yr, M

Lego Blocks, Softball, Lightning McQueen Toy, Books, Shirt-5, Pants-5, Sweatsuit, Socks, Hats&Gloves

Jennifer Barksdale
Jennifer Barksdale

TyQuan G., #2, WKU Prek, 5Yr, M

Bike, Helicopter, Fireman Set, Wrestling Men, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-5, Pants-5, Coat-5, Jogging suit, Hat&Gloves


Ava H., #3, WKU Prek, 4Yr, F

Black Baby Doll w/Clothes, Monster High Doll, Art Set, Books, Shirt-4/5, Pants-5, Jogging Set, Hat&Gloves

Pamela Pogue

Barnah H., #4, WKU Prek, 4Yr, F

Lego Blocks, Play Food, Kitchen Set, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-6, Pants-6, Socks, Jogging Suit, Hat&Gloves

Tiffaney Whitesides

Jordan G., #5, WKU Prek, 5Yr, M

Soccer Ball, Spiderman Toy, Legos, Air Plane, Books, Shirt-6, Pants-6, Coat-6, Jogging Suit, Socks

Elizabeth Nolan

Marissa L., #6, WKU Prek, 4Yr, F

Princess Car, Frozen Dolls, Lego Blocks, Paint Set, Books, Shirt-4,,Pants-4, Jacket, PJs and Robe, Socks

Lisa Warren

Priority M., #7, WKU Prek, 4Yr, F

Soccer&Basketball Set, Remote Control Car, Legos, Shirt-5, Pants-5, Dress, Jogging Suit, Socks

Laura beaty atc

Alaura P., #8, WKU Prek, 4Yr, F

Pretend Makeup Station, Kitchen Set, Pots &Pans, Books, Shirt-4, Pants-4, Dress, Pant Suits, Hats&Gloves,


Ayden R., #9, WKU Prek, 4Yr, M

Ninja Turtle Toys, Tanker Trucks, Transformer Cars, Basketball, Shirt-6, Pants-6, Jogging Suit, PJs & Robe, Socks

Sandra Hartman

Aris T., #10, WKU Prek, 5Yr, F

Barbie Doll, Board Games, Tea Set, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-5, Pants-5, Coat-5, Jogging Suit, T-shirts


Knowledge T., #11, WKU Prek, 4Yr, M

Bike, Robot, Remote Control Car, Balls, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-5/6,Pants-6,Belt, PJs, Undershirts


Dagicas T., #12, WKU Prek, 4Yr, M

PJ Mask, Board Games, Football, Books, Puzzles, Shirt-5, Pants-5, Coat, Underwear, PJs

Mary Hadley

Serenity M., #13, WKU Prek, 4Yr, F

Doll House, Mickey Mouse Doll, Puzzles, Magnetic Creation Station, Shirt-6, Pants-6, Jogging Suit, PJs and Robe


Derrick Y. #6, WFU Inf1, 1Yr, M

Balls, Train, Fire Trucks, Books, 18mo Jogging Suit, Hat & Gloves

Mary Hadley
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