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Team Bonding Over Art


On Saturday February 9th we will have our final club-wide bonding event at The Little Red Hen art studio in Belmar. This event is for Core Values VBC athletes and coaches only, please. This event is FREE for Core Values athletes and coaches. 

10am-12pm 7349 W. Alaska Dr. Lakewood, CO 80228

Please RSVP yes/no by January 18th. 



If you RSVP yes to this event and your athlete does not show up you will be billed the actual cost of the event ($28). 


For more information about the studio you can visit


Date: 02/09/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm MST

Location: 7349 W Alaska Dr. Lakewood, CO 80228

Created by:   Cynthia Dang

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Alexis Stephan (1 guest)

Evie Schull (1 guest)

Lulu Glatz (1 guest)

Marcia Guadagni (1 guest)

Abigail Swartz (1 guest)

Emily Gittins (1 guest)

Tessa Henzie (1 guest)

Delaney Neville (1 guest)

Kyle Brownlow (1 guest)

Victoria Martin (1 guest)
Looking forward to it!

Andi Brownlow (1 guest)

Grace Matteson (1 guest)

Wyatt Hobson (1 guest)

Becca Southern (1 guest)

Shea Arnold (1 guest)

Dave Hannaway (1 guest)