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Sonoran Foothills School

Sonoran Foothills:Student Tech Distribution

We are looking forward to our virtual learning during this first quarter! In order to best support your learner, Sonoran Foothills has a device available to check out to your child(ren). Kindergarten students can get an iPad and 1st-8th Grade can get a chromebook to use at home. ***Your family can check out a device for each child (it is no longer 1 per family).

All of your child's learning can be done from your own personal device at home. However, we anticipate that some families may benefit from having a device provided to them from the school. 

If your family would like to check out a device please select a time that work's best for you. Be sure to include each student's name that is checking out a device and his/her grade level. 

This will be a drive-thru process and will not require you to get out of your car. Please follow the cones as you pull through the front lane to pick up your device. In addition, please pardon our dust as we still have some construction & concrete work happening on campus at this time. 

We are doing our best to make this smooth and efficient, but please anticipate that there could be some wait time during this process. As always, we thank you in advance for your patience, kindness, and understanding!

Location: Sonoran Foothills

Created by:   Darlene Baumgartner
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (PDT) Available Slot
07/27/2020 (Mon.) 7:30am - 10:00am  

7:30am (20)

All slots filled
Noel Salgado (2)
Eileen Walker
Heather Ellman (2)
Jacqueline D'Ortenzio (2)
Alyssa Boothe
Laci Boothe
Michelle Cerreta
Santiago Hernandez
Dayna Covotsos
Erin McCormick (2)
Bethany Pellerin
Sara Lindsey
Audra Georgieff
Kami Mach
Angela Haddad
Sydney Trojanek
Rebecca Rowland
Zane Carter 6th grade

7:45am (25)

All slots filled
Diana Duran
Jamie Muhlenbruch
Michelle Bringhurst
Christian Beaudry (2)
Erin Dorris
Kylie Wright
Jenni Jones (2)
Misti Moffett
Tonianne Mascaro (2)
Tiffany Williams (2)
Kenneth Koury (2)
Adam Heller (2)
Candice Frazer
1 chromebook for my 1st grader please!
Megan Onofray (2)
One iPad (kinder) one chromebook (1st)
Silmara Robbi
Michelle Evans (2)

8:00am (20)

All slots filled
Danielle Hartman
Dina Wolfenden
Sharla Molloy
Sarah Johnson
Mary-ruby Palm
Megan Mazzola
Kaycie Kellogg
Lisa Pruitt
Chad Welborn
Cristina Rogoveanu (2)
I need to check out a device for my kindergartner and a chrome book for my 6th grader.
Angela Seitzer (2)
Katy Mordka
Erin Gioiosa
Shawn Feeney
Mallie Coons
Thank you:)
Stephanie Jamrozy (2)
Eric Zuhlke

8:15am (25)

All slots filled
Shari Stephans
Lisa Tatone (2)
2 Chromebooks for 1st and 2nd grader
Michelle Cicalese (2)
Katy Craner (2)
Zac Craner & Ethnie Craner
John Crismon
Julie Read (2)
Kelly Reed
Amie Marshall (2)
Stephanie Sanchez (2)
Rachel Hill
Serene Vivadelli (2)
Jessica Sebek (2)
Jennifer Cable (2)
Nathan Whicker (3)

8:30am (20)

All slots filled
Nigel Cooper
Ashley Sei (2)
Daniel Gilbert (2)
For skylar and Eva gilbert
Nicole Secrest
Chaunda Johnson
Yolanda Green (grandmother) will pick up device
Jenna Gilbert
Chanelle Ison
Cari Perry
Norman Napper-Rogers (3)
Shanta Lehman (4)
Jessica Triplett
Tamara Tanaka (2)

8:45am (25)

11 of 25 slots filled
Melenie Kunath (2)
Mia Seidner
Lindsay Oxendale (2)
For Ethan and Micah Oxendale, 6th Grade
Sarah Merseal (2)
Jaxxon 2nd Hudson1st
Megan Walker
Megan Walker
Christa Hansen (2)

8:45am (20)

7 of 20 slots filled
Janelle Jetmore
Just picking up School Supplies Owen / Maddox Jetmore
Meagan Chase
Leslie Robinson
One device for Lucas Robinson and school supplies
Wyatt Warner
Dana Broderick
Dennis Burz (2)
Ava and Ariah

9:00 (25)

All slots filled
Katie Rohs
Erin Stilwell
Pam Niehus
Kristine Nichols
Corina Fujitani
Leslie Harris
Jessica Corbin (2)
Elysia Bott (3)
I will need 3 chrome books please
Roberta Derryberry (2)
Maria Schroeder
Karin Hill (3)
Andrea Remke (4)
My oldest son has a laptop so if there is a shortage he doesn’t need to be assigned one. Thx
Sarah Nielson (2)
Lindsay Braverman
Kellie Masingill
Need 2

9:15am (20)

19 of 20 slots filled
Sarah Rico
Alison DeRuiter (3)
Lindsay Walker (2)
Katey Hill
Lori Jones
Brian Espiau (2)
Fred Speck
Dina Holdren (2)
I have 2nd and 3rd grader
Tracie Ernst
Kelly Mclaughlin
Nicole Burke (2)
Hannah & Emilee Burke
Peter Toyos
noemi Jackson
Academy Enrolled

9:30am (25)

All slots filled
Cara Morrison
Jessi Tosh
Alyson Hupp
Tammy Rugen (2)
Merry Eggebrecht (3)
Alicia Whitmore (3)
Lori Howarrd
Megan Baker (2)
Rocco D'Alessandro (2)
Michael Mendonca (2)
Lori Oberbroeckling (3)
Kinley Oberbroeckling (5th grade), Kaden Oberbroeckling (4th grade), Kamryn Oberbroeckling (2nd Grade)
Fred Speck
Ava Osborne
Teresa Arteca
Misty Davison

9:45am (20)

All slots filled
Jason Strickland (2)
Nicole Haskell
Kathy Cabizo
Jill Tumminello
Kristin Thoma-Mahan
Claire Brown (2)
Sarah Ortaldo
Melissa Antognini
Tyler Haynes
Thank you!
Lisa Wentzel
Jennelle Walker (2)
Olivia Osborne
Dorina Blidar
Derek T
We do not know his student ID number
Teresa Arteca
Jennifer Ormond

10:00 (25)

All slots filled
Kristin Smith
Julie Berlin
We will also pick up school supply box we ordered.
Kiesha Segobia
Erica Husted
Rory Husted
Amanda Raymond
Brenna Schear (2)
Lawrence Roenigk
Amanda Bryand (2)
Emily Ferguson
Maria Perrella (2)
Shonna Moore
Crystal Curry
Tiffany Martin
Jalani Dorcoo 5th grade
Adrienne Perry
Lorenzo Perry
Jessica Gudinas
Nicole Moore
Sarah Briatta (2)
Eddie Pugliese
Christinna Smith
Jeff Holbrook
Maya Holbrook 5th grade
Kalee Hamilton

3:15pm (20)

All slots filled
Tiffany Heppler
Ilana Bailey (2)
Ashley Rech
Stephanie Leffingwell
Veronica Mills (2)
Faith Foster
Suzanne Jensen (2)
Angela Fricke
Angela Fricke
Aubrey Logan
Nyrice Thomas (2)
2 children
Jennifer Al-Imari
Elmira Cajic-Mesic (2)
I need two devises for Elvin Mesic and Elisa Mesic
Lisa Creager (2)
Jennifer Selle
Keira Selle

3:30pm (25)

22 of 25 slots filled
Julia Neidenbach
Crystal Jensen (2)
Kimberly Hufford (2)
Jason Hesse
Danielle Patturelli (2)
Picking up for two kids
Maria Peña
Kristina Hester
Dominika Wrobel
Timothy Erwing
Tenille Brice
3 computers
Jenny Robertson
Casaundra Squelch
Trisha Scott
Maria Bolanos Hughes
Laura Stano (2)
Kristen/Karl Christman (2)
Brooke Christman - Kinder - IPAD
Kristen/Karl Christman
Emma - 2nd - CHROMEBOOK

3:45pm (25)

17 of 25 slots filled
Erin Heinert (2)
Crystal Curley-Sevillano
8th & 5th grade chrome book
Myra Gregory
Valerie Keehn
Meagan Bowers
Sarah Lee
Whitney Vining (2)
Whitney Vining
Valerie Spata (4)
Nicole Burke (2)
Burke Girls
Elisa Fischer (2)

4:00pm (20)

12 of 20 slots filled
Alisa Peralta Castaneda (2)
Dan Peterson (3)
Candice Larson
Marianne Cox (3)
Mia Seidner
Changing time
Natalie timpone (2)

4:15pm (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
Julie Gaebler (2)
Myka Kawabata
Megan McKee

4:30pm (20)

9 of 20 slots filled
Alexandra Bruch
Shannon Ross
Alli Baird
Cynthia McGuire
Melissa Grant
Lyndsi Weise (2)
For Brett and Brock Weise, 2nd Grade
Brandon Berl
Don Hockett

4:45pm (25)

3 of 25 slots filled
Alma Rodriguez (2)
Andrea Busse

5:00pm (20)

7 of 20 slots filled
Carrie Williams
Colleen McLoone
Huda Yousif
Mesa Farrell
FRANCESCA Balajadia (2)
Ava Rose

5:15pm (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
Theresa Milks (2)
Patti Jones
Adam Cowell

5:30pm (20)

6 of 20 slots filled
Kathy Griffith
Karlee Swaim
Phoenix Pool
Brandi Whisler (2)
Traci Dermer
3:00pm - 5:30pm  

3:00pm (20)

5 of 20 slots filled
Beverly Jones (2)
Beverly Jones
Polly Russell Falk
Amy Swain
Sara Revere

3:15pm (25)

1 of 25 slots filled
Shane Lewis

3:30pm (20)

4 of 20 slots filled
Kala Basham
Becky Burleigh (2)
Holly Grim

3:45pm (25)


4:00pm (20)

4 of 20 slots filled
Isabella Hoover
Esperanza Padilla
Wenona Tyree (2)

4:15pm (25)

2 of 25 slots filled
Trina Norris Nakashima (2)

4:30pm (20)

4 of 20 slots filled
Raegan Downing
Chanel Rojas
Ailana Rodriguez 5th Janessa Rojas 2nd Jessenia Rojas Kinder
Wendy Ciancio
Virgil Wimberly

4:45pm (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
Rachel Champion (2)
Andrea Busse
Brayden Busse
Megan Gordon

5:00pm (20)

1 of 20 slots filled
Jennifer Morton

5:15pm (25)

1 of 25 slots filled
Adam Cowell

5:30pm (20)

9 of 20 slots filled
Marla Greenspan (2)
Raquel Montero (2)
Brynette Hightower
Robyn Olson (2)
Diana Ilioi (2)
Ethan and Emma Ilioi
07/28/2020 (Tue.) 7:30am - 10:30am  

7:30am (25)

19 of 25 slots filled
Megan Ernst
Lindsay Manov
Lynn Plavala
Brian Lee (2)
Tiffany Geller (2)
Ryan Brown (3)
Steve Reaume
Abby Potter-Davis
Caitlin Ching
Laura McCammon (2)
7:30am pick up
Adam Cowell
Mistymarie Davison
Alyssa Felix
Amber Robinson

7:45am (25)

6 of 25 slots filled
M Laskin
Kate Lumley (2)
Kevin McCall
Cathy Sewell (2)

8:00am (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
Ashley Johnson
Stacie Beute
Landon Benson
Bradley Ravenscroft

8:15am (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
Katie Freeman
Katie Freeman
Taleka Fisher
Derick Zarazua

8:30am (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
James Maccioli (2)
Robert Green (2)

8:45am (25)

3 of 25 slots filled
Lisamarie Johnstone (3)

9:00am (25)

7 of 25 slots filled
Scott McCormick
Lucia Magno
Kayleen Robbins
Stacie Abbruzzio (3)
Jeff Mcillece

9:15am (25)

4 of 25 slots filled
Ashley Rech
Jennifer LaMay
Danielle Howell
Helen Paulis

9:30am (25)

2 of 25 slots filled
cristin Mullen (2)

9:45am (25)

5 of 25 slots filled
keri grunert
keri grunert
George Leiva
Michelle Bielick (2)

10:00am (25)

9 of 25 slots filled
Meredith Shepard
Penelope Parkinson (2)
Tisha Morgan
TobI Morgan grade 8
Chelsie Scalf (2)
Rachel Barrett
Lauren Foley
Joseph Franchini

10:15am (25)

17 of 25 slots filled
Monica Davis
Kelli Sassano (2)
Isabella 4th grade and Giavanna 1st grade
Jennifer Nosker
Monika Gamel
Mandi Murphy (2)
Katelyn Langston
Serena Galaviz
Denise Lau
Alexandria Rivera
Colette Lana (3)
Nixxon Schaefer
Talleathea Greyeyes
Jennifer Rotolante
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