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Self-Compassion, Why, What, and How

Recently, there has been an abundance of research demonstrating the effectiveness of a particular skill that can assist people in reducing negative thoughts and feelings and increasing overall wellbeing.  That skill is Self-Compassion, and it has been associated with a host of desired outcomes that can improve our lives in a multitude of areas. 

Longtime Beth David member and local psychologist, Dr. Adam Dorsay, will be providing Beth David members with a presentation on why and how to apply the skill of Self-Compassion.  Dr. Dorsay has presented on this topic and other resiliency-based topics to international audiences at Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, and at continuing education courses for medical and mental health professionals.  He is also the host of a psychology podcast called SuperPsyched with Dr. Adam Dorsay.  On one episode of which he  spoke with Golden State Warriors Head Coach, Steve Kerr, on the topic of compassion and how it has been a crucial component to their success.

Please note: This is an educational presentation only. This presentation is not counseling, nor other services intended as diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of psychological problems.


Date: 12/09/2021 (Thu.)

Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm PDT

Location: See Zoom Details Above (to be added)

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