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Starlight Community Theater


An adult (16+) production

Done to Death is a murder mystery comedy written by Fred Carmichael. The plot focuses on five has-been mystery fiction writers who are brought to the mysterious Vulture's Vault to collaborate on and write a new murder mystery TV series. When real murders start to happen, hilarity ensues. The play is a huge parody of the murder mystery genre as the writers have their own styles that they use in hopes of figuring out the murders. Fast-paced and full of action!!

Directed by George Canady.

COVID PROTOCOLS - Starlight Community Theater requires all actors, production team, and staff to be fully vaccinated, and provide a copy of their vaccination cards before rehearsals begin. A covid agreement will be signed by all involved with the production. Testing and mask guidelines will be provided to all who are cast in this production (see COVID protocols in "Related Files").

AUDITION INFORMATION - Actors should prepare a video submission using ONE of the sides provided below. The side selected should be for the character you’re auditioning. If there isn’t a side provided for a character, then select any side of your choice. The deadline to submit a video is 11:59pm on January 30, 2022. Submissions after this date will not be considered.

  • Select a monologue from the "Related Files" to submit by video. Please prepare as much as you like.  Please submit your video to [email protected].  If the video is too large to submit by email, you may load it into You Tube, Dropbox, Google Drive and send a public link for the monologue.
  • Fill-out the audition registration form at:  https://forms.gle/43nGY4AZeHCRKFKY9.
  • Please send your theater resume & headshot (optional) to [email protected].

AUDITION INTENT - Please sign up on this Sign Up Genius form to indicate that you plan on submitting all required materials prior to the January 30th deadline.  Make doubly sure that you input your email correctly so we can communicate with you. 

CALLBACKS by invitation will be in person on February 12, 2022 in the afternoon. If you are needed for callbacks, you’ll be notified 1 week before with the times you’ll be needed.  Attendance at callbacks will be necessary in order to be cast.

Performances and most rehearsals will be live in person at Starlight Community Theater, 1611 W. Whispering Wind Dr. Suite #9, Phoenix, AZ 85085.  Some early rehearsal may be held on Zoom.  Rehearsals begin March 6. Performances are April 29 - May 7.  A tentative schedule is located at www.starlightcommunitytheater.com/calendar.

THE CHARACTERS -  Looking to cast 6 to 10 men and 4 to 9 women. Performers of all ages, ethnicities, physical abilities, and gender identities are encouraged to audition. Unless specifically noted, all body types are welcome! All ages are “stage ages” and pliable.

JESSICA OLIVE - an extremely attractive and sophisticated woman in her middle to late 30s. To her, everything is a joke with a reason to laugh. She and her husband are the epitome of the rich, devil-may-care type of characters who used to be so prevalent in mystery stories and they play their characters to the hilt.

WHITNEY OLIVE - a few years older than Jessica, he matches her in wit and sophistication. Always the perfect gentleman, he might well have walked out of the pages of Esquire.

MILDRED Z. MAXWELL - a large woman, folksy in a way, but very determined and opinionated. She often has a sharp way of speaking, although she is a friendly soul. In her late 50s or early 60s.

 BRAD BENEDICT - he is much younger than the others, and, consequently more mod in his dress, but by no means "hippie." Actually, he is a very shy and retiring person, quite the opposite of the characters he writes about. He has a quiet sense of humor which manifests itself in a small grin when he has been amusing, but usually, he takes a back seat and admires the others.

RODNEY DUCKTON - the oldest of the five authors, but he is extremely vital and constantly interested in everything that goes on. There develops a small rivalry between him and Mildred and a small generation gap noticeable between him and Brad. He is dressed impeccably in a suit and is always full of boundless energy and enthusiasm. In his mid-60s to early 70s. 

JASON SUMMERS - a man in his 30s, efficient-looking right down to his horn-rimmed glasses which he occasionally removes to emphasize a point. He wears a neat, Madison Avenue suit. He is enthusiastic about the project before him but terrified it will go wrong and he will lose his job; hence he has a nervous air about him, plus an always-eager-to-please everybody attitude that makes him seem on the verge of collapse.

JANE - she is an eager, young, and pretty maid but one suspects, for a time, that her naivete is not all pure.

GREGORY - he somehow looks remarkably like a Dracula character with his dark, penetrating eyes and deep widow's peak hairline. When he speaks, it is in a deep, Middle-European accent.

OTHER ROLES (which all may be doubled)

GEORGE - about thirty. He speaks in a very soft and sophisticated voice which almost purrs his villainy.

MAN - dressed the same as George. When he speaks, it is with a tough, staccato voice.

MARTHA - typical of thirties movies. Her hair is done in a severe style and she speaks with the voice of a hardened woman of the world.

GIRL - the epitome of the twenties ingenue. Her eyes are widened to their fullest circle of pure innocence. Her hair is a mass of curls and when she moves it is in the manner of the early movies.

MONSTER - should look as horrible as possible. Possibly he wears one of those rubber "Frankenstein" masks and rubber claw-hands.

STEPHANIE MILDAUR - a beautiful girl in her late teens. Although innocent, there is a certain worldliness about her that has come from her life surroundings.

SECRETARY - as modern as they come. She speaks with a slight foreign accent and is breathtakingly beautiful.

HOUSE USHER - exactly as the audience sees her (or him) when they enter.

STAGEHAND - unimpressed by anything that happens around him.

Date: 01/30/2022 (Sun.)

Time: 11:55pm - 12:00am MST

Location: Send to [email protected]
1611 W Whispering Wind Dr, Ste 9, Phoenix, AZ 85085

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Created by:   Starlight Community Theater
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