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LHS Auditions

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Date: 10/03/2020 (Sat.)

Created by:   Brandon Stauffer
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10/03/2020 (Sat)
12:00pm - 12:02pm   
Kira Bangerter
12:02pm - 12:04pm   
Jaxson Dibble
12:04pm - 12:06pm   
Mady Morby
12:06pm - 12:08pm   
Keeley Fadden
12:08pm - 12:10pm   
Kayden Bangerter
12:10pm - 12:12pm   
Matthew Forsgren
12:12pm - 12:14pm   
Emily Crowther
12:14pm - 12:16pm   
Jocelynne Longoria
12:16pm - 12:18pm   
Megan Cox
12:18pm - 12:20pm   
Josh Taylor
12:20pm - 12:22pm   
Fernanda De La Pena
12:22pm - 12:24pm   
Makayla Hadley
12:24pm - 12:26pm   
Jeff Teeples
12:26pm - 12:28pm   
Ben Teeples
12:28pm - 12:30pm   
Sydney Bateman
12:30pm - 12:32pm   
Sawyer Brown
12:32pm - 12:34pm   
Madeline Brinkman
12:34pm - 12:36pm   
Daniel Cruz
Tis I: baby Jake
12:36pm - 12:38pm   
Elizabeth Cruz
12:38pm - 12:40pm   
Kiely Anderson
12:40pm - 12:42pm   
Hyrum Quantz
12:42pm - 12:44pm   
Li Chipman
Li Chipman
12:44pm - 12:46pm   
Madeline Cowley
Mads Cowley
12:46pm - 12:48pm   
Lara Shingleton
12:48pm - 12:50pm   
Sean Michelsen
1:00pm - 1:02pm   
Aspen Larkin
1:02pm - 1:04pm   
Natalie Robinson
1:04pm - 1:06pm   
Gabe Montgomery
Gabe Montgomery
1:06pm - 1:08pm   
Tanner Larsen
1:08pm - 1:10pm   
Jaron Gibby
1:10pm - 1:12pm   
Caden Gomez
1:12pm - 1:14pm   
Hailey Randall
1:14pm - 1:16pm   
Kami Coleman
1:16pm - 1:18pm   
Mikaylee Becker
1:18pm - 1:20pm   
Lindsey Evans
1:20pm - 1:22pm   
Lauren Crookston
1:22pm - 1:24pm   
Daniel Stoddard
1:24pm - 1:26pm   
Miles Robertson
1:26pm - 1:28pm   
Maggie Michelsen
1:28pm - 1:30pm   
Russell Magill
1:30pm - 1:32pm   
Mikayla Thorne
1:32pm - 1:34pm   
Brooke Wight
Brooke Wight
1:34pm - 1:36pm   
Kaylee Fullmer
1:36pm - 1:38pm   
Hannah Mackey
1:38pm - 1:40pm   
Parker Mackey
Yep. It’s me again
1:40pm - 1:42pm   
Eliza Smith
1:42pm - 1:44pm   
Lexi Purser
1:44pm - 1:46pm   
Ethan Valentine
1:46pm - 1:48pm   
Gwendolyn Norton
1:48pm - 1:50pm   
Naomi Green
2:10pm - 2:12pm   
Ryan Peterson
2:12pm - 2:14pm   
2:14pm - 2:16pm   
Janica Ludlow
2:16pm - 2:18pm   
Rebecca Shaw
2:18pm - 2:20pm   
Joseph Shaw
2:20pm - 2:22pm   
Maddie Laypath
2:22pm - 2:24pm   
2:24pm - 2:26pm   
2:26pm - 2:28pm   
2:28pm - 2:30pm   
2:30pm - 2:32pm   
2:32pm - 2:34pm   
2:34pm - 2:36pm   
2:36pm - 2:38pm   
2:38pm - 2:40pm   
2:40pm - 2:42pm   
2:42pm - 2:44pm   
2:44pm - 2:46pm   
2:46pm - 2:48pm   
2:48pm - 2:50pm   
Olivia Cottrell
3:00pm - 3:02pm   
Jackson Swain
3:02pm - 3:04pm   
Ashley Weber
3:04pm - 3:06pm   
Beau Barrett
3:06pm - 3:08pm   
3:08pm - 3:10pm   
3:10pm - 3:12pm   
3:12pm - 3:14pm   
3:14pm - 3:16pm   
3:16pm - 3:18pm   
3:18pm - 3:20pm   
3:20pm - 3:22pm   
3:22pm - 3:24pm   
3:24pm - 3:26pm   
3:26pm - 3:28pm   
3:28pm - 3:30pm   
Moana Suka-Hanisi
3:30pm - 3:32pm   
3:32pm - 3:34pm   
3:34pm - 3:36pm   
3:36pm - 3:38pm   
3:38pm - 3:40pm   
3:40pm - 3:42pm   
3:42pm - 3:44pm   
3:44pm - 3:46pm   
3:46pm - 3:48pm   
3:48pm - 3:50pm   
3:50pm - 3:52pm   
3:52pm - 3:54pm   
3:54pm - 3:56pm   
3:56pm - 3:58pm   
3:58pm - 4:00pm   
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