Faith and Community Class

The Faith and Community Experiment

“The Faith and Community Experiment” Lisa Hawe, Faith and Community Director, has put together 5 multi-media presentations exploring the Christian Faith followed by a time for participants to connect to each other by sharing thoughts and ideas in a smaller group.  The program will run on Sundays from 6:45-7:45 pm, October 7-November 4 at Mississippi National Golf Links.  Contact Lisa with questions at [email protected]


Date: 10/07/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 6:45am CDT

Location: Mississippi National Golf Links

Created by:   Lisa Hawe

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Carissa Smith-Bulmer (1 guest)

Ben Schmidt (1 guest)

Ann Reps (1 guest)

Mark Walter (1 guest)

Tom Blee (1 guest)

Mallory West (1 guest)

Brian Scott (1 guest)

Michael Augustin (1 guest)

Larissa Scott (1 guest)

Carissa Smith-Bulmer (1 guest)

Kestel Wright (1 guest)

Lisa Hawe (1 guest)
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Mick Wendland (1 guest)

Jennie Wendland (1 guest)

Mark Vagasky (1 guest)

Terri Vagasky (1 guest)

Joan Odel (1 guest)

Ashley (1 guest)

Kayla Oberding (1 guest)

Kristin Kronbeck (1 guest)

Jesse Shaw (1 guest)

Amy Krebsbach Stevenson (1 guest)

Wendy Erickson (1 guest)

Larry Hawe (1 guest)

Denniel Johnson (1 guest)

Vicki Lambert (1 guest)

Emily Seefeldt (1 guest)

Ruth Greenslade (1 guest)