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LOVE Fremont Community Day

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Date: 01/11/2020 (Sat.)

Created by:   Angela Yee
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Location Time (PST) Available Slot
Resonate Fremont 7:00am - 9:00am  

Setup Team Leader

Tory Smith

Setup Team (10)

Help setup the campus before volunteers arrive. You are able to sign up for another team and join them in a project as well!

All slots filled
Paul Johnston
Matthew Miller
Aaron Apilado
Masy Miller (3)
Jayna and Adelie, My 11 and 13 year old daughters will be helping, we will need to leave by 8:35am.
Jeff Leung
Christine Chqn
Stephanie Palaganas
Emily Eitel
Resonate Church 7:00am - 1:00pm  

Hospitality Team - leader

Coordinate and lead a team to serve coffee and muffins in the morning, pick up and serve pizza for lunch, including setup and clean up.

Serena Chen

Hospitality Team (6)

Serve coffee and muffins in the morning, pick up and serve pizza for lunch, including setup and clean up.

All slots filled
Amanda Zhang
Stephanie Tsurumoto
richard elola (2)
Francis Elola, size large
Carey Brehm
My wife Denise would like to join us in the later part of the morning until the conclusion of the event. She has a scheduled early morning appointment.
Cynthia Luevano
Resonate Fremont 7:30am - 9:30am  

Registration Team Leader

Fei Yao

Registration (13)

Register Resonate volunteers, pass out T-shirts

All slots filled
Leslee Doyle
Felicia Ontiveros
Laura Byerly
Eva NG
David Louie
Anna Chen
For registration, would I have to stay until 1pm? I would love to help serve but can only commit to serving in the early morning!
ImeldA Yaury
Abigail Sun
Dianne Valdez
Noelle Ho
Briana McVean
Andrew Fiel (2)
Have another friend with me if thats okay :)
Resonate Church 8:00am - 1:00pm  

Prayer Team Leader

Lead huddle before teams go out to project sites.

Salmah Crawford

Ardenwood Elementary Team Leader

Marty Smith

Ardenwood Elementary (9)

Install backpack hooks outside of several classrooms

All slots filled
Mike Uomoto
Joy Uomoto
Michelle Cook
Cynthia Murphy
Ken Murphy
John Ferguson
Toni Schlobohm (3)

Ardenwood Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the Ardenwood school community and neighborhood, that the gospel will reach them!

All slots filled
Connie Lin
Haya Kwong
Christopher Lin
Hyun Jung Park

Chadbourne Elementary Team Leader

Aaron Lee

Chadbourne Elementary Garden (30)

Weeding, sweeping, repairing planters and replanting

18 of 30 slots filled
Isaac Szeto
Aaron Kim (3)
Also Deulre Min , Mikyeong Min are coming their shirt size small(womans)
Vanessa Kellam Kellam (4)
Ron, Tyalla, Brayden
Kimberley Nguyen (2)
and Justin Rozal
Stefan Hau-Riege (2)
Coming with Justin
Michael Chang
Diana Lee
Andre Obispo
Justin Herrera
Frances Mendoza
Corinna Fong
My 13 year old, Dillon, will be there

Chadbourne Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the Chadbourne school community and neighborhood, that the gospel will reach them!

3 of 4 slots filled
Christine Hau-Riege
Rona Abelaye
Corinna Fong

Brier Elementary Team Leader

Delvin Harvey

Brier Elementary (10)

Repainting a large U.S. map as well as the lines for a basketball court

All slots filled
Elsa Lynch (2)
Tony - My husband may be available, unless he has a scheduled appointment. Thanks!
Barbara Wong (3)
and Vuong Nguyen and Veronica Nguyen
zhenyu zhu
Can I bring my children(9 and 4) to help for this activity?
Melanie Tong
Ezriel Ochoa
Donald Tong
Debbie Suzuki

Brier School Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the Brier School community and neighborhood, that the gospel will reach them!

1 of 4 slots filled
Marty Smith

City Beautification Team Leader

Justin Abelaye

City Beautification (60)

Teams clearing up trash in designated areas around Fremont

55 of 60 slots filled
Robert Gerber
Christina Gerber
Ray Jee
Maureen Jee
Zachary Winnington
Jennifer Perry (2)
Bringing my 10 year old son, Joshua, to help
Peter Ding (2)
Bringing Irene. We will have to leave by 11 am though.
Janelle Perdue (4)
Also kids 13, 10, 8 - Belle, Juliette, Fiona
Bick Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen
Tan Nguyen
Aaron Apilado
Sarah Mills (4)
and Steve, Caleb, and Frankie Alvarez
Mandel Yu (5)
2 Adults (Elsie), 3 kids 11,9,4 (Jonathan, Joshua, Josiah). Elsie / Jonathan to leave by 11AM.
John Lai
Sally Neves
Henry and Ann Garcia (2)
Glenda Maling (3)
Michaela Seah
Ben Vose
I won't be available until 9:30
Amily Suh
John Suh
Will be bringing Leah (6), Casey (3.5), Hannah (2.5)
Jenni Kwon (4)
Bringing the Kwon Clan
Elizabeth Kamine
Kyle Chin
Guadalupe Marin
Katie Blalock (2)
With the kiddos
Sergio Oliveri
Anna Yi (4)
With the Yes No Family!
Ben Oliver (3)
Two adults, one 6yr old

Prayer Team for the City (6)

Pray over the city of Fremont and surrounding cities, for the gospel to go forth and transform them.

3 of 6 slots filled
Marissa Paiz
Michelle Doan
Kayleigh Barker

Kennedy HS Team Leader

Bernie Martinez

Kennedy High: Mural Wall Prep (20)

Preparing wall for mural (painting)

All slots filled
Matt & Katherine Poltorak
Fei Yao (2)
Kelvin Leung
Susan Lin (4)
Two highschoolers and two adults - Quincy, Ethan, Kyle
Connie Handlin (5)
Coming with husband, Rob, daughter Aislinn, daughter Alianna, son Alastair
Alexzander Rafael
Rebeca Rafael
Mike & Amy Chen (4)
Keane (12) & Micah (10) Also Helping
Kiki Rafael Phillips
Marcelino Saavedra

Kennedy High: Theater Seat Repair (8)

Please bring wrenches, sockets and power screw driver kits.

All slots filled
Bonjour Park
I will bring my wrench, socket, and power drill
Chad Francis
Jeff Downing (2)
and Jayden Downing
Michael Yee
Ukwon Park
Bonjour's son (age 6)
Sydnie Noguera
Paige Francis

Kennedy High: Removing Wood Wall (4)

Please bring shovel, rake, wheel barrow, chain saw (if you have access to one), work gloves, safety glasses. (18+ yr old.)

3 of 4 slots filled
Kevin Zhang
BYO Tools?
Joshua Siu
Karen Siu

Kennedy High: Power Wash Lunch Tables (5)

Equipment provided.

All slots filled
Serena Goodspeed
Robert Hoskins
Kayden Hoskins
John Braswell
Lynn Braswell

Kennedy High: Campus Clean Up (22)

Helpful to bring things such as scraping tools, step ladders, sponges, 5 gallon buckets, brooms, dust pans, work gloves.

21 of 22 slots filled
Hannah Downing
Leonard Homen (2)
and Tonya Homen
Janine Montiel (6)
and Gilbert, Josiah, Mia, Eliana, Sophia
Sean Kiester
Angelyn Kiester
Velva Kiester
Erin Martinez
Anna Martinez
Daniel Hsu
Matthew Yeung
Phil Maultsby (2)
Bringing Joshua with me
Felice Ng
Donavan Lee
Adriana Lee

Kennedy High School Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the Kennedy High School community and neighborhood, that the gospel will reach them!

2 of 4 slots filled
Karen Downing
Jodi Allein

Vallejo Mills Team Leader

Ryan Smith

Vallejo Mills School: Emergency Shed Team Leader

Organize and inventory an emergency supply shed

Amy Genthner-Wright

Vallejo Mills School: Emergency Shed (4)

Organize and inventory an emergency supply shed

All slots filled
Ellen Johnston
Paul Johnston
Rita Zimmerman
Keith Zimmerman

Vallejo Mills School: Roof (3)

Seal the roof of the leaky container

All slots filled
George Hadfield
Justin Chien
Shirley L.

Vallejo Mills School: Drinking spigot (3)

Install drinking spigots on classroom sinks

All slots filled
asokumar shanmugam
for volunteer
suganya selvaraj
Derek Myers

Vallejo Mills Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the Vallejo Mills school and neighborhood, that the gospel will reach them!

2 of 4 slots filled
Linda Rusch
Rachael Myers

Park Central Care and Rehab Facility Team Leader

Ian Sizto

Park Central Care and Rehab Facility (24)

Perform live music and spend time in conversation with the elderly

23 of 24 slots filled
Phoebe Wong
Juliana Tou
I’d like to know more about performing live music
Beth Nerida
Gary Munekawa
Joe Pineda
I would love to hang out and talk to people I was at park central for rehab for my heart surgery
Candy Graham
Bella Crystal (2)
and Michael
Aldrin Cubillas
Ken Chin (2)
and Annie
Bunny Ott (4)
Grason, Bunny, 2 kids (hope and Clara)
Lisa Chou (4)
Tom, Sophia and Julia. 2 adults, 2 kids (age 10 & 8)
Kevin Lim
Aileen Alvarado
Michael Cornelio (2)
There are 2 of us: Michael CORNELIO & Robert Dy. We both play ukulele and guitar.

Windsor Country Drive Care Center Team Leader (2)

All slots filled
Joseph (Joey) Coleman
Anna Nguyen

Windsor Country Drive Care Center (15)

Perform live music and spend time in conversation with the elderly

All slots filled
Mike Ling
I also want to include the rest of my family (wife and two kids, ages 6, 8)
Jennifer Jimenez (5)
My husband (Greg) and I with 3 kids will join, Alex, Brielle, Aliyah
Marina Gonzalez
LaNette Flanigan (3)
Michael, Landon, Noah, Myself & 2 boys (11 & 9) will be there.
Maria Maghsoudloo
Sonia Wong
Shienny Widjaja
Tommy Nguyen
Ryan Wang

Senior Home Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the seniors in care facilities, that they will find hope in Jesus through the gospel!

1 of 4 slots filled
Ken Chin

Oil Changes (15)

Oil changes for the houseless who live in their cars.

14 of 15 slots filled
Daniel Tse
Todd Walker
Robin Bhagat
Alex Hsu
Pete Rich
Stephen Polk
Angel Borges
Chuck Rusch
Allan Mac
Will need to leave by 11am
Matthew Miller
James Wilborn
Michael Lin
Jen Hong
Luke Mendoza

Car Wash Team Leader

Kent Mitchell

Car Washes (20)

Car washes for the houseless who live in their cars.

All slots filled
Karen Lu
My son Jerry (15) will be doing this.
Nicolas Eichenlaub
Oil change or car wash
Eric Eichenlaub
Erica Rich
Stephen Polk (4)
Julie, Elijah(8), Boaz(6), Tabitha(2)
Karina Uchiumi (2)
+Ryan Tsujimoto (size M)
Colleen Lee
Douglas Lee (2)
Kimi = extra hand
Kelly Morimune
Leslie Lin
Tony Malsom
Pearl Sanglab (2)
+1 Jason Lee Parawan
Jared Hirsch
Alex Shiau

Houseless Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the houseless that live in their cars, that their needs will be met and that they will meet Jesus!

1 of 4 slots filled
Catherine Cornelio

Foster Family Team Leader

Megan Perdue

Foster Family: Logistics

Erika Gomer

Foster Family: Activities Lead (2)

All slots filled
Christine Gill
Lila Han

Foster Family: Group Activities (12)

Help with group activities for families

All slots filled
Sonia D'Souza
Gina Song
Megan Harvey
Coming at 10:30am, will bring my kids (ages 7 and 11) to help with crafts
Toni Reyes
Jordan Smith
Tory Smith
Karen Lu
Cynthia Luevano
Jacob Arca
Carissa Kuo
Cyrel Flora (2)
and Mayet delRosario

Foster Family: Cook (4)

All slots filled
David Perdue
Mark Wadkins
Mark Eitel
Thomas Gomer

Foster Family: Serve breakfast (10)

Serving breakfast

All slots filled
Hairol Ma
Brandy Singleton
Catherine Flora
Claudine Dentoni
Stephanie Wong
Blenda Bettencourt
Carole Barraza
Estell Kim
Rachel Brown
Nicole Lopes

Foster Family: Family buddy (16)

Family buddies during the event

All slots filled
Karen Munekawa
Sufen Lee
with my kids
Samantha Wu
Michael Alvarez
Sharon Gallacher
Deborah Lee
Bringing my 9 yo son to be a Family Buddy with me.
George Chen (2)
with wife Christine
Jason Liang
I will be with my kids 4 and 6
Maggie Lau
Will bring my kids (5 and 7 year old)
Sarah-Grace Wu
Nicole & Oliver Del Rosario (2)
Oliver and I can be buddies for separate families. We’ll have Olivia (11), Nixon (9), and Norah (7) with us as junior buddies. :)
Judy Eitel
Will see if Katie joins me
Timin Sai
Laura Korn
Bringing 2 kids Wesley (7) and James (5)

Foster Family: Registration (2)

Welcome & Registration

All slots filled
Doris Wu
Joyce Kasilag

Foster Family: Childcare Lead

Katie Yeung

Foster Family: Childcare (5)

All slots filled
Doris Hsu
Charlotte Duval
Katherine Chu
Jonny Wong
Sharon Peng

Foster Family: Decorations (3)

All slots filled
Sue Wadkins
Janice Jiang
Regina Lau

Foster Family: Massage Therapist (3)

All slots filled
Gina Ariel Carreon
Sergio Contreras
Angel Cardenas

Foster Family Care Prayer Team (4)

Pray for each foster parent and children by name, that the gospel will reach them, and their future will be full of hope through a relationship with Jesus!

3 of 4 slots filled
Juhye Kim (2)
with UHyun, my daughter of 5th grade
Salmah Crawford

Sort donated coats - Team Leader

Coats will be donated to homeless shelters

Kaly Tong

Sort donated coats (7)

Coats will be donated to homeless shelters

All slots filled
Priscilla Wong (2)
I will bring my 4 year old to help
Lily Lu
Lynette Hunt
Crissy Young
Myself and Elijah (4)
Mary Lou Curi
Lilia Mateo

Coat Donation Prayer Team (4)

Pray for the people who will receive the coats, for their wellbeing and that the gospel will reach them!

Resonate Fremont 12:30pm - 2:30pm  

Clean Up Team Leader

Matt Knight

Cleanup Team (21)

Help clean up the campus after lunch and set it up for Grand Opening!

All slots filled
Michelle Doan
Karen Munekawa
Gary Munekawa
Shobha Bhagat
Kaly Tong
Leona Ong
Letitia Chinn
Joy Landicho
Conrad Landicho
Micah Chan (2)
Gary Hebert
Gracie Chien
Tom Brendle (3)
I am signing up Adrienne Tsang shirt women’s xl and Bailey Brendle shirt women’s Xs also
Christine Sarmiento (3)
Percy del Rosario shirt size xl, Christine Sarmiento shirt size small or xsmall, and Noah del Rosario kids shirt size small or xsmall
Priscilla Lee
Byron Lee
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