Youth Parents

Parent Meeting Night

Calling all 5th through 12th grade parents and guardians! Want to learn more about our confirmation, junior youth, and senior youth programs? Ready to start the 2018-19 school year? At our Parent Meeting Night, we will give you an overview of each of our youth programs, a schedule for the year, discuss BIG events (retreats and the National Youth Gathering), and provide opportunities to volunteer for our youth programs.

RSVP so we know how much dessert & coffee to provide.

Date: 08/22/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm MDT

Location: Summit of Peace Lutheran Church

Created by:   Alexi Palazzari

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YES (24) -  

Erika Bathke (2 guests)

Michelle Balliet (1 guest)

John Jacoby (1 guest)

Tori Carpenter (1 guest)

Jessica Gabbert (2 guests)

Dena Conrad (2 guests)

Denise Thomas (1 guest)

Beth Bierman (2 guests)

Matt Romik (3 guests)

Melissa Effland (3 guests)

Jade Wunderly (2 guests)

Sandy Housholder (1 guest)

Julie Jacoby (1 guest)

Tavia Gabbert (3 guests)

Dawn Rose (2 guests)

Anne Kleve (2 guests)

Cynthia Faron (1 guest)

Erika Armistead (2 guests)

Kaari Weinkauf (4 guests)

Matthew Prasad (1 guest)

Diane Stinson (2 guests)
Collin will attend as well, since he will be in the 8th grade class

Mirah Ingram (2 guests)

Anna Uecker (2 guests)

Alexi Palazzari (1 guest)