SEASons Senior's Luncheon

September RSVP

Our mission is to honor and serve

the senior citizens (65+) of the parish, who have and continue to serve a vital role

@ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.





Sept. 14, 2019

@11:00 for drinks and appetizers

followed by the meal @ 11:30


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Thanks for helping us do a better job of planning amount of food needed.

Deb & Gail

Date: 09/14/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm CDT

Location: Seton Hall

Created by:   Deb Masterson

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Mary Hein (1 guest)

Carmen Powell (1 guest)

Margaret Musso (1 guest)

Bob & Mary Cocking (2 guests)

Mary Theis (2 guests)

Florence Curtis (1 guest)

Dow & Maxine Summers (3 guests)

Marilyn Albert (2 guests)

Dianne Souza (1 guest)

Lucy Jenks (1 guest)

Maxine Coppel (1 guest)

Dan & Suzanne Coker (2 guests)

Mary Baalman (2 guests)

James & Ruth Ocker (2 guests)

Karol and Gene Fitzgerald (2 guests)

Gayle Beuke (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

Ann Chew (2 guests)

Donna Marie Smith (1 guest)

Larry Gerber (1 guest)

Jim & Gail Lapine (2 guests)

Pat VanHaverbeke (1 guest)

Ruby Scharping (1 guest)

Kevin & Sherry O'Brien (2 guests)

Fran Welsh (1 guest)

Serita Theis (2 guests)

Teresa/Rick Marney (2 guests)

Romona Biesel (1 guest)

Eric Mohr (1 guest)

John Lancaster (2 guests)

Karen Thielen (1 guest)

Gene & Shirlene Hommertzheim (2 guests)

Gordon & Helen Ford (2 guests)

Karen &Carl Case (2 guests)

Clarence. Ruth Baughman (2 guests)

Judy Mertes (1 guest)

Ron And Karlene Weber (3 guests)
Doris Brand will join us.

Carol & Leon Thummel (2 guests)

Candi Spacil (1 guest)

Joan & Dennis Stockemer (2 guests)

Mary Coffman (1 guest)

Marilyn Kerschen (1 guest)

Nan Duncan (1 guest)

Karren And Bill Preuit (2 guests)

Sally Dahlstrom (1 guest)

Barbara Lett (1 guest)

Chris & Lori Jeter (2 guests)

Pat Rupp (1 guest)

Joe Childs (2 guests)

Leon Wasinger (1 guest)

Sharrol Urban (1 guest)

Donna Patrick (2 guests)

Marie Tenborg (1 guest)

James Oliphant (1 guest)

Marilyn Goetz (1 guest)

Ron& Carmie Lane (2 guests)

Larry, Mary Riedlinger (2 guests)

Mary Ann Goodwin (2 guests)

Susan Henderson (1 guest)

John, Marilyn Hoisington (2 guests)

Bill & Rosi Reams (2 guests)

Diane LaBorde (2 guests)

Mary Anne Marney (2 guests)

Rita Montgomery (2 guests)

Donna Harris (2 guests)

Guy & Margie Rupp (2 guests)

Douglas Ball (2 guests)
Beck and I are looking forward to it!!!

Connie Huslig (2 guests)

Sam and Luann Moore (2 guests)

Barbara Calabrese (1 guest)

Charlene Baalman (1 guest)

Ron Morley and Pat Gruenbacher are attending also

Sharon Williams (1 guest)

Joan Wesolowsky (2 guests)

Carol Nott (1 guest)
I will be out of town. Dick had hip replacement surgery last Tuesday and will need doctor’s permission to resume driving. We will find out on Tuesday at his post-op check up.

Walter Guerrero (1 guest)

NO (30) +  

MAYBE (4) +