SPC Women's Group

Ornament Exchange Dec 8 2018

To all Women of St. Peter Chanel!

The Women's Group is hosting a fun Christmas Ornament Exchange Saturday, December 8, from 10-12noon in McNamee Hall.

Please bring a wrapped ornament ($10-$15 in value) and come ready to have some fun!

Please RSVP below and let us know if you can bring some delicious foods to make the event even more special! We will provide the beverages.

There will be a $5 donation at the door to cover expenses for beverages.

Please bring a friend (or two or more!). All women of St. Peter Chanel are already members of the Women's Group. To add names to the Women's Group distribution list, use this site:  http://eepurl.com/bWplsP

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Women's Group at [email protected]

Thanks to Mary Uhrik and Mary Beth Davis for leading this great event!



Date: 12/08/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm EST

Location: McNamee Hall

Created by:   Diane OSullivan

Will you be attending the event?
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Breakfast casseroles (8) - Please note what you are bringing
  5 of 8 slots filled
Judi Hanna
If you need me to come in earlier to help set up please notify me
Lisa La Mond
Mary Beth Davis (2)
sausage egg & french toast
Diane OSullivan
Egg strata with sausage
Quiche (8) - Please note what you are bringing
  5 of 8 slots filled
Linda Ludwik (2)
Mary Uhrik (2)
Lee Ann Sharpton
Breakfast potatoes (4) - Please note what you are bringing
  2 of 4 slots filled
Alexandra Britton
Cathy Derrigo
Bacon or Sausage (8) - 1 lb. cooked bacon or sausage
  1 of 8 slots filled
May Fornes
Fruit Salad (4) - 1 family sized bowl each
  All slots filled
Margaret Higgins
Mixed fruit salad
Kim Troiano
Adriana West
Patty Ann Wall
Bagels and cream cheese (2) - 1 dozen each
  All slots filled
Kris Cho
Sheila Best
Coffee Cakes or Pastries (6) - Please note what you are bringing
  All slots filled
Margaret Higgins
Pumkin bread
Ann Scarimbolo (2)
Deborah Lauda
Crumb cake
Mary Ellen McClellan
Pumpkin bread
Clean Up Crew (4)
  All slots filled
Nancy Mcconkey
Mary Beth Davis
Kathleen Scott
Janet Kaszer
Responses:     Yes: 28     No: 7     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 30     Maybe: 4

YES (28) -  

Patty Ann Wall (1 guest)

Sheila Waters (1 guest)

May Fornes (1 guest)

Janet Kaszer (1 guest)

Sherry Szaro (1 guest)

Brebda Froemelt (1 guest)

Sherri Dahlheim (1 guest)

Mary Ellen McClellan (1 guest)

Cathy Derrigo (1 guest)

Nancy Jern (1 guest)

Josephine Adam (1 guest)

Chrissy Nielsen (1 guest)

Adriana West (1 guest)

Lee Ann Sharpton (1 guest)

Alexandra Britton (1 guest)

MARY JENKS (1 guest)

Kim Troiano (1 guest)

Mary Uhrik (1 guest)
Looking forward to some Merry and Bright

Deborah Lauda (1 guest)

Mary Beth Davis (1 guest)

Linda Ludwik (1 guest)

Lisa La Mond (2 guests)
Also bringing my mom Judy La Mond.

Nancy Mcconkey (1 guest)

Sheila Best (1 guest)

Judi Hanna (1 guest)

Kris Cho (1 guest)

Ann Scarimbolo (2 guests)

Margaret Higgins (1 guest)

NO (7) +  

MAYBE (2) +