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2019 International Carnival - Country Poster Sign Up

Welcome to Dutch Neck International Carnival - Country Poster/Presentation Sign up. 

Dutch Neck International Carnival (February 8, 2019) is an event where children can learn about countries of the world, play international games, create foreign crafts, try cultural dances, and show traditional costumes. Carnival is composed of three sessions:  Costumes parade, Culture dances, and Country posters. This sign up is for poster session only. You will receive an email with guidelines once you sign-up.

First, please register and pay for event at https://tinyurl.com/carnivalregistration


1. Only third graders can sign up for the poster/presentation. Each student can sign up for one country he/she is interested in,  the country he/she visited before, or the country he/she wants to learn.
2. Each country will have five students and one parent leader.
3. Due to limited space, we can only have 16 countries presented. Please write your country name in the comment area. Each continent has certain country slots which are first come, first served. If country slots are full, please consider joining existing country groups.
4. For review purpose, posters are due Jan. 30, 2019 (Wednesday).
5. Please leave reliable contact information to receive poster format and requirements (guidelines) from the event committee. 

Thank you, and have fun!

Date: 02/08/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm EST

Location: Dutch Neck School Gymnasium

Created by:   Dutch Neck PTA
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

In the comment area: Please write your country name(if available), Your students name & Teacher

Africa, Australia & Oceania Country #1 (5)

3 of 5 slots filled
Neha Gupta
Aarav Gupta; Mrs. Rogala. South Africa
Shraddha Gadre
So Africa, Rogala - Gautham Natarajan
Shraddha Gadre
So Africa, Mrs. Sheehan, Siddharth Natarajan

Africa, Australia & Oceania Country #2 (5)

4 of 5 slots filled
Lakshmi Puvvada
Egypt, Aarush Mandayam, Mr Grabell's room
Rachana Behera
Rehan Behera Mr Grabell class
Shilpa Shah
Egypt, Ishan Shah, Mr Grabell
Mohamed Hammad
Egypt. Rogala Gwen

Africa, Australia & Oceania Country #3 (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Ram Palagummi
Australia, Rishi Palagummi, Ms. Amber Koney
Uttara Ponugupati

Africa, Australia & Oceania Country #4 (5)


Asia Country #1 (5)

4 of 5 slots filled
Farzeen Arif
Pakistan. Aiza Arif (Mrs. Skinner)
Ghazala Jaffary
Pakistan. Saif Baig (Mr. Grabell)
Sana Hasan
Pakistan Ibrahim Hasan. Mrs Simmons
Rashmi Sinha
India, Sana Sinha, Mrs Rogala

Asia Country #2 (5)

4 of 5 slots filled
Minoo Shinde
Japan - Sarasa Mrs Simmons
Shwetha Peddigari
Japan,shreyas peddigari,Mrs Simmons
Rashmi Sinha
Sana sinha , Mrs Rogala
Shweta Dasani
Japan, Shaurya Dasani- Mr. Grabell’s class

Asia Country #3 (5)

All slots filled
Ayaan Goyal
India, Ayaan Goyal, teacher-Mr Eikelberner
Pranav Palaparthy
India , Mrs Sheehan
Sweta Choudhary
India Agrim Jha Mr. Eikelberner
Sanjana Maharana
INDIA, Naren Maharana, Mrs.Simmons
Jaya Pradha

Asia Country #4 (5)

All slots filled
DevShaurya Dosapati
China Mr Eikelberner
Aarav Aggarwal
Nikhil Sudarshan
Ishan Pentakota
Arjun Deshpande
China Mr Eikelberner

Asia Country #5 (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Jai Srinivas
Thailand, Jai Srinivas, Mr.Eikelberner
Thailand; Karthik Subramaniyam; Mrs. Sheehan

Europe Country #1 (5)

All slots filled
Nicole Martinez
Italy- Jaszlene Martinez- Mrs. Skinner
Smital Dhavane
Italy. Aarush Dhavane Mrs Sheehan
Kit Haines-Bornheimer
Italy - Elle Bornheimer, Mrs. Rogala
Chhaya Patel
Italy Satya Hsu mr. eikelberner
Mahua Bose
Italy , Aadya sadana, mr Eikelberner

Europe Country #2 (5)

All slots filled
Sanjoita Pandey
Netherlands. Shivansh Pandey,Mrs Skinner
Netherlands. Anwitha Vallakavi,Mrs Skinner
Liyi Cen
Christopher Yang, Mrs Skinner
Suchita Sharma
Neitherlands, Sonal Sharma, Mr. Grabell
Guiomar De ZULUETA
España Guiomar Escudero Mrs Simmons

Europe Country #3 (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Shikha Rastogi
France, Mishka Rastogi, teacher - Mrs. Hess
Rajesh Ramachandran
France, Aanya Rajesh, Mrs. Rogala

Europe Country #4 (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Haasini Samudrla

North & South America Country #1 (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Atharva Desai
Costa Rica
Rushil Yarrabolu
Costa Rica

North & South America Country #2 (5)

All slots filled
Anusha Saran
Peru- Aarav Rohatgi (Teacher- Mrs. Skinner)
Leena Nair
Peru - Madhav Nair - Mrs.Skinner
Ashima Narula
Peru. Arnav Gupta, Mr. Eikelberner
Ashima Narula
Peru, Meera Gupta, Ms. Koney
Bhavana Tallavajhula
Anika Kasarabada

North & South America Country #3 (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Sesha Bhatla
Brazil, Aditi Bhatla, Mrs. Skinner

North & South America Country #4 (5)


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