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Holland Christian Schools

Athletic Physicals

Holland Christian Physical Night!! 

We encourage every child to see their PCP for their well child visit but also understand that MHSAA preparticipation sports physical requirements do not always align with the annual well child with your physician due to insurance requirements. 

A sports physical night through the school helps alleviate insurance issues. It is beneficial to see your PCP as they know your previous history and can note any oddities. Sports Physicals through the school allows for a way to fulfill the MHSAA requirements when insurance does not cover an additional physical. 

It is required to have this physical BEFORE the first day of Fall sports. You are required to be cleared through an MD, DO, NP, or PA who will check for major medical concerns that may arise during the sports seasons. 

Holland Christian is hosting a sports physical night! 

Date: June 1, 2022

Time: 6p-8p

Location: South Washington Family Medicine (Masks will be required to be worn)

Cost: $20 

The physical forms are also available on your Final Forms account. Please fill out this form and sign it before your appointment.

Date: 06/01/2022 (Wed.)

Location: South Washington Family Medicine

Created by:   Middle School
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Time (EDT) Available Slot
6:00pm - 6:15pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

26 of 30 slots filled
Jillyne Wisdom (2)
Anita Mulder
Sylvie Mulder
Ella Meckley
Eli Meckley
Callie Keizer
Sam DeBoer
Jennifer Overway (2)
Tristan and Jesse Overway
Katherine Baas
Abigail Baas
Susan Vanden Berg
Christy Anema
Austin Anema
Megan Blondin (2)
Katie Sportel
Livie Van Appledorn (2)
James and Kate Van Appledorn
D.J. VanIwaarden (2)
Davina and Daniel
Amanda Johnson
For Rosaleen Johnson
Craig Rees (2)
Kim Hekman
Victoria Hekman
Anne Petrak
Changing from 8 pm to 6 pm
Jennifer Ryden
Lilly and Ruth Ryden
Jacob Tinholt
6:15pm - 6:30pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

25 of 30 slots filled
Leanne Halma (3)
Ashton, Ella, Adelyn
Suzanne VanderZee (2)
Shane and Grant VanderZee
Steve Rozema (2)
Levi & Ezra Rozema
Rhonda Bouwman
Henry Bouwman
Susan Jones
Sophie Jones
Deanne Wilson
Lisa Karsten (2)
Caleb & Nolan
Cindi Walraven
Spencer Walraven
Cindy Kuipers
Ryan Vos
Lisa Mulder
Anna Hicks
Kyah Hicks
Isaac Baggech
Erin DeYoung
Brandie Cassel
Viola Cassel
Lucas Van Wieren
Heidi Van Wieren
Lucas Van Wieren
Christa Zwiep
Samantha Castillo
6:30pm - 6:45pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

28 of 30 slots filled
Lake Vander Ploeg
Kathie Helder
Claire Helder
Kathryn Ruiter
For Caden Ruiter
James Oosterhouse
Kristin VanDyke
Everett VanDyke
Liz Vandy Bogurt
Ethan Vandy Bogurt
Frances Hogsten
JP Hogsten
Sophie VanDoorne
Tracy Clark (2)
Michelle Schaap
Izzy Schaap
Cassandra Scholten
Stacy Strabbing
Will strabbing
Cassie Scholten
Sarah Terpstra (3)
Lily, Sophia and Ella Terpstra
Ruth Diekema
Seth Williams
Noah Vanderlaan
Henry Langejans
William Langejans
Christy Sterenberg
Nathan DeWitt
Casey VanPutten
Krista Sall
Heidi Dozeman
Clayton Dozeman
Rosemary Nake
6:45pm - 7:00pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

18 of 30 slots filled
Jennifer VanGelder (2)
Julia and Olivia VanGelder
Ethan Hertgers
Laura Grosso
Nico Grosso
Michelle Brink (2)
Caden & Chase
Sue Hoekstra
Stephanie Stein
Bradley Stein
scarlett Nykamp
Garrett VanderLaan
Kami Palmer
Reese Palmer
Josh Hegg (2)
Lukas and Norah
Susan Downing (2)
Sam & Owen Downing
Craig Rees
Teague Ferlaak
Stacy Strabbing
Will strabbing
7:00pm - 7:15pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

21 of 30 slots filled
Ben Becksvoort
Nick Becksvoort
Max Machiela
Elias Machiela
Kyla Schippers
Tricia Vannuil
Addison VanNuil
Noah Freriks
Noah Freriks
Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown
Sheila Johnston
Mara Johnston
Paige Vander Molen (2)
Ryan and Adam
Sarah Young
Kyler Young
Jennifer Palsrok (2)
Steve Von Dobschutz
For Cole von Dobschutz
Sue Gruessing
Rebecca Leep
Cortney Leep
Kendra Wolk
Missy Boyce
Eli Boyce
Cadie George (2)
Bob Melcher
7:15pm - 7:30pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

10 of 30 slots filled
Henry Schipper
Meghan Sawdon
Charlotte Sawdon
Audrey Kolk
Ingrid D De los santos
Monika Diaz De los santos
Jared Witte
Jennifer Ryden
Ruth Ryden
Jennifer Ryden
Lillian Ryden
Abby Smith
Vincent Smith
Sally Oosting (2)
James, Audrey
7:30pm - 7:45pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

14 of 30 slots filled
Deba Apotheker
Max Apotheker
Stacy DeMaster
Tammy VandenBrink (2)
April Borchert
Carson Borchert
Kevin Plockmeyer
Alex Plockmeyer
Kevin Plockmeyer
Sam Plockmeyer
Selena Van Klompenberg (3)
Eva, Isabel, and lucia
Dean Dykstra
Bella Dykstra
Susan VandenBerg
Rachelle LoDuca
Bennett LoDuca
Elizabeth Vandenberg
7:45pm - 8:00pm  

Athletic Physicals (30)

24 of 30 slots filled
Heidi Langellier
Brooke Van Til (2)
Stella and Maelyn VanTil
Tami Nelson
Josie Nelson
Jessica Hoekstra
Meta Hoekstra
Sarah Fogg (2)
Henry and Emmett Fogg
Luke Michmerhuizen
Annie Petrak
Jeanne Lewis
Kennie Lewis
Macen White
Abinet Scholten
Isaac Baggech
Susanne Garvelink (2)
Grady and Andrew
Heather Smith
Leah Smith
Simon, Noel, Penny
Olivia Hollebeek
Teddy Hollebeek
Julie Grotenhuis (2)
Lauren and Jenna Grotenhuis
Laura Grosso
8:00pm - 8:15pm  

Athletic Physicals (10)

All slots filled
Shannon Mulder (2)
Kensie and Mason
Ann Hemmeke
Tyler Hemmeke
Madison Phelps
Brooklyn Phelps
Paige Phelps
Jessica Stuive
Sam Stuive
Lisa Mulder
Marisa mulder
Jordan Rees
Laura Petroelje
Caden Petroelje
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