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#CMCon19 Lunch with an Author

Hello all,

Welcome to the signups for our annual lunch with an author. The process is simple, just choose an author you'd like to sit with at lunch (every table will have at least two authors), and click through the signup process. When you get to the confirmation... you're all set!

Please keep in mind that there will be a LOT of people doing this at the same time, and inevitably, some authors' tables will fill very quickly. If you don't see any available seats for an author, or you're processing your selection but at the end it says the seat isn't available, that means others have processed their selections ahead of you. (There's no handicap for faster or slower processors, I'm trying to make it as fair as I can for everyone.) I'm sorry that this will disappoint some of you, but I hope you'll look at it as an opportunity to take a chance on someone you're not as familiar with. Who knows... you may just find your next favorite author!

Please ONLY select an author for yourself. Do not change the total of selection to "2". If you are selecting seating for another person, complete YOUR selection first, then go back and complete theirs. If you change the number to "2", and select for multiple people, both selections will be deleted. You may end up seated with different authors, that's fine, it'll be an adventure!

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected], or post a message in the Facebook attendees group -.

Good luck, everyone!! No matter where you're sitting, you'll be in for some fantastic conversation.

Date: 03/02/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT

Location: Crystal Ballroom

Created by:   Jennifer Morris
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Available Slot

Jeanne Adams (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Susan Babcock
Madison Fairbanks

April Alieda (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Lisa Guertin
Melinda Zedekar

Eric R Asher (3)

All slots filled
Jay Joyfully Jay
Brandilyn Carpenter
Gayla Leath

Bru Baker (3)

All slots filled
Amy DiMartino
Reese Dante
Ron Dante

Kait Ballenger (3)

All slots filled
Alexandra Engand
Belinda Aughenbaugh
Aurrora St. James St. James

Dana Marie Bell (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Jen Brakora

Charlie Cochet (3)

All slots filled
Lori Blantin
Katherine Usalis
Jennifer Smith

Cynthia D'Alba (3)

All slots filled
Tamye Book, Coffee, and Crafts
Keishla Huertas
Ronda Barnes

Alyssa Day CANCELLED (3)

If you selected Alyssa, contact Jennifer to reseat you.

2 of 3 slots filled
Erica Singleton
Penny Singleton

Sierra Dean (3)

All slots filled
Melissa Bautista
Aimee Therault
Carol Lipscomb

Macy Blake / Poppy Dennison (3)

All slots filled
Jeff Big Gay Fiction Podcast
Carla Mueller
Samantha Cato

Sonali Dev (3)

All slots filled
Jen DeLuca
Meghan Maslow
Lauren Weidner

Lucienne Diver (3)

All slots filled
Grace Voight
Justine Birmingham
Amy Cameron

Hank Edwards (3)

All slots filled
Missy Allen
Betsy Blagdon
Faith Paul

Rene Folsom (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Breezy Jones

James A Hunter (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Robin Johnson
Daniel Johnson

Amy Lane (3)

All slots filled
Jodi Aherns
Mary Gresham
Randell Gresham

Vivien Jackson (3)

All slots filled
Jan Jackson
Kara Johnson
Stefanie Herceg-Hlubny

Darynda Jones (3)

All slots filled
Laura Little Read Riding Hood
Elizabeth Hyatt
Traci Lecheler

Tawdra Kandle (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Bobbie Hayes
Wendy Felker

Kiernan Kelly (3)

All slots filled
Lynn Worst
Eldron Carter
I go by Rey
Emily Wells

Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee (3)

All slots filled
Lolly Cross
Michelle Baker
Larimar Adrianson

Lucy Lennox (3)

All slots filled
Julie Squillante
TIna Toles
Stephanie Valentine-Ocasio

Gail Z Martin / Morgan Brice (3)

All slots filled
Carra Saigh
Charlee Allden
Melodie Luckett

Z A Maxfield CANCELLED (3)

If you selected ZAM, contact Jennifer to reseat you.

All slots filled
Melissa Brus
Kayla Cooley Cooley
Nancy Fulton

Hildie McQueen (3)

All slots filled
KC Burn
Chudney Thomas
Annette Duarte

Tere Michaels (3)

All slots filled
Debra Jess
Michelle Ratledge
Sherry Wolfe

Sarah Nicolas / Aria Kane (3)


Nancy Northcott (3)


Shaila Patel (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Angela Rhodes
Erica Singleton

Karen Rose (3)

All slots filled
Michelle DeCorte
Karen Renee
Pam Wright
Pleas book 2

Sloane Savage / H D Smith (3)

All slots filled
Mandie Taking Time For Mommy
Jennifer Dickey
Tracy Dickey

S E Smith (3)

All slots filled
Scherry The Novel Lady
LIz Semkiu
Jamie Waters

Victoria Sue (3)

All slots filled
Will Big Gay Fiction Podcast
Nicole Plummer
Sandy Mooney

Damon Suede (3)

All slots filled
Debbie Kitzke
Amanda Campbell
Tracie Provost

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