Bonsai Society of Portland 2018 /

Holiday Party 2018

Sunday, December 16th, 2018


Bonsai Society of Portland's annual Holiday Party!

Date: 12/16/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 4:30pm - 8:00pm PST

Location: Milwaukee Center

Created by:  Patrice Morrow
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Available Slot


Take photos, provide to webmaster for posting on the internet.

  james baggett

Auctioneer (2)

Make announcements, call oral auction, announce close of silent auction, announce silent auction winners, call raffle winners.

All slots filled
  Lee Cheatle
  Harold Yearout

Dinner Set Up / Appetizer and Dessert Tables (3)

Organize layout of appetizer and dessert tables. Please arrive at 3:30 pm!

2 of 3 slots filled
  Trisha Bonapace
  Marilyn Wong


Determine order and call tables to dinner.

  Lee Cheatle


Make coffee and organize cold drinks. Please arrive at 3:30!

  Patty Myrick

General Auction Greeters (2)

Direct incoming people: to cashier for ID badges, trees to staging area.

All slots filled
  Bill Hettick
  Phyllis MUNDA

General Auction Staging (2)

Control flow of incoming trees onto staging table , make sure auction tags are filled out correctly and LEGIBLY. Please arrive at 3:30 pm !

All slots filled
  Toni Martin
  Dane Burrell

General Auction Router

Determine if item is oral or silent.

  Lee Cheatle

Oral Auction Manager

Organize trees on table, verify tags are correct, select next tree for auction. Please arrive at 3:30 pm!

  Steve Leaming

Oral Auction Runners (3)

Take tree from table to auctioneer, display during auction, return to table/ bidder after auction.

All slots filled
  Laura Hudson
  Lyle Feilmeier
  Barry Baertlein
Tell me if I cannot be a runner for oral and raffle

Oral Auction Spotters (3)

Help auctioneers spot bids.

2 of 3 slots filled
  Barbara Deirtt
  Karen Livingstone

Oral Auction Recorder

Observe auction and record winning bid.


Oral Auction Assistant Recorder

Take notice of winning bid to Database Manage


Silent Auction Manager

Organize trees on table, verify tags and bid sheets are correct, determine schedule of closings, get MC to announce. Please arrive at 3:30 pm!

  Toni Martin

Silent Auction Closers (3)

Be present when closing is announced , post winning bids on auction tags, take bid sheets to Database Manager.

All slots filled
  John Eads (2)
John, Leah, Amos and Clara
  Marilyn Wong

Set Up Manager

Veriy table design , organize crew to set up tables. Please arrive at 3:00pm!

  Joanne Raiton

Set Up Table Wranglers (3)

Set up Tables per Manager instructions. Please arrive at 3:00pm!

All slots filled
  Karl Holmes
  Patrick McDougall
  Tom Morrow

Set Up Linens (3)

Roll silver into napkins, put linen on tables, spread silverware rolls, set out sale and pepper.Please arrive at 3:00pm

All slots filled
  Patrice Morrow
  Nao Tokutake
  Mary Lai
(guest of Nao)

Raffle Manager

Organize items on table with buckets, put losing tickets in central bucket for Grand Prize drawing.Please arrive at 3:30pm!

  Elisabeth Hardy

Raffle Runners (3)

Sell tickets before dinner, take raffle prizes to MC for drawing and announcement after auction.

2 of 3 slots filled
  Barry Baertlein
Tell me if I cannot be a runner for oral and raffle
  willow bolen


Issue ID badges, collects for unpaid tickets, collects for auction sales.

  Patty Myrick


Enter auction data, record winning bids, print reports

  Jan Hettick

Tear Down/Clean Up Manager

Manage and organize clean up after event ends.

  Reid Parham

Tear Down/ Clean Up Crew (4)

Help with clean up at the direction of the Clean Up Manager. Probably 8:00pm to 9:30pm.

All slots filled
  Patrick McDougall
  Elisabeth Hardy
  John Eads (2)
John, Leah, Amos and Clara

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