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Coe Elementary

Hurry to Murray Coe Family 5K Run/Walk

Ready to run, walk, skip or shimmy? The Hurry to Murray Coe Family 5K Run/Walk is coming on Sunday, June 13!  This event is one part fitness, one part fun with friends and family, and one part farewell to our beloved Mr. Murray as he heads off to retirement after 25 years of teaching at Coe (we’ll miss you!). And every part is done with Coe Cougar Spirit!  


Here’s how it works:

  1. All Coe Cougars and their families are welcome. Each Coe Cougar that signs up must do the race with at least one parent or guardian. There will be three (3) waves of up to fifty people racing hourly throughout the morning, so coordinate a time with your friends, family and classmates and sign up below! If we don’t have a lot of sign ups in one wave, we may consolidate timing and will advise before the race.
  2. Please show up for your race wave at the scheduled time. Come to the Welcome table where we'll have waivers and give you a cougar paw racing band. We’ll start the race right on time!
  3. The 5K race starts and ends in front of Coe at 7th Avenue West. The route circles Queen Anne’s ‘Crown’ and will be clearly marked, with flaggers in key spots. Just follow the cougar paws!
  4. At the end of the race we'll have snack and water for all racers.
  5. We’ll have a life-size cut-out of Mr. Murray and we want you to get right up close to ‘him’ for a farewell selfie. Almost as good as the real thing! Post these farewell photos to our spirit padlet so we can use them as part of a special send-off for Mr. Murray https://padlet.com/CoeElementary/coespirit
  6. When signing up please list names of all participants joining from your family.  Please give each family member joining from your family their own line on the signup genius.
  7. This event is rain or shine, so let’s hope for sun!
  8. Have fun!
Date: 06/13/2021 (Sun.)

Location: Coe Elementary

Created by:   Portia Langworthy
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Available Slot Time (PDT)

Wave One - 7:45am

7:45am (50)

All slots filled
Portia Langworthy
Fletcher Allen - 5th grade
Portia Langworthy
Gage Allen - 3rd Grade
Portia Langworthy
Mom of Fletcher and Gage Allen
Cindy Ege
Cindy Ege--Resource Room Teacher
Rachel McDonald
Rachel McDonald
Lindsey Backstrom
Stella Backstrom- 1st Grade
Lindsey Backstrom
Reed Cole (Coe graduate)
Lindsey Backstrom
Kylie Cole (Coe graduate)
Lindsey Backstrom
Lindsey Backstrom, Coe Assistant Principal
Cecilia Davis
Cecilia Davis - Mom of Flynn Davis
Cecilia Davis
Flynn Davis - 2nd Grade
Shawna Kleban
Shawna Kleban
Shawna Kleban
Jordyn Kleban 1st grade
Shawna Kleban
Harper Kleban Kinder
Shawna Kleban
Chris Kleban
Pia S (2)
Pia & Laila (grade 4)
Ganelle Hansen (2)
Ganelle and Dane Hansen
Dane Hansen
Dane Hansen, 2nd Grade
Melissa Greene (4)
Russell Greene (1st) & Teddy Greene (K)
Maria Hess (2)
Levi Kaufman 4th
Shannon Wicke (5)
Harper, Dillon and Nora Wicke
Callin Regan (3)
Aeden Rice & Parents, Grade 2
Geordie Yandle
Geordie Yandle (Hudson Yandle - Kindergarten)
Geordie Yandle
Hudson Yandle - Kindergarten
Geordie Yandle
Grayson Yandle (future Coe Cougar)
Colin Peterson (4)
Solon Peterson 5th Grade
Beth Cox (4)
Ella and Elijah 4th grade
Emily Cichy
Logan Cichy (3rd)
Emily Cichy
Adrian Cichy (1st)
Emily Cichy
Ben Cichy (parent)
Eason Zhang
Eason 1st Grade
Brenna Born
Zoe and Xander Roy

Wave Two - 8:45am

8:45am (50)

All slots filled
Mihkai Wickline (5)
Luke Wickline (4th) plus family
Julie Chandrasekaran (4)
Max and Leo Chandrasekaran + Parents
Kathryn Roeder (3)
Henry Brackett 1st Grade
Bethany Smoltz (3)
Jackson Smoltz, 2nd
Julie Madayag (4)
Clara (3rd grade) and Maxwell (1st grade) Madayag
Misty Jackson-Nau (3)
Henry Nau Grade 4, Mathew Nau dad, Misty Jackson-Nau mom
Bokyeong Choi (3)
Sunwoo / 4th grade
Shannon Bentley (4)
Owen Bentley and fam (4th grade)
Shannon Ellmers (5)
Petra Ellmers (4th)
Ann Sharma (5)
Sharma Family
Hector Hernandez (3)
Hector 4th and parents
Xiaoling Mo (4)
Daphne Mo (2nd Grade), Laurel Mo(K) and parents
Karin Kidder (4)
Karin Kidder (Sienna-2nd and Matteo Manuello-4th)

Wave Three - 9:45am

9:45am (50)

All slots filled
Lee Murray (6)
Lee Murray - Mr. Murray's wife, daughters, son-in-law and grandsons.
Nicole Mirchandani (3)
Asha (4th grade), Zoe (Coe alumna) and Rishi (parent)
Megan Lee (4)
Don, Libby, Grace, Jack
Kalisa Owens (2)
Harper - 4th Grade & Brad - parent
Sara Vora (5)
Amaya Vora, grade 3 and family
Nicole Bonora (2)
Graham MacDougall - 5th grade
Anna Moren (2)
Jackson Robbins - 5th Grade
Michaela Ticen
Lukas Ticen 5th grade
Laila Abaza (3)
Sherif (Grade 4), Najla (Alumna), and Laila
Vicky Eriksson (4)
Vicky Eriksson (Emma 4th grade & Holly 1st grade)
Kirsten Leng (4)
Kirsten Leng (Naomi, grade 6; Jose, grade 3, Kirsten, paren; Dan, parent)
Margo Scheet (2)
Eva Chmielowski 5th grade and Margo Scheet - parent
DJ Klob (4)
Mae K. (3rd Grade)
Alisa Hill
Davis Hill (2nd)
Alisa Hill
Hayden Hill (K)
Alisa Hill
Matt Hill (parent to Davis and Hayden)
Ryan Hall (3)
Adam Hall 4th grade - Ryan and Mary
Eriko Kirsch (2)
Momoko Kirsch, 5th Grade / Eriko Kirsch

Wave Four - 10:45am

10:45am (50)

All slots filled
Teddy Warshaw (2)
Teddy Warshaw, 5th grade
Birgit Saalfeld (3)
Finn Saalfeld (1st grade)
Camilla Yamada
Camilla Yamada & Emimae Yamada-Morigeau
Sean Testa (2)
Max Testa 5th Grade
Laurie Alook (4)
Sadie Alook (5th), Zoe Alook (2nd)
Tina Wallace (6)
Chloey (5), Caelyn (1), Tina, Colby, nana and papa sheehan
Robin Isaki (3)
Robin Isaki, Mika Isaki, Julia Strauss (2nd grade)
Michelle Maxwell (4)
Faith (1st) Claira (K) & Ryan Maxwell
Gail Rennison (4)
Zara (5th) and Iona (2nd) Rennison
Beth Christensen (5)
Luka-2nd, Mila 4th- with Beth
David Totten (2)
David Totten (Parker / 4th, Conway / 1st)
Tommy Kim (2)
Rainsford (5) and Milo (3)
Shawn Perkins
Ryan Perkins, 5th Grade
Victoria Humphrey (2)
Myself and olivia Humphrey ( alumni)
Esteban Kim (3)
Esteban Kim - Elias (4) and Ewon (1)
Diane Dettling (2)
Vivian Dettling (1st grade) plus family
Mischa Jakupcak (3)
Opal Miller
Katie Kirsch
Cody Kirsch - First Grad and Zack Kirsch

Wave Five - 11:45am

11:45am (50)

All slots filled
Jasman Boparai (3)
Arka Gill grade 3
Josh Marion (5)
Susanne Abiem (3)
Imani Abiem 3rd grade
Eva Ferka
Max Ferka 5th Grade
Sahar Zangeneh (5)
Aava and Hana Shojaie
Karen Urbanowicz (3)
Jackson White Grade 5
Nate Strauss (2)
Ruben Strauss
Amanda Methvin (2)
Maddie Methvin (1st) and parent
Alison Williams (4)
Eleanor Williams (1st grade)
Amanda Methvin (2)
Patrick Methvin and Maddie’s sister Sophia
Lilian Lody Branas (3)
Mariana Branas 1st grade
Kate Ness (2)
Kiersten Ness 5th grade
Patti Christie
Jake Chavez
Jake Chavez
Krista Carreiro
Krista Carrreiro
Betsy & Kyle Griggs
Oliver Griggs 5th
Betsy & Kyle Griggs
Katherine Griggs 3rd
Betsy & Kyle Griggs
Betsy Griggs
Betsy & Kyle Griggs
Kyle Griggs
Roxanne Tolnas
Penelope Tolnas, 4th Grade
Roxanne Tolnas
Roxanne Tolnas (Penelope Tolnas parent)
Kelly Riegsecker (3)
Henry Riegsecker
Julie Nguyen (3)
Julie Nguyen
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