FALL 2022 LOUDOUN Sellers

Consignor Presale + 2 Guests (optional)

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. We have decided to spread our Consignors out a bit more. 

IF you are joining us for a Team Member Presale, don't add yourself here. If you would like to shop both, because you want to shop with a friend the next day, add it there. We will have this list at the door. 

There will be a line to get into the building. So, our recomendation is to come early. 

We highly recommend that you don't bring kids. But, we understand in the circumstances that sometimes you don't have any other option.  

You don't have to enter at the same time as your +2 guests. But we will tie them to your name at the door for entry.  These are reserved entry times. You are welcome to shop until 9:00pm. Your guests need to arrive before 2pm. Consignors, if this timeframe doesn't meet your needs you are welcome to come at any time of the day - AFTER your reserved time (free entry.)

Please use this format when registering for a slot -

Example 3 people with Susan Gill as the Consignor

Susan Gill (Consignor) : Susan Gill + Steve Gill
Susan Gill (Consignor) : Snoopy

Date: 09/16/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm EDT

Location: Dulles Sportsplex
21610 Atlantic Blvd., Sterling, VA 20166

Created by:   Just Between Friends of Loudoun - Susan Gill
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11:00 entry (100) - Consignor + 2 guests (optional)
  37 of 100 slots filled
11:30 entry (60) - Consignor + 2 guests (optional)
  1 of 60 slots filled
12:00 entry (60) - Consignor + 2 guests (optional)
  2 of 60 slots filled
12:30 entry (60) - Consignor + 2 guests (optional)
1:30 entry (60) - Consignor + 2 guests (optional)
  1 of 60 slots filled
1:45 entry (16) - Consignor + 2 guests (optional)
  6 of 16 slots filled